sxm government st maarten falls


I just received this in my inbox. I really don’t like receiving and posting info on April’s Fool Day.

But this is supposed to be an emergency so:

Hi Judith… I am a friend of James Egan.. who is a FB friend of yours. We have an emergency situation regarding Jim who is hospitalized on the French side of the island in Marigot. We are desperately trying to get him released from the hospital so he can be life-flighted back to Jacksonville Florida for life-saving surgery. He is unconscious and on a ventilator and has been for 17 days. Finally Friday is the day all the pieces are coming together to fly him out with medvac. A family friend is going there on Friday to assist in his release and oversee the transfer to the ER Flt at the airport. We have a problem in that the hospital does not want to release his medical records which the medvac flt must have with them in order to be able to know how many medical personnel need to be on board the flt as well as needed for the hospital in Florida to perform the emergency surgery to save his life.. ASAP Is there anyway you can help us in bringing attention to the fact that the hospital is uncooperative in holding back vital info so his life is not lost in flight due to inadequate medical information. As a friend of Jim’s .. who lives in the US.. He told me he had met you and that he followed your blogs, etc. After that I have kept up with them too.. and when his family asked me today if there was anyone on the island that could help in putting pressure on the Hosp to let this poor soul go home and try to survive a very difficult surgery .. I’ll explain if we can speak by phone.. well.. I thought of you. I know this is bizarre coming out of nowhere and don’t know if you ever go to Jim’s Fb homepage.. but you will see lots of well wishers .. some local and some from here in US.. if You are interested or are able to assist us in any way.. even if it’s just being at the hospital when the life-flight personnel arrive to take him away.. or just passing this situation along thru your channels.. we would appreciate it. If you can’t.. we certainly understand. This is quickly becoming an international incident.. involving US senators, the US embassy in Barbados, Homeland Security.. etc.. n and on. Jim is a former lawyer in the US.. as well as his brother and sister .. and as lawyers they have been working relentlessly for almost 3 solid weeks to bring him here. the hospital there is not able to do the surgery and he is deteriorating by the minute.. If you want to talk.. my phone number is 1-904-806-1649. I am “JANE SMITH” on Jim’s FB page. I will be glad to call you.. I know how expensive it is to call from there to US Thank you Judith.. Jim only has maybe 3-4 days at most before succumbing to the infection raging thru several vital organs.. any of which could kill him at any moment. This has been a living hell and nightmare trying to get him out of there and back here.. Thank you.. Jane Smith


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