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Somebody had the nerve to inbox me a link to Bibi’s site! 🙂 You know who you are 🙂

I had to tell them, “please stop inboxing me Bibi’s b.s… And this is a VERY intelligent person, has a great b.s. detector- but still buys Bibi’s bull.”

So somebody else, who is supposed to be a “Facebook” friend, came with the same b.s. story.

Now these special types of ‘friends’, I call them “Fakebook” friends.

Bibi, NEVER has a source…….

But to them…….she blogs the Gospel……..

No matter  how many times she been sued and discredited. 🙂

Okay, so I contacted the UPP.

Joe is mad at me, but I don’t care- He’ll have to get over it.

Joe knows I speak to everyone.

Especially those who loathe me.

This UPP source is the one who was giving me the right story when there were rumors of a Government downfall.

However, I chose to believe Oral, who I felt was unbiased- and this source is clearly UPP- but that blog was MY fault.

It’s just about sources in the political game, it’s about “motive”.

So The UPP source tells me “Bullshit, Judith- I just spoke to Tamara and asked her about it”.

Before I had called my UPP source, I had inboxed Tamara directly.

Then I called my source, because I didn’t expect Tamara to respond.

Most politicians are afraid of me.


Because they LIE!

And I call them out on it.

Ms Tamara Leonard, would be the horse. And I got it from the horse’s mouth.


Directly from the horse:

“…….It is not true. I appreciate your direct approach. I am not making any statement because by doing so would mean she got my attention and that ain’t happening….”

So above is the direct quote of Parliamentarian Tamara Leonard, who is said to have .. “Made demands, and then stormed out to go form her own “BUSH TEA PARTY!”

This story was based on the usual “reliable, anonymous, random sources”.

Yes, Bibi works for Willy, that’s public knowledge, but these desperate grasps are becoming ridiculous.

As one fine gentlemen in the SXM political arena said in Dutch,

and I will translate and quote…….

“Bibi is throwing as much shit against the walls as she can, using my name- and she’s praying some of it sticks “

I’ve know that there is friction within the UPP- but this ‘Bush Thing’ is obvious nonsense.

I’m not saying I trust or believe anyone……..

I’m saying, I actually speak to real sources.

People who got Bibi permanently blocked on their smartphones, will still take my calls.


Because I don’t reside under William Marlin’s testicles, like Bibi.

Unlike other ‘media houses’, I’m don’t live in any politicians pocket..

I like my dungeon.

I got more news on Dennis…

But I’ll save that for later.

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