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As to what Americans feel about SXM……..I can tell you that there was a time when Americans (myself included ) felt safe on the island and thought our investment was secure.

Sadly those days are gone. I still don’t feel that the local criminals are a threat to my safety as we have random street crime in the US too. The real problem is the way the LOCAL government is running the island. I personally know people who have lost their property because the government failed to protect the property owners rights that we take for granted in the States.

I also know people who were targeted for punishment because someone in power wanted what they had and took it. When an American enters the SXM justice system they have already lost and now they get raped by the shameful excuse for Lawyers that prey on the victims on this island knowing that no real justice can prevail in a corrupt environment.

I know many more landed Europeans who are moving away because they fear their own government and it’s wide spread corruption will defraud them of their hard earned livelihood.

But the worst of all is when a US based group did everything they needed to do to develop what would have been a great business for locals and international visitors alike they were extorted by the previous sitting government for blatant open bribe payments to continue development of the property into a globally recognized brand. They saw that there was no end to the bribery after PAYING more than $500,000 in US cash (I saw two of the transactions personally) they knew they had been lied to about getting the permits to develop their business. If this business would have been established things would have been very different for SXM as this global brand would have marketed SXM as a premier destination for high value, big spending, international wealth.

Instead the corrupt few you elected raped your future and set back the island development and real estate value for decades.


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  1. ANONYMOUS THRASHERS, ex-patriots who trash a government without the courage of a name.

    paying a bribe on sxm by an American violates the USA foreign corrupt practices act, 1979, and thu committed in sxm is an indictable federal criminal offense with substantial fines and decades of jail……thus the writer might well be a target in a federal probe,,,,

    sxm has great folks, and the island has attracted some that could not survive stateside…simply crooks…

    there are terrific sxm lawyers and i suggest that the govt seek out the writer and begin the process of who bribed who?…..and a call to the FBI and us lawyers familiar with civil RICO federal complaints might restore sxm to that bright shining Caribbean light before the Cuba economics and lure bring sxm back to the days of the dirt runway….

    the fate of sxm is in the hands of those who seek out justice and begin to clean the island from American rejects………perhaps we know who you are?


    • Jordan Lewis ring, I find it appalling to assume a return to a dirt runway IS in one’s future the moment traditional politics gets booted from the crime scene.
      In all reality development being sponsored with the money’s of the people elswhere in an extremely fragile and non sustainable tourism market such as St Maarten, undermines the right of the people everywhere to create a sustainable society based on mutual respect (or disrespect where applicable) for one another while executing a life style which makes sense from a global perspective.
      Fact remains that many a foreign investment group occupies parcels of land granted to them in long lease by governments long gone or sold to the highest bidders by local families executing the same insane laws fantasized together in even more primitive times than the Wright brothers took to the skies.
      Only corrupted minds are under the impression that every devolpement humanity achieves belongs either to them, they are the ones to manage it or hire those who (re)create a living out of it by legal argumentation.

      Next in line; Kim Sha beach by execution of the law; They’ll pave paradise and put in a parking lot.

      La Bamba is already history… One of those places I’ve met quite a few decent yet absolutely smashed (aspiring) lawyers over a beer or two while they were barely of legal drinking age if at all.

      As far as to my humble memory is GMF (French pension fund) through TESI N.V. The holder of long lease of the remainder of Kim Sha, which in itself is a remainder of the corrupted mega plans once in place for Port de Plaisance.. People within GMF went to jail for corruption and fraud indeed, however I can’t recall any local St Maarten/ St Martin investigations let alone prosecution in name of justice.

      Not to mention wondering what might happen if for one or the other reasons provided by Murphy’s law tourists stop to show up?

      Life as advertised ain’t gonna cut it, that’s for dung sure.

      With kind regards,

      Evert van Vliet.


      • the writer is indeed in need of both an ability to write and a view of reality….there are brilliant, bright and moral sxm lawyers in sxm and at the same time, corruption that exists in all sxm venues…when the world class Cuban beaches are exposed to billions of usa investments sxm will likely only need the single dirt runway before dr whathey pulled sxm from the bottom of the financial pit….brilliant honest folks in sxm best wake up asap….or see the island return to a salt pond!


  2. I have sent the email below on two occasions.. Once on July 2, 2015~ no response. Once again on July 9 and it was returned as undeliverable. Can you answer my questions or help me with the problem I am having? (see below)
    Dear Acting Secretary General,

    I honestly don’t know who I need to communicate with; however, I am confident you will be able to direct me to the correct person or office.

    My husband and I signed a Lease agreement with the Sapphire Beach Club Timeshare AVV which was to end in 2065. At the beginning of this year (2015) we were notified that RCI has suspended their relationship with the Sapphire Beach Club. After several phone calls to the Sapphire I was told that they were expecting to be reinstated by RCI after multiple repairs had been made to the resort. As of today, RCI will no longer be associated with Sapphire because of the condition of the resort.
    Also, I have read in the Daily Herald that as of June 2, 2015 the Sapphire will not be sold, and is expected to rebrand and renovate.

    My problem is that I have been paying maintenance fees since 2003 for 2 units at the Sapphire. We have watched our fees gradually increase to the amount of $1,138/year since 2002 and were charged an additional $952.00 for “Improvement and Renovation Special Assessment 2006.” Recently we received an email which indicated that there may be another assessment. What has happened to the fees we have been paying over the years?

    We have friends who own 5 weeks at the Sapphire and have paid a great deal in fees as well as the assessment. We are all perplexed as to what rights we have to expect some compensation or recourse of action due to the condition of the resort and losing our RCI standing which means we no longer have the benefits we were promised with we signed our lease at the Sapphire. Trying to get information on the internet I see many people are in the same position. With nowhere to turn.

    Our concern is that it appears we have two options at this time: (1) Cancel our leases and lose the purchase price of $5,000 and $4,200 as well as years of maintenance fees or try to sell these leases which our friends have been trying to do for several years with no results. I read online that people are just turning the lease back to Sapphire Beach Club which explains the email I received dated May 30, 2015 where properties were being sold exclusively to current owners for a greatly reduced price. Is this anyway to do business? Our concern is that if we try to sell and the yearly Maintenance Fee bill is sent we will then be responsible to pay it even though Sapphire has not lived up to their contract with owners.

    I visited the Sapphire Beach Club when the cruise ship I was on docked was docked. Remembering the beautiful resort we thought we had leased with and seeing the condition of the resort today solidified my desire to get some answers for not only myself but the many others who are wondering what rights they have in Sint Maarten regarding this problem

    Your response would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give.


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