1)  Remember when Sarah was in the Opposition minority? She had her little ‘henchman’, Dennis Richarson call in the Dutch, didn’t she?

When the Dutch showed up, Sarah was appalled!

This was of course AFTER Theo had submitted to the blackmail and allowed her into his government and had given her president of Parliament.

Sarah SENT for the Dutch out of spite, then turned around and asked the Dutch ….”Why are YOU here?”

2) Then I went to Parliament to watch her throw Hassink under the bus.

Sarah at the time had DUAL roles as Prime Minister, and as Parliamentarian.

Try to understand this, I will try to break it down………….

Sarah as Prime Minister was Hassinks puppet master, and put him up to EVERYTHING.

When the budget fell short, and Hassink sat in Parliament explaining the massive deficit of the budget due to Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams corruption and incompetence, Sarah the PARLIAMENTARIAN, was the one peppering Hassink with questions, that only SHE as his BOSS the Prime Minister could answer.

When during questioning, Sarah as Parliamentarian, explained in a ‘stage whisper’ that she had met with Hassink earlier that day to discuss the questions that she would ask him in Parliament in her function as Prime Minister, I got up and left Parliament.

Now last week, Sarah who is very angry and not used to being out of power is asking questions about the process the Dutch used in order to screen and appoint Ministers.

New Prime Minister, Marcel Gumbs, just had to remind Sarah, that SHE was HEAD of Government, during the process.

So I’m no expert, but is that …………..

1) Bi-polar ???

2) Schizophrenic???

3) Multiple Personality Disorder???

Because right now, Sarah is openly questioning the legality of her own bad decisions………

It should be interesting to see what Sarah comes up with next.

Although Sarah has forgotten, we the people have not.

Sarah and her ex-henchmen Leroy de Weever and Roy Marlin were the ONLY common denominators in SXM Government from 2010-2014.

Every time Sarah didn’t get what she wanted, she was the master manipulator, sending Leroy and Roy in to do what they do best, which was to bring down the government and cause island wide instability for their own best interest.

When Sarah had Dennis call in the Dutch, didn’t she realize that?

That she had to be investigated as LEADER too?

If you read Psalms, Sarah is the person who ‘set a trap (or) pit’ , and she and her own are falling into the quicksand, and now she seems to be panicking.

It doesn’t matter how man stories her and Willy feed to certain bloggers.

The bottom line is, Sarah and Dennis called in the Dutch for Theo AND themselves,

but in their infinite STUPIDITY, they have just now begun to realize that they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

But keep enjoying the show, folks- it will only get more entertaining.



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