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It seems that Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs, in his efforts to appease and please Mr Theo Heyliger, might be crossing the lines into ‘conflict’ and crime.

Today at 12:00pm the GEBE Supervisory Board put in a “Kort Geding ” (Temporary Order) against the GEBE Shareholders/ Marcel Gumbs Government.

Tomorrow an Injunction will be filed- “Bodem Procedure”, a full Injunction against The GEBE Shareholders / Marcel Gumbs Government).

It is a civil case filed by the GEBE Supervisory Board, because  illegal/unethical tactics are being used behind the scenes, to keep Maduro, who was fired last week for his incompetence- as head of GEBE.


Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs, in his infinite boldness sent a letter to the Supervisory Board pretty much demanding that they keep Maduro on for two more years. It was a “Council of Ministers” decision.

But Marcel forgot to read Article 7.2…

Here is the story, with Zero spin.

Theo Heyliger, the leader of the UPP and the leader of the SXM government wants to keep Maduro at GEBE because he has the potential to make millions under the table, using GEBE and of course, Mr Maduro.

Theo Heyliger and his advisors appointed ONLY UPP friendly people to the GEBE Board, because it’s simply easier to manipulate party loyalist.

It appears that certain board members were appointed, to rubber stamp and okay certain unethical, some might say downright illegal behavior at GEBE.

Theo’s problem now, is that these Board Members refuse to go to jail for him, so he’s using Marcel to apply the pressure.

The GEBE Board has four (4) months to appoint someone.

The Shareholders have to submit  the names of TWO (2) candidates.

Marcel and the Council of Minister have submitted but one name 🙂 Maduros!

Now Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs, actually breached the confidentiality agreement and sent Mr Maduro a copy of the Shareholders proposal..

That breaches ALL confidentiality clauses…. doesn’t it?

First of all, this is an illegal game that Marcel and the Council of Ministers are playing, all at Theo’s bidding.

The Government shareholders have to submit TWO names!


They only submitted ONE name. Mr Maduro, that man who the Board just fired for his incompetence.

Then they further crossed the ethical and criminal fringes, by sending Maduro a copy of their “demands” which the Shareholders are calling a “proposal”…

And telling him that he still has a job.

Now Maduro was everywhere bragging, thinking that Theo had bailed him out..

But not so fast!

Maduro SUCKS at his job at GEBE,

But Maduro also sucks Theo’s ass- and they are about to rake in the cash…

So who the hell is the GEBE Supervisory Board to tell them what to do?
Well, it seems like the GEBE Board can actually PROVE some ethical and criminal violations going on at GEBE, so it can only get more interesting.

Theo setting Marcel up,

and Marcel is falling for it..

Hook, line and sinker

You would think that Marcel would be to busy trying to cover up the SMHDF mess, to worry about GEBE.

But we all know Theo is trying to get Marcel locked up, because Marcel played a part in getting Claude Wathey, Theo’s grandfather locked up in prison.

Stay tuned…

The GEBE Bobol is about to go down.

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