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maurice lake

Member of Parliament Hon. Maurice Lake

United People’s (UP) Party Faction

For Immediate Release: Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

UP MP Lake says Social Media Rumours Untrue and Baseless. Lake remains loyal to coalition

PHILIPSBURG – United People’s (UP) party Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Maurice Lake says the social media rumours and the story in a daily newspaper over the weekend where it mentions that he is involved in a plot to throw down government and send home the Cabinet of Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs as untrue and baseless.

MP Lake who is currently off island says that he was informed about the rumours that started on Facebook and later moved to the blogs.

“There are individuals who sit in front of a computer everyday with nothing to do and try to create news by telling fibs that are untrue. It is sad that many people go based on hearsay and social media chatter which are fabricated for amusement, but at the same time it creates uneasiness amongst the populace. I have been through a lot where a lot has been said about my person when people attempt to scandal your name, but the truth always prevails in the end.

“I know its Carnival time, and the Carnival fever is getting hotter as Carnival gets closer, and this is basically the start of fictional stories. Probably in the weeks to come you will hear more which is unfortunate. I encourage you to check out in the Bible, second cimothy, chapter 1 to 5.

“I take this opportunity to commend the Daily Herald newspaper for not running with a story that is based on rumours. Responsible journalism is key to newspapers integrity and reporting,” UP MP Hon. Maurice Lake said on Sunday.

“Let me be very clear. This UP MP Maurice Lake have not had any discussions with anybody about a change in government. Any issue that I have with my party I discuss internally and try to seek solutions there. I won’t go and throw down government to put the country in jeopardy just like that. My allegiance lay with the United People’s party, the people of this country, and the coalition.

“Nobody talks on behalf of MP Maurice Lake. If I have something to say, I will say it directly to the person. I do not know where this rumour started, or who started it, but it’s the figment of somebody’s imagination. People use social media and fake names to write all kinds of untruths. It’s an individual(s) who just wants to create hysteria amongst the population which is very unfortunate and irresponsible. The person(s) who started this melly should correct what they have written.

“As I have always stated, we need to raise the bar in politics in order to take our country to the next level. The people of this country are tired of hearing every couple of months that the government will fall. This is also not good for our investment climate. Investors won’t be interested in investing in a country that gives the perception of political instability.

“If I have grievances about something, I will discuss this internally with my party, just like I have done in the past, and will always continue to do so in the future. This is about our national development, about the development of our people and the country, and moving forward. That is my primary focus, economic development, job creation and building homes for our people, and continuing to raise the quality of life.

“We need to complete the finalization of the two additional ministers to the Cabinet. The execution of the governing program also needs to move forward because the people want to see things happening. I was elected to work in the interests of the small man, and I intend to fulfill that obligation bestowed upon me by the electorate,” UP MP Hon. Maurice Lake concluded on Sunday.

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