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The latest GEBE FACTS, Shareholders call a meeting to meet with Supervisory Board tomorrow 1 pm

1) The shareholders council has scheduled a meeting with the GEBE Supervisory Board. It will be held tomorrow at 1:00pm.

2) This is the first meeting to be held concerning the current Maduro issue, so anything that you’ve been reading at the gossip sites is misinformation.

3) There are people trying to argue the GEBE bobol and these people have NO CLUE as to what the GEBE Articles stipulate, because they DON’T have access to these documents.. So read below carefully when you read the blogs, and discern for yourself who’s telling the truth, and what can actually be done at GEBE.

4) Don’t let the St Maarten politicians DISTRACT you with the GAY RIGHTS bullshit arguments!

It is a distraction, from the current government mess!

5) In my estimations, about half of your government are gay males, married to women- so the Gay Marriage argument, so lets stick with true political issues, before we are FORCED to call these homosexual hypocrites in government out.


Here are some articles of the Articles of Incorporation so that the PUBLIC can understand what is going on and why it takes so much time to settle the matter of the COO/President of the Managing Board.

Note: The contract law expired on May 31st 2015

So if the Shareholders wish to give him two more years, there must be a new contract drafted under and according to the Articles of Incorporation and Corporate Good Governance.

Article 7

2. Managing Directors shall be appointed by the General Shareholders Meeting on a binding nomination from the majority of the then officiating members of the Supervisory Board.

4. Each nomination for the appointment of a Managing Director ahould state at least two names of persons who are candidates. Within one month after the vacancy has been made in the Managing Board, a meeting of the Supervisory Board shall be invoked, to be held no later than four (4) months after the date of the convocation is sent, in order to make a binding nomination. If the Superviosry Board should not succeed in making the nomination, within the period of four (4) month, the General Shareholder Meeting will be at liberty to appont a Managing Director.

The General Shareholders Meeting at any time has the power to eliminate the binding character from a nomination, by a resolution adapted by a majority of votes cast representing more than fifty percent (50%) of the nominal capital of the corporation.

6. The General Shareholders Meeting as well as the Supervisory Board is authorizd to suspend a Managing Director.

7. The suspension is imposed for a period not exceeding two (2) months, whether or not with salary paid. Access to the offices and premises of the corporation is denied to the suspended Managing Director, unless the suspending corporate body decides otherwise.

8. The suspension become null and void if within two month after the date of the suspension is imposed, the person involved is not dismissed from office.

Article 12

15. The Supervisory Board adopts its resolution by an absolute majority of the votes cast in a meeting at which at least the majority of the then officiating Supervisory Directors are present.  Blank votes are invalid and shall be disregarded for the  calculation of the number of votes cast.  In the event of a tie vote when voting on material matters, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board is empowered to cast a decisive vote. In the event of a tie vote when voting on persons, the proposal shall be deed to have been rejected.

18. The Supervisory Board may also adopt resolutions without holding a meeting, provided that lall the Supervisory Directors are consulted in wiritng and also provided that all the Supervisory Directors have voted in favor of the proposal. A resolution adopted in this manner shall be recorded in the register of minutes of the Supervisory Board.

Mr. Kelvin Bloyden as a Supervisory Director regularly in this matter refers to Article 12, point 18. to prevent the Supervisory Board from acting via email, expeditiously and quickly on developments, because he continues to vote ‘No’ and the SBOD is forced to convene ameeting which takes five (5) days (weekends excluded)

In a regular SBOD meeting Article 12, point 1. is in place, whether Mr Bloyden is present at the meeting or not.


The latest GEBE FACTS, Shareholders call a meeting to meet with Supervisory Board tomorrow 1 pm

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