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On Tuesday May 19th at approximately 12.10 p.m. several police patrols and detectives were directed to the home of the Minister of Justice, the Honorable Dennis Richardson, where it was reported that an unknown man dressed completely in black clothing with a hoody over his head and a mask covering his face had forced his way into the home of the minister. On the scene the investigating officers noticed that the suspect had gotten access to the home via a window of building. An intense search of the property was done however the suspect had already fled the scene. The suspect had searched the home and took several valuable items. The detectives and Forensic Department were also on scene gathering evidence and speaking to potential witnesses. The investigation into this case is ongoing.

Tips to prevent street robberies
Because of a slight increase of street robberies on St. Maarten, especially during nightly hours, the Police Force of St. Maarten will provide you with some safety tips on how to prevent robberies. As we all know; prevention is better than cure. These 10 tips might help you prevent a robbery.
Tips to prevent street robberies:
– Avoid dark areas, dark areas form a risk because most robbers tend to rob people in dark areas
– Don’t go to the ATM during dark hours, plan ahead and get your cash during safer times
– Avoid carrying a lot of cash and other valuables
– Trust your instincts, if you sense trouble, get away as soon as possible
– Take a cab instead of walking home. If you have to walk, take some company
– Be very alert and observant
– Keep your money close to you, preferably not in a purse that hangs free from your hand
– Don’t advertise; don’t wear expensive or fancy looking jewelry
– Install apps like ‘find my phone’ or ‘find my mobile’ on your Smartphone
– Make a note of the unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number of your cell phone. If it gets stolen, the police will be able to search in databases. You can find this number by typing *#06# on your cell phone, the IMEI number should pop up on the screen.
When, in spite of the abovementioned tips, a robbery does take place, here are some things you can do to make it easier for the police to catch the robber:
– Stay calm
– Don’t be a hero, your life is worth more than your money
– Take a good look at the robber. Make mental notes about the robber. Give the dispatcher all the details you can remember about the robber(s) so the police patrols on the street can start an investigation immediately
– Note the direction of the robber when he leaves
– Try to get a description of the vehicle, if the robber uses one
– Call 911 as soon as possible
– If there are any witnesses, ask them to remain with you until the police arrive. If they can’t, get their name, address and phone number
– Go to the nearest police station to file a report
– Call the emergency number of your credit card company or bank, they can freeze your credit
– Log on to your ‘find my phone’ service, try to locate the phone and tell the police about your findings


KPSM Police Report



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  1. Look like there is a pattern of burglarizing public figures that are having affairs with Colombian prostitutes. Must be a setup. These guys are after money and knows where to get it. First was the police chief and now this guy. Birds of a feather.


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