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Richmiel York left Kia at promptly 6:20 am this morning. He is currently at the Aruba airport, awaiting his departure back to St Maarten to face a court proceeding, that is a part of his Murder/Manslaughter trial involving the death of Akeem Isidora.

York is supposed to arrive in St Maarten today, via Hato Airport in Curacao.

Because of safety reasons, he is said to be heavily guarded.

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Officer Richmiel “Red Rum” York, the KPSM St Maarten police officer who was arrested for the shooting death of Akeem Isidora, is said to be returning to St Maarten for his courtdate later on this week.
He will be leaving KIA at 6 a.m. on Thursday morning .
His flight should be leaving AUA (Aruba) at approx. 8:20 a.m. to Curacao Hato Airport.
From Curacao, he will then travel to St Maarten, where he is supposed to attend a court date, either later on in the afternoon on Thursday, or on Friday.
Officer Richmiel York shot and killed Akeem Isidora at Belvedere earlier this year.
The shooting triggered a standoff with the St Maarten police department, and the Belvedere residence.
Many citizens were outraged by the killings, and although protest marches were organized in Belvedere, the police were said to have refused permits. And informal protests were quickly quashed.
The main motive in the death of Isidora is supposed to have been a female, who was a mutual friend of both Isidora and York.

Others are theorizing that the death of Isidora was linked to a homicide committed by Isidora himself several years ago.
Officer York, it appears will maintain a “self defense” plea.
Officer York was transferred to the Aruba prison last month after it was deemed unsafe for him to remain at the St Maarten Point Blanch prison.
York was held in isolation for his initial ten days in the Aruba prison, with his only visitors being the Marechaussees who are being used in the investigation to resolve the conflict that would arise if KPSM were investigating one of their own for a murder/homicide.
York was only allowed to be visited and interrogated by the Marechaussees, not even family is supposed to have been allowed to visit him in isolation in Aruba.
Some felt that York would not be safe in Aruba, considering the fact that Isidora is of Aruba descent, but the ones in charge felt that it would be the safer option.
York is to be sent back to Aruba, once his courtdate is over.

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