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The management of the Public Service Center Department (PSC) hereby informs all motorists that the 2015 number plates can be collected at the Customer Care & Customer Information Desk at the Public Service Center.
The following conditions however apply:

  1. Payment of the 2015 Road Tax was made to the Tax Administration (Receivers’ Office) at the Public Service Center;
  2. Motorists must allow two days (following payment) before number plates can be collected;
  3. Motorists must present original proof of payment of the 2015 Road Tax.

Director of the Public of Service Center, Emilia Thomas stated that “the period for annual road tax payment is a very busy one for our administration. In anticipation of this period, we have decided to be proactive by offering another location, where motorists can collect their number plates”. It is our hope that this accommodation will help alleviate the long queues.

Information with regard to requirements and cost of the Road Tax for 2015, can be obtained by calling our Customer Care & Customer Information representatives at (721)-545-3380, by email

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