all photos and videos judith regina roumou


I came home because I got tired of the police STOPPING and SEARCHING me..Why Because I blogged about Dutty Dutch Chief of Police Peter De Witte impregnating HOOKERS, and fixing their documents overnight. Peter can’t have me arrested for telling the truth. But FIRST they sent Bibi Hodge Shaw to come ‘move’ me out of the way on Pondfill. I almost… ALMOST PUNCHED her with my camera, but like I told Solange Apon, I wasn’t going to use a $1500 dollar camera to hit a ten cent HOOKER. Chief Police Peter de Witte has been bangin out Bibi Hodge Shaw too, the photos of him at her house, have been about. So Bibi couldn’t get me arrested so they stopped me at Oranje Schoot OVER a DOZEN OFFICERS… Judith R Roumou let’s go! let’s go!! LOL!!! Then at the Courthouse, once again as I’m working, this time I get dragged into their van, and the SEARCH ME AGAIN!!! Still couldn’t find da weed. The the police is telling me to hold and open my bag for him, I told him I couldn’t hold the bag because I had to hold my cameras on HIM  oh yeah.. and btw… I GOT THE VIDEO IN HD!!! Coming up!

They needed HOW MANY police to search and harass me today?? They’re being paid for this shit. WHAT did they find in my bag? $1500 Apple – $1500 dollar Nikon – Apple IPad, $800 dollar Windowss HP laptop – BlackBerry Storm, Nokia phone. Western Digital Memory One tera.. Western Digita 500 gigs memory. Nikon Pro camera, Sony Mini Camera. Brush, comb, powder …  WRAPPERS  4 chargers, 2 mini camcorders…Casio Exilim camera.. So the only thing the police ‘DISCOVERED” was that my BAG is worth more than their damn HOUSE!!! I would be mad at me too.. but like I said, thanks again for the great video… booboo  I was waiting for them to smell the weed, but their nose so far up De Witte’s ass.. I guess they’re a bit congested


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