In the Calypso video, “Willy Dead”, you see then Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams, dancing the ‘death dance of the Tarantula spider” She is dressed in Black and Red, the traditional colors of mourning and the Democratic Party.

Some people understood right away, that Sarah in the video is doing a “Tarantula” or “Death Dance” in the video the announcement that “Willy” (William Marlin) is dead………. at least dead politically.

I know Sarah and many folks saw the video, but did not get the deeper meaning.

The Dance of the Tarantula comes from Spain, where you find a certain, almost “Black Widow-like” Tarantula.

The female Tarantula NEEDS male protein 🙂

In order to inseminate her eggs, it is her way of survival.

So she dances to attract a mate.

And when he’s dumb enough to show up and provide her with ‘protein’, she breeds with him, then kills and eats him.

She instinctively knows that her best chance at having her eggs survive, and therefore to have her dna survive is to consume her male partner, who’s flesh will provide her eggs with protein, nutrients and more.

So she gets inseminated, then kills and eats the male……

Then she keeps on dancing………… 🙂

And that’s Ms. Sarah Wescot Williams…………..

She’s consumed a lot of males over the years in SXM politics.

But Sarah needs to know the WHOLE Tarantula story…………

Once she’s been inseminated, and has laid her eggs…. then her days are numbered.

She has given birth to her replacement(s)

And it’s only a matter of time before she is weakened, and then it is her time to be consumed…..

By the very eggs she produced…


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