Attempted Assassination in Belvedere.
This all was the cause of the UP minister Maurice lake with his b2b bullshit story.
Minister Maurice Lake you are a blatant lier, what you did put out there in the media is to save your ass to get wacked.
You did use my name in your story, One thing you forgot : others called me already to tell me don’t worry because they know it was nothing close like that.
It is you that wanted to lock them the fuck up.
I never did anything on my own that bullshit story you leaving the SXM people to believe.
Minister Maurice Lake let me tell you something: you are more criminal than the criminals out there.
Again this is for the SXM people to know: UP minister Maurice lake fabricated his story to set me up thinking that they will not come behind of him.
But as you can see GOD give a chance to see when your day is coming.
No Minister Maurice lake, you are wrong fucking lier you want to wash your hands.
Come out and tell St.Maarten who all you wanted lock up, don’t use me a scape goat.
What are you afraid of, if they had killed me you wouldn’t be green it would of turn RED from BLOOD!!!
I don’t blame the hitman neither the contractor, I blame you Maurice Lake.
Elston Fos

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