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My 2 cents…..St.Maarten businesses n government don’t seem to understand the significance of standing behind their artists. They don’t understand how the music business works n they don’t care. What hope do we give our next generation? What message are we sending? Oh you do music? as a hobby right?!..Music nah that aint gonna carry you no where being from St.Maarten seems to be their mentality.. (Hey go get a job in tourism so you can be a servant for the rest of your life or better yet come sign this 6 months contract for the rest of your life) That sounds better right?!.. Sadly We are over looked by our very own. I see jamaica pushing their own i see trinidad and many other islands doing the same. When you think of Rihanna you automatically think of Barbados. But ya ah so it set up for we. I understand n see clearly why NASIO FONTAIN never fucked with St.Maarten after he buss n he had it much worse. But I from St.Maarten n this is my home n my real ppl show luv everyday n i represent for them. Assholes can tell you your good all day but never say hey what can we do to help n push you further. Music is a business but yall don’t get that. We make magic happen with the little we have but we can go so much more further with serious backing. Remember when we do it with out the backing of our officials n local business don’t try to stand next to us. Don’t say yeah they from St.Maarten. Don’t try come take no pic n say this we own. Only the ppl of St.Maarten who show luv n support n push us have that right. The rest should keep their distance. No one knows what we go through as we strive to make our dreams reality n frankly no one will care till we get there. We on our way tho cuz in the end we ‪#‎mussbuss‬ ‪#‎salute‬ to my brothers ‪#‎rec‬‪#‎redeyecrew‬ ‪#‎the2‬ ‪#‎kalaboomdjs‬ ‪#‎elvisharrigan‬ ‪#‎lunatik‬ its all about ‪#‎greatmusic‬to the ‪#‎world‬

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  • Ypn Thirst BG Real talk
  • Lovely Molly James Where my gun buss some. Shots real shit
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  • Catherine Girigorie This couldn’t have been said any better!!! I preach this to everyone I know trying to make it in the music business ….not only is this the problem in the music business in sxm but this is the problem in the event/entertainment industry in general inSee More
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  • Lionel Gangalie Watts this is soo true!!
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  • Fabrena George Selfffffg
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  • King Melody boyy can’t get any better than that!!sxm is flooded of artist Who are better than soo much outsiders,But watch nothing time will tell..some body will buzz!! S.O.S Radio 95.9 FM Youth Radio 925FM Dutty Sham Kalaboom Energy Drink Dj-Skillz Sxm See More
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  • Jay ZoeFresh Castor Nothing but hard facts!!!!!!
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  • Ypn Thirst BG There is just so much anyone in power will do for local artist. This is something I always think about and came to realization. That if you working on making it out of st.maarten the first step is to leave and grind For it at the end of the day this isSee More
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  • Dj-Skillz Sxm Nuff Said💯
  • King Melody this man was on the side of the road with a guittar playing like my mama use to tell me, if you aint know “Nasio Fontaine”chek the love this man getting after his dark pass in SXM

    Spam! You Never See Nasio Bett’r
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  • Ypn Thirst BG Shout out my.whole team.who been supporting my island movement here in chicago #ypnbutchergang Demetrius Ypn PrinceHenryYpnDopeboy Deezy DukeDinero Dopeboy Blue D.o. Gizzle DopeBoy Ty Montana
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  • Lovely Molly James Respect Nacio man grew up with my dad they like cousin by blood and this man always been my inspiration
  • Don Dominique Clif we should tag some leaders in that self they should know how we feel. And watch nuttin when anybody mske it thats when they gon come thru and that’s when we gah buss the line #IDFWU!
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  • Ypn Thirst BG Romain J Laville
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  • King Melody Romain J Laville self
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  • Lovely Molly James Judith R Roumou think u need to share this on ya wall US artists need to be heard also
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  • Lionel Gangalie Watts i feel these youngsters concernJudith R Roumou let their voices be heard for the sake of the youth of St.Maarten.thanks in advance blessed day everyone..
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  • Judith R Roumou give me a second guys, I did a video yesterday called SXM Bobol List, and I put GEBE on the Bobol List, so this morning they put me on theirs, and cut my electricity. So I went to pay them, and when I walked in a lady in her 50’s started laughing, she See More
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  • Leydi Daros Finally !!! We really need to push this , we need to be heard , to many talents in this island and no way for anyone to go futher with their dreams … its a shame that everybody has to go somewhere else to make it instead of our goverment help us to dSee More
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  • Ypn Thirst BG #preach that all I’m saying one thing I’ve come to learn is that it takes investors and.connections.witch our government is more then capable then doing and.u hit the dead on Leydi Daros
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  • Judith R Roumou I remember Nasio walking through St Peters with his rasta girlfriend and his guitar. Nacio was nothing but talented, but he was a dreadlock rasta, so he was ignored and treated terribly. Nacio has so much talent, yet they tried to grind him down to dust- of course. Him and his rasta girlfriend would walk everywhere, and he would play his guitar from district to district. I fully understand why Nacio never looked back on St Maarten, because I’m sure that there are a lot of bad memories associated with his struggle in SXM, and how he was treated for his talent. In St Maarten, the brightest most talented are ridiculed, and broken down, because they show a unique talent, and anything unique and different in St Maarten is frowned upon. Rihanna has Barbados on every internet mega site, she brings thousands of tourist to Barbados annually by promoting her country, but her country also supported and promoted her. You want to vomit when you open the paper every day, and this big company and that big company his handing a check over to some bigshot family member. I won’t name names, but in St Maarten only certain names are given everything, whether they have talent or not. They want the poorer people to remain where they are, and they want to keep building off of their backs, whether they deserve or earn it- or not. It’s obvious that the people with the pull are giving everything to their own, while the true talent is forced languish in poverty. I see so much great musical talent in SXM, the world sees it- On youtube SXM artists are generating millions of views- based on their talent. The government does see it, and is aware of it, but they are in this plantation where only they and their own are allowed to thrive. They fear any talent that might make it big, and not be beholden to them. So the government is aware. But the government also thinks.. Hmm Alberto Arrindell is VERY talented… but if I assist his talent… he might use it to write a song about me, and that’s their mentality. The government doesn’t realize that if they were doing the right things, no one would feel the need to put them in a calypso… The government feed people like me, and the calypsonians, and provide nothing but content and material about their incompetence and stupidity. Then they get mad and won’t invest in their own talent, because they cannot tolerate anyone singing the truth about them. The government would gladly pay me, TO STAY IN LINE! And it’s not gonna happen, so I’ll have to stay broke and continue the struggle, but I won’t give in, and I won’t give up- and neither should local talent.
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  • Leydi Daros Couldnt said better Judith R Roumou
  • Don Emmanuel This is real… Something Yll should consider .. 100% # WeFACELife all sxm Artist

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  1. Music needs to be our priority we have such talent but there is not enough effort by the government or the big companies to make an effort to help us strive when I look at carnival ppl on this island always say carnival music is once a year it’s not once year carnival is 12 months a year other island in the Caribbean has carnival to if you have a band and you guys are good you can get jobs abroad to play but carnival is not like what it use to be in the 90’s here I remember every weekend I would of good to a jam and watch Hartatak Band play now you can’t even see a local jam no where we are blind with this foreign music our culture and identity is lost to be honest sxm music industry needs a real boost to get back where it once was!


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