Plasterk wants the Integrity Investigations controlled by the Dutch Rijksministeraad.

it's all about integrity folks :)

it’s all about integrity folks 🙂

Prime Minister of St Maarten, Marcel Gumbs wants the St Maarten government to handle their own integrity investigations, but that Plasterk feels would be a part of the continuing integrity issues in St Maarten.

The two government’s are at an impasse.

Theo Heyliger just added Frans Richardson to his coalition government, and gave him the Justice Minisry portfolio.

Frans, of course cannot be appointed to the position,

and they’ve been openly discussing Dennis Richardson being replaced.

Dennis is the man who requested the Dutch’s assistance with integrity issues in St Maarten, in the first place.

The question would be how much authority does the Dutch have in St Maarten’s so called ‘autonomy’?

The St Maarten government, represented by our Justice Minister, Dennis Richardson, opened up willingly for the Dutch.

They won’t be able to close that Pandora’s Box now.

Marcel Gumbs has to thread very carefully right now, it appears that they are still requesting Dutch funds to bail them out.

I believe that there will be a Dutchman attached to every single Euro sent to St Maarten from now on, so I don’t believe Marcel can win this one.

Our Government is demanding more money, because like Hassink said at the Parliamentarian hearing, St Maarten is in a deficit, and the deficit comes mostly from Government’s mismanagement and squandering the money.

I was told by Dutch sources months ago, that the Dutch intended to take over the Harbor, the Airport, The Border and the Police Station among many things, and I don’t doubt it.

Some are saying that behind the scenes the Dutch are manipulating everything within their powers to wipe out the Heyliger/Wathey/Meyers dynasty, and I believe that too.

Everything the Dutch appear to be going after, especially when it comes to ‘naming their conditions’ seems to be strategic.

Theo is being squeezed into a corner, his lieutenants are facing court and prison, some are going rogue on him.

This is not Checkers being played here, it’s Chess.

And while some people can only see their next move, others can see 100 moves ahead.

Sarah used to be the ‘buffer’ for St Maarten, when it came to the Dutch, but she overplayed her hand a few months ago.

We do have a government, but it is a very shaky, possibly very temporary one.

It is quite obvious in St Maarten government, that there is zero loyalty.

Imagine Obama just deciding to jump ship and become a Republican, the people would be outraged.

Imagine Gingrich becoming a Democrat………..

This ship jumping business is only allowed to go on in St Maarten.

But the ship jumpers need to realize that there is no coming back politically now, once you’ve jumped shipped to another Party.

Going Independent, is a bit more neutral, and forgivable, but honestly how does Theo sleep at night, not knowing where the next knife will be coming from?

I’m not wondering about how William Marlin sleeps, because he has so many knives sticking out of him, that he’s beginning to look like a porcupine. There isn’t enough space, on Marlin’s back to fit any more knives.

Theo has killed him in more ways than they killed Rasputin.

But there’s still a civil war brewing within the UPP, and Theo is becoming less effective at keeping his peeps in check.

A grown man is going to do, what a grown man is going to do – even to his own detriment.

The Dutch will win this one, Marcel can dig in- but he has no steady footing.

And the ones with the money, call the shots………………………….

WILLEMSTAD – St. Maarten en Nederland ruziën verder over de aanpak van integriteit op het eiland. Dat bleek gisteren tijdens het bezoek van minister Plasterk van Koninkrijksrelaties aan de eilanden.

Plasterk wil dat de integriteit wordt aangepakt onder verantwoordelijkheid van de Rijksministerraad. Het kabinet van premier Gumbs, de nieuwe premier van Sint Maarten, wil de integriteit verbeteren onder verantwoordelijkheid van de Staten van Sint Maarten. Maar daar zit juist een deel van het probleem van integriteit, zegt Plasterk. Vorig jaar kwamen er twee onderzoeksrapporten naar buiten, waarin melding werd gemaakt van ernstige integriteitsproblemen in het bestuur van het eiland.

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