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We – the original St.Martin Grassroots People Movement were – are – and NEVER will be about excluding others from becoming part of our St. Martin nation building- and unification process.
We are all about preserving- and protecting our cultural-heritage and our native, indigenous St.Martin people to come first at home, while welcoming and including others with an added value to be included in the nation building process.


In the New Year 2015, we hope – with the help from all stakeholders – including the media, radio- and tv, Governments, other associations etc to promote the input of all ethnic groups in the St.Martin nation building process.
After all – while our movement will reserve the right to its own position in the process, we will not only respect the input of others, but encourage and welcome such.
Only those – who still have to establish their trac-records on the concept of the St. Martin nation building process, will oppose our initiative, only to copy it later, once it is clear that there is no other way to go.
This particular Facebook page will make itself fully available to become THE platform for such an interactive and diverse input in the process.
As time progresses, so will this platform, especially with your help. Share only if you agree.

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