Maurice Lake did show up for the emergency Parliament meeting held on December 23rd 2014, in response to the recent incidents concerning the SMHDF ( St Maarten Housing and Development Foundation). The Emergency meeting was scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m., but as usual, the meeting began a bit lit. Sylveria Jacobs (NA) and Tamara Leonard (UP) did not show up, they are supposed to be on medical leave. Theo Heyliger, Leader of the United People’s Party- and leader of government, was said to be ‘off island”.

The Emergency meeting was called because of the situation unfolding with Maurice Lake (UP), Henry Lynch (Advisor to Leona Romeo-Marlin (IND) and SMHDF board member Elston Fos.

It made the Headlines last week that Leona Romeo-Marlin’s advisor Henry Lynch had been suspended from the SMHDF, and he was accused of various unethical and some downright illegal acts as a member of the SMHDF.

It was published that Henry Lynch had been suspended, and the person responsible for the suspension was lone board member Elston Fos.

The twist is that following the news of Henry Lynch’s suspension, the lone board member, Elston Fos filed charges with the KPSM (Korps Politie Sint Maarten) The local police department claiming that someone had made an attempt on his life.

Elston Fos claimed that a gunman had been waiting in his yard when he got home, and had fired three times but the gun had jammed three times.

Immediately certain blogs started linking the Lynch suspension with the attempt on Fos’ life. The comment sections were used to lambast Lynch, and to use his past as a reason to make him suspect number one when it came to the attempt to Fos’s life.

I did not jump to conclusions. Later that night Elston Fos posted to Facebook as ‘Belvedere Homeowners’ and wrote a scathing letter about the incident, implicating and blaming Minister of Vromi at the time, Maurice Lake.

Below is the “Fos” letter that was posted as “Belvedere Homeowners” and then shared directly to one of my sites, to make sure that I read it- and they know who I am, and that I add interesting posts to my blogs.

Attempted Assassination in Belvedere.
This all was the cause of the UP minister Maurice lake with his b2b bullshit story.
Minister Maurice Lake you are a blatant lier, what you did put out there in the media is to save your ass to get wacked.
You did use my name in your story, One thing you forgot : others called me already to tell me don’t worry because they know it was nothing close like that.
It is you that wanted to lock them the fuck up.
I never did anything on my own that bullshit story you leaving the SXM people to believe.
Minister Maurice Lake let me tell you something: you are more criminal than the criminals out there.
Again this is for the SXM people to know: UP minister Maurice lake fabricated his story to set me up thinking that they will not come behind of him.
But as you can see GOD give a chance to see when your day is coming.
No Minister Maurice lake, you are wrong fucking lier you want to wash your hands.
Come out and tell St.Maarten who all you wanted lock up, don’t use me a scape goat.
What are you afraid of, if they had killed me you wouldn’t be green it would of turn RED from BLOOD!!!
I don’t blame the hitman neither the contractor, I blame you Maurice Lake.
Elston Fos


So the above letter is SIGNED Elston Fos, I didn’t write that letter, I copied and pasted it directly. Right now Maurice and his people are trying to insinuate that the bloggers are running with rumors, when it’s obvious that the information is coming directly from the ‘horses mouth’, directly from the people involved in this first hand.

Before Fos posted his online accusations of Maurice Lake, SMHDF members contacted me via email, frantically.

I was told that SMHDF were all in hiding in fear of Henry Lynch, that they were all at undisclosed locations. The source insisted repeatedly that they genuinely feared for their lives because Henry Lynch had directly threatened them.

I tried repeatedly to find out what this threat was. I prompted and prompted the source to repeat the threat, and I was told that Lynch had threatened that he had a gun and that he was not afraid of jail.

As the SMHDF source is emailing this, Fos publishes his letter to my alternate facebook account. So I told my source to read Fos’ letter blaming Maurice Lake- the source has yet to respond to Fos’ letter.

The information concerning the suspension of Henry Lynch, and the attempt on Elston Fos’ life, are coming straight from the inside, so Maurice Lake cannot pretend that this blogger is simply making up info.

Maurice also admitted on camera in Parliament that he had been recorded (by Fos) about a year ago. Up until then, I was unaware that the SMHDF board had recorded it’s meetings with Maurice Lake.

The first question one would ask, would be why would Maurice Lake openly try to set up a coalition partner’s advisor?

I was told as the incident was going on that Leona Marlin wasn’t sure if she would stay with the current coalition, so whether he indecision was triggered by what happened to Lynch, is still a mystery.

It was odd that Marcel Gumbs was dragged into Parliament less than one business day since become Vromi Minister, since Maurice Lake, Elston Fos and Henry Lynch seem to be the only people with all of the behind the scenes info.

The emergency meeting was obviously a farce. They couldn’t play the ‘lack of quorum’ card, because enough people showed up.

Soon after the emergency meeting started in Parliament, the meeting had to take a ‘break’ to produce some documents. Although Parliamentarians like George Pantophlet stood up in Parliament to say that they had sent in their WRITTEN questions since the incident happened.

The ‘missing documents’ were obviously an excuse to adjourn the emergency meeting.

New President of Parliament, Lloyd Richardson who is UP of course had no problems with the adjournment.

Lloyd Richardson at first claimed that the meeting had to be adjourned because of the ‘missing documents’. He then claimed that there had been a mix up, because someone forgot to put the “J” in his name. Lloyd then claimed that he mistakenly believed that the meeting was supposed to start at 10PM instead of 10AM.

Parliamentarian Sarah Wescot Williams stood up to voice strong opposition to the postponement. Wescot Williams was so forceful

in her speech to Lloyd Richardson, Richardson actually stuttered for a while, when trying to respond.

Richardson then claimed that his assistant had been having problems emailing him.

Parliamentarians- the opposition that were present, stood up and voiced their opinions, but it was obvious that the majority ruled, and that the UPP would get their way.

Some Parliamentarians then directed their questions directly to Maurice Lake, who then stood up- obviously nervous and uneasy, and tried to explain his part in the situation, but as you can see by the video below, he uttered many words, but did not say much at all.


The video of Sarah’s questions will also be posted to blog.

The meeting has been rescheduled for January 2015- hopefully they’ll have some answers to the questions then

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