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I was not going to bother post this but this is something that has been bothering me since last week. And ……i feel deep down in my soul that this person was just smelling his piss and being a class A jackass.

But dont let me cloud your judgement I am going to be as descriptive as possible. So….. here is the situation. Last thursday was regular working day and i decided to take the day off and go to Mullet bay beach with my mom.

When we got there we rented 2 beach chairs with an umbrella. There werent any other locals (black persons) besides the chair attendants and the owner/workers of the beach bar and restaurant. The rest of the people were all tourists (white people). You will see there is reason for my bracket descriptions please keep reading….

It was a beautiful day and as we eased into relax mood to take in the sun we couldnt help but notice our surroundings. St. Maarten is truly amazing the sky was rich blue with few clouds passing by. Birds churping in the distance. The clear waters of the beach seem so magestic. Damn to think all these people spent thousands of dollars for a piece of this paradise and here we are living here not taking the time to enjoy a little slice of heaven.

With out warning I was jerked out of my blissful thinking. As 2 police officers surrounded our chairs.
No morning!
No good afternoon!
No F’n goodday !
and demand to see our iDs.

My first response. What the hell I am from here! ?!? Which clearly means nothing in this situation.

The conversation proceeded as follows

Officer. Where is your id?
Me. Its in the car.
My mom pulls out her drivers licenses and hands it to the police office who refuses to take it.

Officer. What is that? I asked for your Id?
Mom. This is my license it has my info.

Officer. An ID is an Id what is your license. It doesnt tell me anything. I ask for your ID. You cant give me what I didn’t ask for. Your license is nothing. WHERE IS YOUR ID?

(HE demanded in a stern voice while the other female office looked to the heavens like she wasnt in the situation)

Back to the officer who went on ranting in a disrespectful manner stating a drivers license is not a valid form of ID.

Mom. But I from st. Maarten it states so on the license

Officer. You know me.?! Do I know you?!

Me. What the hell!,!?! so why in the bank I can use my license as an iD

Officer. Thats the bank business what they do. A license is not your ID you cant give me a passport when I ask for id. Your passport is nothing.

At this point I am furious because the situation is not necessary. This person is clearly not making sense. Either he is illterate or he is on some power trip. And I wanted to say Yes !!!!! I know your traffic controling bicycle peddling ass from town. But his hand is on his gun and am no fool.

Officer. Screaming like he has something to prove. I am just doing my job! And next time make sure you have your ID!
He walks away and heads back to the parking lot.

Um what the hell just happened there!?!?!?!
I couldn’t help but wonder if I was being punked I looked around for camaras and there were none.

My mom is all rattled her day is just ruined. She goes on to read her license which has her ID number, full name, place of birth and date of birth.
And I am like nah!

Facebook Question isnt your drivers license not a form of iD?!?
Officers on facebook what the!

Is this normal procedure? Because I am not sure if that type of harashment is protocal. I know the police have the right to stop you and ask questions. But what URKS me in the manner inwhich it was done. You dont have to be hostile if I am not being hostile and this was a case of racial profiling. He assumed 2 black woman mid week on a beach must be illegal immigrants I am assuming here.

I know my rights!
And if he was doing his job he would walk me to my car to retrieve my ID if he was being efficient in his job. Right or wrong!

And Jesus knows his coworker knows he was out of line up to yet she did not give any eye contact nor said A B or C. Pfff
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Doble Chulo U should take their names, he can’t shoot unless he have some mental problem ,these is where camera phone does come in handy ,and yes a driver license is an I.d.
Like · Reply · 7 · 19 hrs

Larich Theartist Audain Wasnt thinking should of ask them for their names
Like · 1 · 19 hrs

Doble Chulo U could ask ,but then again he might give u hard time bout u can see their name on their shirt
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Larich Theartist Audain I know how this guy looks but I will go in and file a complaint
Like · 5 · 18 hrs

Doble Chulo I hope u remember their faces
Like · Reply · 1 · 19 hrs
Larich Theartist Audain Yes I do!
Like · Reply · 3 · 19 hrs
Valisca Joseph ridiculous you handled the situation in a good manner because i bet if you got up to walk to go to the car to retrieve said “I.D” it would have been worse… some of these officers are not educated to the best of the ability and it’s a shame and who do…See More
Like · Reply · 6 · 19 hrs

Larich Theartist Audain I mean for real even if you dont know me clearly you can hear my accent!
Like · 2 · 19 hrs

Doble Chulo Even tho ,u all was just relaxing , what’s the purpose of the harassment, out of every body why is straight to u all ,I would of ask I’m sorry ,they are human just like us n not because u in uniform give u the right to b an ass
Like · Reply · 2 · 19 hrs
Valisca Joseph i think they need to start doing background checks on these officers before they have them entered into the program because this amount of harassment is uncalled for.
Like · Reply · 9 · 19 hrs

Larich Theartist Audain Yes its true they dont check
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Sharika Higgs-Patrick This was completely ridiculous. He was power tripping. Obviously he is in the wrong profession because he doesn’t know what identification means and he is unnecessarily harsh without reason. I hope that the police department has mandatory psychological evaluation regularly for their staff because what you went through, nobody should. He was rude and out of line. Completely embarrassing for you and your mother.
Like · Reply · 8 · 19 hrs

Larich Theartist Audain I felt embrasss it was completely uncalled for
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Lani Carnivaliani This was disheartening to read. The U.S. Is going through their big issues with law enforcement, and now we our law enforcement officers want to show themselves.
Like · Reply · 1 · 19 hrs

Larich Theartist Audain And to me its pure ignorance
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Jeanine Espacia Lol am not shock nor am I surprised…I’ve seen worse with these Police Officers….you had to ask them their names and said your going to send in a complain!!! I would for sure that wasn’t necessary at all……
Like · Reply · 3 · 19 hrs
Diahenn van Heyningen Luc take their names report & place it in the papers….This is what I would do. Clearly he was on some kind of power/ controll mental state!! I know SXM is in need of Law Inforcements, however they should not just pick up random..and yes I do mean RAN…See More
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Cherise Janelle i have heard this bs about a driver’s license isn’t id. idiots
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Riantje Bennett Uhm 2 black illegal immigrants wouldn’t be tanning/chilling on the beach! . How stupid would that be?? And a id is a form of identification! 😕. Further more whoever you are you should report this! Fb cant help you. go to the police department and put it on black and white.
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st maarten police media courthouse photos judith roumou hiro shigemoto hearing (36)

Larich Theartist Audain My point exactly if we were illegal we wouldnt be in that location
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Charisse Piper WOWIE!!! I cannot believe the ignorance…oh wait yes I can. Completely ridiculous and unwarranted behaviour. The police department on St.Maarten needs a complete overhaul and assessment because they do not do their jobs and when they try to apparently they don’t know how.
Like · Reply · 7 · 18 hrs
Leslie Bouchard I find it completely insulting for you both to be harassed in this manner…. So sorry
Like · Reply · 17 hrs
Bricecelia van Heyningen-Davis Luce why the hell you and u mom conversed with that idiot….You should of told him to lock u up then. Lets see what he would of done seeing you a born sxmer….This is the shit that does tickle my feathers. We got criminals pissing all over them and t…See More
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Pea Gordon ***mouth full of curse words** will read again and comment. because the only thing wanting to come out to cuss his ass up. Whooooosa…Yo i swear Larich Theartist Audain that it happened to me, i can feel it.
Like · Reply · 1 · 17 hrs
Pea Gordon I forgot my ID one day and i was asked for ID when i presented my Drivers Liscense the person told me ID not DL. I was like huh uhhhhhh, this is also an ID, he said no, that anyone can come from God knows where and get a DL. I was like wow. I had to go home and get my ID.
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Gromyko Wilson replied · 1 Reply

Leslie Bouchard I find it completely insulting for you both to be harassed in this manner…. So sorry
Like · Reply · 1 · 17 hrs
Pea Gordon Larich Theartist Audain thats very disturbing and out of order by the officer, to be harrassing people. He asked for ID, he got a DL he should have at least looked at it (and if he insist on ID then ask you to get it from the car. (Of course if it wa…See More
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Larich Theartist Audain I know right complete bs if u ask me
Like · 15 hrs

Beeks Jeffers Larich Theartist Audain I do feel ur pain and share ur sentiments, some of these new police officer do not know how to speak to and deal with people. On Friday last I had one of them literally with his so call stern voice (like I supposed to be scared)…See More
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Larich Theartist Audain Wow the nerve! But I will call it in trust me
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Edward A. de Cuba This is just wow…. the attitude the nerve. People like this give cops a bad name. Just wow. Here are some handy tips for in the future hopefully it never happens again. If you are stopped it’s your right to ask the reason. Police must always identify and show their ID when asked. If they don’t make sure u get the licence plate or if u can snap a picture. And report right away. This can’t go so
Like · Reply · 4 · 16 hrs

Larich Theartist Audain I hear you …will keep that in mind
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Esperina Pantophlet I realy dont what was his problem that day one i was stop and ask for my id and i told the officer i only had my drivers liscence and he told me that could work as a id to because my infor is on it so what the hell is his problem
Like · Reply · 1 · 12 hrs
Francelise Peterson First of all what was the reason for stopping and asking for id. Secondly he never identify himself before asking for any documentation even in uniform. Thirdly they should go into many business if they are trying to play immigration and find so many …See More
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Gina Peltier E ta un buraco di sanka tssssssss. Awo si.Ass Hole
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Joy Dolphin Gromyko Wilson
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Larich Theartist Audain THANK YOU FOR THE… LOL…See More
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Larich Theartist Audain I wasnt thinking quick at all terrible
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Gromyko Wilson Who is willing to print this picture and drop it of at Simpsonbay or Colebay station.

For who did not know these are the three (3) official Identification document you need to Identify your self in St Maarten.
Gromyko Wilson’s photo.
Like · Reply · 7 · 8 hrs · Edited
Jerry Rombley Wasn’t there anybody in town to harrass? Who send him?
Like · Reply · 2 · 7 hrs
Kerline Parisien You should’ve take their name and report them to higher authorities … smh!!!
Like · Reply · 7 hrs
Lysanne Charles Arrindell Wow that is just craziness…sorry you and your mom had to experience that
Like · Reply · 7 hrs
Sweetpisces Gladys Labady I think they was just mad that they or he was not having a day off on the beach like u was….until he came and f..k it up
Like · Reply · 7 hrs
Chantal Daniel Lake Obviously they had nothing better to do dam fools , all kinda crimes going on ans they have time to harrass go law abiding citzens
Like · Reply · 6 hrs
JuniQue Brown Gromyko Wilson see y I don’t comment on some of your post, it’s bc of foolishness like this Rerated Police… First of all … License, PassPort is better Manner of I.D than the regular I.D… Y I’m saying sooooo simple foreigners have an I.D but most …See More
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JuniQue Brown replied · 5 Replies · 5 hrs

Raisa Gomez Sorry to say that how most of them are that’s y i try stay on my side. No manners and ignorant intolerant show off fools
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