I posted the day before yesterday that Cornelius de Weever had quietly left St Maarten and flown to Holland. He left to defend himself against Dutch politician Andre Bosman, who insinuated that Cornelius de Weever had taken something in exchange for joining the United People’s Party.

It appears Cornelius did receive something from Theo in exchange for his defection from the Democratic Party. Cornelius received two Minister portfolios, and we know he tried to use those appointments to appoint his uncle Leroy de Weever and other family members.

There were speculations that not only did he try to appoint his uncle Leroy de Weever, but also his aunt Millicent de Weever, his sister Keturah de Weever and his cousin Ludmilla de Weever.

Cornelius de Weever has decided to head to Holland, just as the SMHDF bobol is threatening to take down the government.

Some people feel that Cornelius’ presence in Holland could only do further harm.

If however it is ruled in court, that Andre Bosman is wrong,

then this can only get more interesting.

Speculations have been rampant all week, that the St Maarten government is about to collapse.

These speculations seem to be based on something, and don’t appear to be well placed rumors started by the opposition.

When questioned on Facebook about their alleged defections, and their connections in the SMHDF, certain politicians ignored the questions, while other politicians unfriend me…

There seems to be some confusion out there.

I’m not the one causing panic in government right now, Henry Lynch and his dossier of dirt on the St Maarten government, is what’s causing panic in the SXM government right now.

Not one politician has a right to be angry with me, because I posted questions concerning the Lynch case.

That would be misplaced anger.

Certain political fools need to be angry with the one who put them on a one way ticket on the Unlimited Visa express.

They need to be angry at the one who gave them the gift, of putting them on the Bobol list.

I stand by my blogs.

Thousands read it, everyone including the politicians are discussing it, many feel that I asked the right questions.

In a culture of corruption, maybe Cornelius de Weever does feel like he has not done anything wrong.

Anyone who believes that Cornelius who was lined up to replace Sarah Wescot Williams as the new leader of the Democratic Party, who came in as a hot new politicians who actually got many votes the first time running. A guy who already had a Parliament seat through the votes that he got as a DP member, would for no reason, turn on his leader and friend Sarah Wescot Williams, fracture the party, and cross over to the enemy camp……………..

Well I got a CauseWay Bridge to Nowhere to sell you.

If the argument is that Cornelius received nothing to ‘jump’…

well then, it appears that he at least got two Ministers’ portfolios.

Does a bribe have to be physical/tangible?

I thought a bribe was anything in exchange for something else in politics, in a quid pro quo sort of way……

I guess it might just come down in the courts to the definition of the word ‘bribe’.



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