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Good morning my husband and I own a Tiki Hut in Simpsonbay at Kim Sha beach entrance operating for the last 3 years of which is now the famous spot on the island for both locals and visitors where you can get the best in a variety of foods. We brought in all needed documents to economics department. We are paying taxes as we should because from income of the operation. A couple months ago we were instructed to bring in a new lease agreement as the one on file had expired. We have been inquiring about this file ever since and have not gotten a word nor call from anyone on the status of the file to date. We have been invaded on three occasions by authorities including last night. We are local black people trying to make a business but is getting no help from my own Local Government. All we want is our signed operation license. Without this we are being held back as black local people trying to make it. Right about now we are asking ourselves what and who did we vote for?

Did we vote to be treated like this?
Did we vote to be held back in our own country?
Did we vote to beg for what is ours?
Did we vote to be told local business are situated?
Did we vote to be told my hands are tied?
Did we vote to be told right now I am not happy with what is going on in government?

Since our application in 2012 many have applied and received their licence and we are still waiting. Its been 3 years and still waiting. Can someone tell us why local men are struggling in their own country. Government of St. Maarten appointed to help the people why are we been treated like this?

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  1. I guess you didn’t bribe them. That’s the only way you will get your papers from the government of SXM. If you act honest and legal, nothing will happen for you.


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