Right now William Marlin is complaining about everything. He’s upset about his buddy Matser not resigning, he’s upset about Parliament meetings being postponed, he’s upset about new Prime Minister, Marcel Gumbs.

He’s upset about Matser, but just months ago he was literally begging Matser to jump ship and join the National Alliance.

He’s not content with Marcel Gumbs, but with the new screening he can NEVER become Prime Minister, so right now Willy is just a got who shot himself in the foot, and now he’s angry at everything and everybody.

Marlin has cut enough style in Parliament, and had meetings that he was unhappy about cancelled and postponed, so right now he’s just nitpicking.

What Marlin needs to be doing is reading the writing on the wall…………

You’re obsolete, Mr Marlin.

Your time has come and gone…………

In the almost 40 years you’ve been in the SXM political game, you’ve only managed to obtain power for a few months, and in those few months you offended so many, and botched so much, you lost 2200 votes, and I predict it’s all downhill from here.

Marlin needs to focus on preparing a ceremony, and handing over the reins of leadership, to the National Alliance’s TRUE leader, Ms Silveria Jacobs, rather than nitpicking.

Marlin appears to be a bit more delusional than most.

His number three is actually the true leader of his party, but he chooses to remain in denial about that fact.

He is showing his true hypocrisy when it comes to his latest complaints, but it won’t change anything.

The Dutch know that Marlin is as dirty as the rest, but he uses his son as his ‘gloves’, the only reason Marlin isn’t caught up in his own investigations, is that the Dutch hate him less than they hate Theo Heyliger.

I remember that short, squat Christopher Emmanuel at PJD2 a few months ago in his loudest voice, bragging about how the National Alliance would get  9-10 seats.

How do you argue with someone in the middle of a delusional episode?

The UPP are not happy with Theo Heyliger right now, but Marlin is so focused on that, that he doesn’t realize the members of his own party despises him even more.

William Marlin, the opportunist got his chance in government, when Sarah ALLOWED him to, now they’re both in the minority, so expect some more bitching and whining coming from their camps in the near future.

When you hear Marlin whining, ask yourself ONE question………….

Is Marlin the type of ‘leader’ that you’re looking for?

The majority of his NA flock have abandoned his meager pastures,

and that should tell you all you need to know about Marlin.

The only thing interesting that can come out of “Willy’s” mouth is when he will appoint Silveria in her rightful position.

He can then fly to Virginia with Mr Petrus Leroy de Weever, to Mr de Weevers farm.

They along with Sarah all need to be put out to pasture………….

As far away from St Maarten as possible.

They squeezed and squandered enough of St Maarten’s money, and taken enough advantage of the people, but avaricious people are never satisfied.

They can never have enough.

Let’s hope that Sarah and Willy both are caught up in the Dutch dragnet……

sarah wescot williams william marlin photo judith roumou

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