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My blogs are based on more than one source and more than one type of evidence. Emilio Kalmera tried to start a Facebook war with me last night, laced with what were supposed to be subtle threats.

Emilio Kalmera’s lawyer is Mariflex, they can contact me at 721 523 3493 to let me know why I can’t post questions to a blog based on the words of Henry Lynch and more..

henry lynch




Two days before that Rosina Lynch-Romeo posted THIS to her facebook with this photo:
Good Morning,
Thank you Lord for opening my eyes.

1. I’m no longer supporting the current government…. don’t ask me no questions about politricks.
2. MP that i voted for as long as your part of the above statement I won’t be supportive either
3. My eyes are open wide and I”m happy i went through this i now know that i have no friends on this island.
4.I would appreciate if all potential/ current politicians keep my name out their mouth
5. Mr. and Mrs. Housing don’t come near me.
6. Person i see from 8 to 5- Continue to be fake so i can be at peace.
7. I have survived and i will survive.
8. Time for me to drink a cup of tea.
9. Couldn’t be happier…..PEACE!
— feeling thoughtful.

Judith R Roumou's photo.

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