What this morning’s session in The Netherlands was about …. 1) The Dutch WON’T allow our government to form their own Integrity Committee to investigate themselves. 2) The Dutch SXM and The Dutch Nederlanders are at an impasse (they cannot come to an agreement) 3) Sxm, Marcel and our government has NO leg to stand on, they can’t win. 4) The Dutch are giving our government 2-3 months, until June- and then they’re coming in anyway. 5) They stated that they will decide in June on the full intervention, but that is just a FORMALITY, it has already been decided. 6) The Dutch Integrity Committee will be… well… Dutch…..and I don’t mean the Antillian kind. 7) They intend to eventually bring in their own RST investigators (55 of them), a few Judges and Prosecutors. 8) These Special Police are not here for you or me, They are here for our GOVERNMENT. 9) Our government appears to be panicking 10) Our government is panicking because once the investigations are concluded a lot of people in government and the police dept. etc will be locked up for millions in missing funds and more. 11) The SXM government’s strategy, and I guess Curacao too is “THE BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE” 12) Our government has forgotten that Holland has a Military, but St Maarten doesn’t.. in fact we RELY on their Military, which would make any offensive strategy ridiculous- but try telling that to our government.13) Somebody sent Cornelius to Holland, I don’t know who………. bad idea……..that’s all I’m gonna say… Lot’s going on in your government.




  • Nardy Cramm Thank you for the update “Somebody sent Cornelius to Holland, I don’t know who…..” Would that be the same person who send mr. Spong to Van Raak ?…/maffia-boos-op-sp…/

    Francesco Corallo wil niet meer dat SP-Kamerlid…
  • Judith R Roumou who’s Spong?
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  • Nardy Cramm Mr. Gerard Spong is one of the attorneys’ of Corallo

    Hits: 1WILLEMSTAD – Ronald van Raak mag maffiabaas Francesco Corallo niet zo noemen. Dat…
  • Maman Fille That’s why our government is sending their errand boys to hit us over the head left and right about independence…hahaha
  • Judith R Roumou dem dotin fools still talkin Maman Fille ?
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  • Maman Fille Judith R Roumou they are good errand boys…they’ve been lobotomized so they have no own opinion anymore. So they always doing the masters bidding. Luckily anyone with a grain a sense knows we far from being able to wipe our own much more being independent
  • Judith R Roumou I guess I no longer hear them or see them cuz they know better than to bring that shizz to me. Papa Doc Olivier still talking, Lamina Renata? lol
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  • Maman Fille Nah not them…but others.
  • Adelina Richardson Judith, SXM government from in the days of Neth. Antilles never had a minister really in charge, the only one and the best one was mr Leo Chance, cur never give sxm a prime min. Cur always made the decisions, monies from winair, landsradio etc went to cur, don’t you think if cur cared for sxm, it would of been better off, sxm don’t have nothing not even a military base, we have nothing, the ppl of curacao went sxm got the best jobs some off them without good education, what happen all of them fixed their pension, so what has sxm gain, nothing. Now you have those fake politicians, instead of be united with each other, they are against each other and that’s what Holland wants.
  • Judith R Roumou They’re trying to close ranks but I think that it’s a bit late. if chaos in government is want Holland wants, then our government sure is giving it to them. But how can you blame Holland for our chaos? The government fell THREE times in FOUR years, it’s easy to blame everyone else but the people who are up to no good. If they don’t want the Dutch up their ass, then stop taking the free money from them because our government sure aren’t letting that loot trickle down to the poor and pensioners.
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  • Adelina Richardson Its never to late, what those politicians has to do, get their act together, stop helping their friends and family, and start working for the country and its ppl, last but not least stop fighting each other, if sxm has 10.000 ppl, 2000 is from sxm and the rest is foreigners, look at transportation its a mess, if you live downstreet, backstreet, bus dropping you off on the pondfill, what a shame.
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  • Judith R Roumou sxm is a mess
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  • Angelique Ferrier it is……
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  • Yolanda Heemskerk all flights will be full coming june and that is not because school is out.Our Govt is out and not for vacation.
  • Yolanda Heemskerk only the “messengers” will be left behind and don’t feel sorry for them either,thats their job.
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  • Joseph Okon None want leave them big houses they built cause they still feel that they can play the political ass with Holland and get a slap on the wrist as historically soft penalty treatment as punishment is the modus operandi!
  • Pamella Jenkins BOTH sides are in a mess Judith!
  • Pamella Jenkins French Saint Martin where the local people are having their land taken from under their feet!
  • Pamella Jenkins who is allowing the Reserve Naturelle to run the land? tourists today blocked in by boulders placed at the beach/road! What is going on? Tourism is the ONLY income and on the French side now the best part of the land is being taken! Who will stop it? The tourist sites are being taken too or what reason? WHO is giving the orders? Did not take long after the murder of Pierre!
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  • Burgundy-Benders Carrol Just wait until the tourists stop coming
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  • Rachel Peterson Yea Frans say we have no rights to know all that’s happening in the government i hope someone teach that dude how to converse he never makes any sense, he has a vocabulary of a five year old…. And tells whoppers, him and O Neil same person ….. Thieves and scammers they all are. Come come lock them up.
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  • Pamella Jenkins Do you think the tourists today who were the victims of being blocked in by boulders will say good things about St Martin?
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  • Rachel Peterson These guys came with promises, and talks i voted for the nuh but I shame. That’s why I can criticize them they came begging, we need to scandalize them greed is a terrible thing.
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  • Joseph Okon It truly is a sad situation when the area was supposed to have had an inspection prior to the tourist being blocked in by the Reserve Naturelle officers however I thinking where will it end the things that kept residence survival in check before the end of the eighties is truly a thing of the past. No fishing, crabbing, whelks, scrimps, turtles, lobsters, resulting in no income for those members of society with family history working in the sea. Now they taking a step further to reek havoc on local commerce by putting barriers to intimidate local people from freely using the Le Galion Beach up to the Coconut Grove this coming Easter weekend. Something will either happen or my people there sleeping and when they wake….. We shall see.
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  • Pamella Jenkins Joseph for so long I have been warning people in that area and indeed on Saint Martin. Instead I have been persecuted; The person behind all this was the notary! BUT he had his friends too: Sandy Ground too! Baie Nettle too! How can a company such as Societe Hotel des Caraibes use a false address=??? and even more so AW 30 has different owners: The notary gave me his “proof” of ownership at Baie Orientale! BUt it was also the Beauperthuy land and now is the reserve Naturelle? Today is just more evidence of the BULLYING actions used; Wait until the campers come! ahh there really will be a problem; Now that Pierre is dead. Who did that evil deed? He has now no control on his land. Joseph, the people are sleeping and someone is on the side of the enemy!
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  • Pamella Jenkins young boys and older men can not throw their fishing lines of the harbour front in Marigot! INTERDIT!
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  • Ed Gumbs This is not an Integrity Comittee but an ordinairy Possy. That’s going to throw us 26 years back.
  • Joseph Okon I used to use snag hooks into schools of jack fish on the pier in front of the court house as a young teen and sell Johnny cake and fried jacks with a cousin Robert Warno at times…Don’t even think about eating something from that pier now!
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  • Joseph Okon Politicians got the whole island going one way and people sitting like it’s ok until it hit they ass!
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  • Leopold James An ordinary Possy that is going to throw us 26 years back. Really ? That would be great news for us. It would mean that we have been resurrected, to be thrown under the bus. For those not in the know – our own corrupt, banana republic minded politicians many years ago, not only deceived and abandoned us – they BURIED the native SXM people – at least , that is what they tried. Of course not the opportunistic, political operatives – they try to defend what no longer can be defended. Who the cap fits wear it.
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  • Maman Fille Pamella Jenkins the St. Maarten people are worst than sleeping, they are in a comatose state. I asking the same thing:Pierre died, nobody except Judith R Roumou find it fishy. Now 3 Beauperthuys dead in a matter of weeks and still only Judith dare to ask. You know where our people? Go carnival village. They want to party and jump up. Complacency: a feeling of quiet pleasure or security,often while unaware of potential danger. That is the state our people are in.
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  • Cresburk Browne · Friends with Edsel Gumbs and 32 others

    Here are some cool facts: Holland actually wants the best for its people. So by having a beter government on the islands keeps some of the bad eggs out of their country in a smart way. Secondly nobody is to blame but the st.maarten people themselves. Lack of insight!! Lack of everything good. We are giving a gift which is the right to vote and we as a people squander it foolishly!! Some more cool facts…Some of these politicians have been in power for more than 20 years in and around government in all manner of positions. if we look and salaries been collected some have collected more than 2.4 million in guilders and dollars. Now people of st.maarten open up your eyes…What have they done to better sxm. Its the sam as it was yesterday…Roads are still crap, education system is crap! We are being over runned by illegals! locals become officers of the law in 6 months even though some have a criminal backround for starting up trouble, super market prices are crazy…people don’t obey rules. only when they drive over on the french side they quickly remember the car has seat belts!!! worst internet and cell phone service by a government owned company !!And I can go on for days. So lets see an improved airport and a lil bridge and a better pier…open up your eyes people than aint helping the public no way no how. Our government is implementing a system to keep or young people from NOT wanting more in life. Dont believe me?? After most kids finish school where do they end up? Now they even trying to close the gap for kids to come to holland and study…which is one of the best places in the world u can i mean its on a list..and we are apart of the dutch kingdom. Another funny fact how can u be an elected official and cant speak the ducth language?? and have a dutch passport… Are we blind as a people? Most of these officials just care about themselves…and they remind u of it but we as a people choose no too see it period. Together we stand divided we fall!! Focus on the divided part..they are set up to the max while the people suffer like dogs…COUNTRY ABOVE SELF IS MY MOTTO…People forget we are just here for awhile…WHat kinda of future are we leaving back for our kids?? and their offspring…oww i forget sxm people only think about the here and now and forget about tomorrow…U get a free fridge for elections and remain in poverty for a life time!!!
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  • Nardy Cramm Very well said Cresburk Browne
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  • Judith R Roumou Cresburk Browne you should be blogging. Ed Gumbs I guess you mean “Posse” But Theo and the gang were the ones to round the ‘posse’ up this time, and posses track down OUTLAWS Leopold James .Pamella Jenkins but French St Martin is a tinderbox right now, it will explode, for weeks I’m the only one asking about these strange sequence of deaths… Correction Rachel Peterson Frans George Richardson has the vocabulary of a THREE year old. To say that he has the vocabulary of a five your old would insinuate that he’s had at least two years of education (Kindergarten/ 1st Grade) I don’t think Frans got to first grade in school. But I heard Cecil Nicholas has been diligently teaching Frans how to read, and speak English. Nobody questions the fact the MOST of our politicians can speak NEITHER English nor Dutch. They speak local patois, because they think it’s English, they sprinkle in a few Dutch words that the secretary taught them that morning. Every now and then they’ll throw in a phrase in Papiamentu… that is the language spoken by our government. It needs its own name.. Is it the politics, the power or the money that corrupts. I know some people who went into government and within weeks their new status and salary had turned them into monsters. The Dutch need to acknowledge the Hollander criminals who have been getting away with too much in SXM. These political criminals could not get away if the Prosecutors Office and Judges weren’t in on it…. Well at least when they get to prison, they’ll be entitled to that free education, and those free classes, so finally maybe they’ll learn something.
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  • Rachel Peterson Correct Judith Roumou, still I was feeling a little shame for him… But you right. They cannot talk, but they can wheel and deal, and promise you shit when they need your vote.
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  • Rachel Peterson SXM ppl are playing blind to a serious situation, they are brain washed into thinking that they have no rights to voice or chastise these politicians our vote puts them in government, and they do collect a hefty sum…they have all kinds of fringe benefits and yet they are stealing left in right… How the Hell that dude Oneil R get that loot nah man we dodo’s danger is real fear is an option… We have to act snd react let them know we hurting we love our SXM we defends it…. Buy being respectfully vocal.

  • Judith R Roumou
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