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William Marlin has finally come out to confirm, what I’ve been blogging for months now, Silveria Jacobs- currently number 3 on the National Alliance slate, is being groomed to take over the leadership position within the National Alliance.

The writing was on the wall when Silveria first beat William in the Party elections.


Still, a stubborn William Marlin allotted Silveria the number 3 position on the slate.

Silveria devastated William Marlin in the vote count, and everyone else on the National Alliance.

The only person in the entire elections to get more votes than Silveria, was Theo Heyliger.

It is obvious that Silveria has been the true leader of the National Alliance for a while,

William Marlin’s ego had to come around.

William is fully aware that Sarah can’t wait to do “Lunch” with Silveria..

Theo Heyliger and the UPP have made no secret that they would treat Silveria like the goddess that she is, too bad Silveria has a severe allergy to Theo Heyliger, and all things green.

The Independents had their eyes set on Silveria to woo her….

They knew Willy wasn’t treating her right.

William had to realize that if Silveria wasn’t appointed as leader soon, she could go independent, and fracture the National Alliance beyond the point of no return.

Now Willy is trying to act pragmatic in his decision making,

like he didn’t have to be forced kicking and screaming to make the announcement, that soon he will no longer be the leader of his own party.

National Alliance members have been tacitly referring to her as their leader for months.

But it was when William Marlin’s most ardent loyalist started to confide in me that Willy had to give it to Silveria,

I knew that Willy’s gig was up.

Right now, William Marlin needs to be number 3 on his own slate.

He is far less popular than Silveria and even less popular than George Pantophlet.

William needs to be retired to pasture, where he can take on an “advisors’ role,

and pretend to advise a new, up and coming politician,

from the tables of Jimmy’s on the Pondside, where he spends his days, playing cards, talking shit with Leo Friday, and pretending to lead the St Maarten “Opposition”


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