I wrote about the coalition and the government being in trouble weeks ago, of course die hard UPP supporters told me I was wrong. Theo started the new government with Sarah, Leona Marlin-Romeo and Cornelius de Weever. Sarah Wescot Williams soon left the coalition, and resigned her President of Parliament seat to Dr Lloyd Richardson. That left Theo and the UPP with Cornelius and Leona. Then a few weeks ago, the SMHDF bobol went down. Maurice Lake UPP slate member, and the man who USED to be Theo Heyliger’s number 1 go to guy, went after Henry Lynch- a man he’s always had issues with. Henry Lynch was suspended and many serious accusations were levelled against Henry Lynch. Later that night, someone supposedly tried to shoot SMHDF board member Elston Fos three times, but three times the gun was supposed to have jammed. Of course all eyes turned on Henry Lynch. There had been a grassroots whisper campaign that Board Member Elston Fos was the one who had decided to suspend Lynch. As the rumors and the agents were getting to work spreading the melee everywhere that Henry Lynch had attempted to kill Elston Fos, Elston Fos came out swinging in a letter, saying that he didn’t blame the contractor or the hitman, he blamed Maurice Lake, Maurice Lake it was being claimed hated Henry Lynch so much that he had set up the whole SMHDF setup to nail Henry Lynch to the cross. It seemed like, and there were many rumors circulating in the UPP camp, that Maurice had gone “Rogue” on Theo. Some were saying that Theo had no clue that Maurice was trying to set up coaliton partner Leona Marlin-Romeo’s advisor Henry Lynch, and I believe that. Theo had already lost Sarah, why would Theo decided to go after Leona, someone keeping him in the majority, when his coalition was already shaky? UPP veterans were saying that Maurice had been going rogue for awhile, cut land deals here and there, answering to the Gaia brothers, not Theo. Theo was already in hot water with the Dutch because of his Ministers appointment. He had withdrawn his appointment as Prime Minister, the Dutch were doing everything in their power to make his government not happen, why would Theo have rocked the boat? It appears that Maurice went after Lynch on his own, and Leona was not happy. It was her coalition partners setting her up after all, NOT the Opposition. At the time Leona seem undecided as to whether to stay with the coalition. It also appeared that in what ever deal Cornelius de Weever made with Theo to join his government- APPOINTING A DE WEEVER TO A MINISTERS it seems is a part of the deal. They first threw around Milllicent de Weevers name, she could’t pass screening. They appointed Leroy de Weever, and he couldn’t pass screening. One of these days when Leroy isn’t mad at me anymore, I’ll ask him to tell me the story of how his father in law (accidently) went off that cliff. It was reported that Leroy could not pass the screening because he had assaulted and robbed some blogger, so the next name thrown around was Keturah de Weever- but people laughed at that suggestion. I asked a top UPP person today if Ludmilla de Weever was next in line, I was told that that is NOT true. Evidently Leroy de Weever is still clinging on to some desperate hope that he will still get he appointment. Leroy needs to retire out to pasture on his farm in Virginia, and ride horseback or something. So right now Silvio Matser has lost his Parliamentarian seat, he will be going to prison for at least six months for tax evasion and fraud in the millions. The next in line for his seat would be Maria Buncamper Molanus, but she just had her courtcase postponed, but it will be continued in February. So she can have Silvio’s seat until February, but in February she is supposed to be convicted and going to prison too. After her would be Claret Connor but he’s already a Minister, so then it would be Jules James, but then expect his Pelican saga to resume in court. There is reportedly hard evidence of Jules in deep conflicts as a Parliamentarian with stake in the Pelican hotel,there are a lot of accusations against not just Jules James when it comes to the Pelican saga, but also his lawyer. So who do you think we’ll get after that, and how long do you think the Dutch will allow this to go on? Tamara Leonard is a big question mark… is she going to remain a Parliamentarian? With all this going it doesn’t matter how much William Marlin salivates, he can’t pass the screening to become Prime Minister either. People like Frans George Richardson and Willy can’t wait to see this coalition crumble, but it won’t really change their position much. Neither can qualify to be a Minister, and Willy as Opposition leader might be able to appoint someone, but it won’t be one of his parasites like Kendall, because Kendall wouldn’t pass the screening either. I see Silvio Matser is going to have a lot of time to think. It will be interesting to see if other politicians abandon him, and whether he starts to ‘talk’………

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