If you ask Dennis Richardson right now about the Dutch, you would think he was talking about Satan. But wasn’t it just a few months ago, that Sarah had Dennis draw up a Pentagram, and INVOKED the Dutch?

Sarah Wescot Williams was so angry about Theo not giving her a piece of the pie, that she had Dennis Richardson summon the Dutch for ‘assistance’ for a ‘corrupt’ Theo Heyliger.

Now Dennis is realizing that the Dutch are playing hardball, nothing personal- considering that our government seems more interested in embarrassing the Dutch and the St Maarteners, than they are with actually RUNNING country St Maarten.

So what is it that Dennis wants now?

Dennis is describing the Dutch as being “Draconic” but I think he means “Draconian”

Both “Draconic” and “Draconian” means “severe” but the latter denotes “severe law”. Draconic simply means dragon-like or severe.

In any event, he summoned the Dutch Dragon, so why is he crying now?

Dennis wants more free money from the Dutch, to set up his own sham ‘integrity committee’, the Dutch want the majority of his committee to be …………. DUTCH………..Nederlanders!!!

There has to be a calypso about Dennis calling in the “Dutch Dragons”, and then crying about it.

Dennis doesn’t even qualify as Minister, he is supposed to be a legal and financial mind, yet he didn’t pay his taxes for three years.

When they hit him with the bill, he claimed he was too broke to pay all the taxes, but he’s been making $10.000 per month as Minister, so what type of ‘habits’ does this man have, that he’s making ten thousand per month, and hasn’t paid taxes in three years, and still can’t afford too?

Hookers cannot be THAT expensive, and if that’s whats sucking Dennis dry financially then maybe he should work out a two-for-one deal with Jaap or Toachie Meyers.

The Dutch kept you as Minister Dennis, because you allowed them in, and you’re supposed to be their “Ja Knikker”

so keep on “knikk-ing” and shut up!

They gave you a BREAK, because you were sweet enough to open up the portals and to let them in.

Netherlands and “Nether-world” are not words that are too far apart, because they mean virtually the same thing.

Netherlands is “lower lands” , Nether-world is “lower world”, both words in English means a version of “HELL” so you invoked the NETHERLANDS, and now you crying about Dutch Draconian Demons– who unleashed the demons, Dennis?

You did! Now shut up, and keep knikk-ing, like you’ve done so wonderfully for decades


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