Woke up at 7 a.m. this morning, nothing but missed calls from some very important people.

I was contacted last night, by someone asking whether it was true that Leona had defected from the current coalition government. I told the person that I would make a few calls.

I spoke to one person in government who confirmed that Silvio Matser, Maurice Lake and Leona Romeo-Marlin had defected from the coalition.

I contacted two UPP insiders, one being Joe Richardson, twice Joseph said that he didn’t know anything. The other person said that Maurice Lake would never defect.

So I contacted my source, and said “They’re saying that Maurice would never defect…why would he?”

I was told that Maurice Lake is getting the screws put on him, because current Prime Minister, Marcel Gumbs, who is also in charge of the VROMI and Spatial Planning portfolio, is refusing to sign of on anything Maurice Lake promised.

So a lot of people who Maurice made promises to… “da boyz” on the various blocks, in the various districts are not getting their contracts.

They’re saying Marcel won’t sign off on anything, he’s waiting for his permanent replacement at VROMI- Marcel ain’t trying to go to jail.

Maurice has more than one “Simpson Bay Land” problem.

Maurice is caught up, in the the SMHDF Bobol

Maurice got the “Sucker Garden Boys” mad at him for those contracts that were promised.

Maurice got the St Peters Block mad….. empty promises.

Every district has a Maurice Lake made me promises story.

Theo is supposed to be controlling Marcel…

But Theo apparently bailed out of St Maarten since March 4th 2015, and nobody seems to be concerned enough, except for me to ask where the hell our leader in government has been for WEEKS!

Nobody really seems to know where Theo disappeared to,

some are saying that he’s busy cleaning up some mess, cleaning up the money trail.

Some are saying that the pressure got to be too much.

Leona swore up and down to me that she received NOTHING from Theo.

I had the best sources telling me that she got the Tourism Portfolio.

I posted to my Facebook, so it cannot be denied.

I was told Leona was upset when Connie got two portfolios in his deal, Frans got a portfolio in his deal, Leona threatened to leave if she didn’t get any.

I was told that she was given the Tourism portfolio.

I asked her a straight question, she denied it up and down.

Now I am hearing that part of the issue that Leona has with the Current Coalition Government, is that Claret Conner has already been given Tourism Minister, and she wants to replace him with family,

and there’s a civil war brewing with the Current Coalition government, but the only person who can resolved the issue is M.I.A….

Missing In Action… Mr Theodore Heyliger.

The above three has been named as withdrawing their support from the current coalition government.

I was told by one of the experts this morning, that there can only be new elections to clean up this mess…

Nobody seems to be sure of what is going on, even within their own party.

I posted to blog last night, then I pulled back the blog, because everyone it appears is saying something different.

Maybe Joe need to tell Theo, that standing up and letting the people know whether we have a government, stable or not, would be very important.

Considering I have TOP UPP telling me that the rumors are true……

To be continued…

henry lynch

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