Right now the National Alliance is demanding Silvio Matser’s resignation, as he was just convicted of tax evasion and fraud and sentenced to prison. 24 months, 18 of which will be suspended.

Theo Heyliger has called out William Marlin as being a hypocrite, and I’m no Theo Heyliger fan, but he speaketh the TRUTH!

William Marlin tried everything to get Matser to join his coalition.

Silvio Matser was already under investigation when they were trying to persuade Matser to leave the UPP and further destabilize the UPP coalition government.

Everyone wants to know if William Marlin’s son- was a part of the Energizer fraud that caused Matser to be convicted.

William Marlin, Sarah Wescot Williams and Silvio Matser have very close ties to each- they’re even related by marriage in this case, and UPP have always whispered that Matser is a ‘closet NA’.

William Marlin did his best to woo Matser. He had Kendall Dupersoy spreading rumors to top sources that Matser had defected as the UPP coalition were in Curacao forming their ‘new’ government.

The rumors did not work, and Matser stayed UPP, and quickly thereafter a video was handed over to the detectives allegedly showing Matser handing out money at Belvedere on election day.

Everyone knew that the video had been the NA’s ‘ace up the sleeve’, and when Matser didn’t take up Marlin on his offer to join him, the video was turned over to the authorities.

Then of course Mr Guyana, William Marlin’s online mouthpiece was the first with the information about the tape.

The Dutch are here, and I hope that they’re not being selective about who they investigate.

It’s become quiet obvious to me that Sarah is very upset at the presence of the Dutch, after SHE CALLED THEM FOR ASSISTANCE, but that’s only because she uses her son Andy as her ‘gloves’ so that she doesn’t get her paws dirty, and now she’s upset that her ‘gloves’ is being investigated…………. read the following excerpt….

“The NA leader and the party as a whole never cease to amaze me. They are willing to be in government with a person they want out of Parliament, or at least the party board wants out of Parliament,” Heyliger told The Daily Herald on Wednesday night in reaction to the NA Board’s statement calling on Matser to resign from Parliament.

The opposition party has proven that its elected members “can say one thing today and another tomorrow as long as they benefit or it gets them into government.” Heyliger drew reference to NA elected members, especially its leader William Marlin “condemning” now former MP Louie Laveist when he faced his legal trouble in 2008.

“So let’s go down memory lane; the same NA after calling the MP all sorts of names and demanding he leave the Island Council turned around and was willing to form a government with him. Not only that, they put him as a candidate even after his conviction by the court,” Heyliger said.

“It cannot be so that one day NA’s elected officials see someone as fit to be in government with and if things don’t go their way, they trash the person. NA members were confident last week they had Matser as a start to the formation of the new coalition, and they were busy trying to gather support from other MPs to make the magic eight seats,” said Heyliger.

Matser was sentenced by the Court of First Instance last week to 24 months, 18 of which were suspended, on three years’ probation and 240 hours of community service, for tax evasion. Matser can appeal his sentence.

The NA board said in its press release on Tuesday: “It would be yet another gross injustice and ill representation of the people of St. Maarten to have a convicted Member of Parliament continue to retain his seat in light of such a sentence.”

Pointing to that particular part of the NA board’s statement, Heyliger said: “How soon they have forgotten MP Laveist. He had only been out of parliament for just three months.”


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