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Corallo throughout the conversations kept insisting “I could have sued you, I could sue you”. And my repeated response was “Well, why didn’t you?” “Why don’t you, Well go for it. I didn’t get sued because I went to jail.”

When Francesco had been questioned about the fact that his father was a confirmed Mafioso, he at first denied it, then shrugged and said “So what if my father was a mafioso, does that mean that I am one too?”

Pepe showed photos of his son and South American wife.

I guess he wanted me to know that he was a “Paisano” The whole encounter with Corallo and Pepe was surreal.
I am visually impaired, but when I saw a lily-white man, with jet black hair, wearing Bright Yellow and Green, entering the casino wearing sneakers but no socks, that had to be Corallo. And then of course Pepe’s bald head confirmed the rest, they were that easy to detect.
Schotte went bad because according to various political sources, Corallo could no longer finance him. With all of the investigtions Schotte was under, that made him radioactive to Francesco. Francesco’s lawyers surely would have advised him to end all contact with Schotte, that would have had to include funding.
So if I were Schotte right now, I would be pissed too.
His legal bills are piling up, he’s facing prison, and the person that he is going to prison for assisting, can’t or won’t support him.
So, it appears Pepe Sulvaran was representing both Schotte and Corallo for the Babel case.
And it was attorney Sulvaran, it seems who set up Corallo to be subpoenaed to answer questions for the Babel case, which would entail Corallo being questioned about bribing politicians, such as Schotte.
But Corallo has already admitted to bribing all politicians. He had made up his mind, by the time Charlotte and I spoke to him that he was not going to Curacao.
It’s been said that Corallo can not show himself in Curacao for any reason, because he would simply not be safe in Curacao.
Francesco’s interview with The Volkskrant and myself, prove that both Bouman and Schramm are 100% correct in their assessment of St Maarten when it comes to the local government and Organized Crime being pretty much the same thing, the very same entity.
Francesco Corallo exposed most of the SXM and Curacao politicians. He stated in no uncertain terms that he paid all of them, in the most casual manner. In the Dutch Antilles it is the Status Quo.
It took a non St Maartener to tell me that it was not normal for the Chief of Police, Peter de Witte to be meeting me in a casino to assure ‘confidentiality’ in our discussion. I had to be told that it was not normal that Francesco considered himself to be the Godfather, as he proudly spoke of bribing all of the local politicians. I had to be told that it was not normal that he paid money to politicians on a regular basis, that it was wrong that he admitted to giving Parliamentarian Silvio Matser $20.000 for the last elections. Why? Because I guess it is not impressive to me, because I know of so much worse.
At a certain point I blogged about a paedophile in the Island Receivers Office.
Within hours, there was a tax statement in my gate for my mother who had already been deceased for two years.
I angrily asked one of the Turkish Managers, “Alf” at the Coliseum Casino why the Island Receivers were pursuing my dead mother for taxes, but the casinos which made millions did not have to pay ANY taxes.
“Well”, Alf responded “That’s because your government and politicians owe us casinos more at the table than we owe your government in taxes.” It was actually a relief to get a straight answer for a change.

Even the Opposition in St Maarten, as confirmed by Government Controllers, and former Government Controllers are hooked at Spadaro, Corallo and Ozkan’s tables. One former Controller just told me this week about their “Marker Credit” system. He described two local politicians Julian Rollocks of the UPP slate and his first cousin William Marlin leader of the National Alliance, and St Maarten’s main Opposition being allowed “Markers” worth thousands as credit. The former Government controller also described how they would come in and gamble and lose all of their money.
Then he would have to authoritze the “Marker” or credit voucher, starting at $1000 U.S. dollars. Julian Rollocks, the former DP advisor to government who was exposed in his own emails, trying to purchase a banking license for Rudolf Baetsen. Francesco Corallo’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of his Casinos. The former controller explained how Rollocks’ would lose all of his money at the Starz Casino, the former Atlantis Casino. He would allot him a “Marker” of one thousand U.S. dollars. Rollocks’ would then play back about $100 U.S. Dollars.. Then he would cash out the rest $900 if he lost the original $100, and WALK OUT.
The question right now is “Is Francesco Corallo a suspect, or a witness in the Babel case” The Babel case along with The Magnus Case are the two giant court cases in Curacao right now. Francesco Corallo is supposed to be either a witness or a suspect in both cases. When it concerns The Babel Case, Francesco Corallo is supposed to have paid then Prime Minister of Curacao to install his own double agents into the VDSM or Secret Service of Curacao. These double agents were supposed to illegally wire tap, run surveillance on, track and trap JUDGES, PROSECUTORS, ANYONE who could get Francesco caught up in an legal entanglement, were supposed to have been subjected to illegal wiretapping and surveillance in order for Corallo to blackmail them, should they try to prosecute him. These illegal wiretaps were supposed to have extended into the police department, and even to the family members of the people who are a part of the Curacao Judicial and Police Departments.
Why do people then ask the question “Why would the St Maarten Prosecutors Office illegal arrest and try to entrap an anti corruption blogger, who dared to call Corallo a “Mafia Boss”, and publish the evidence that Baetsen, Corallo’s CFO and the St Maarten Government are very much in bed.
So when it comes to the St Maarten Prosecutors, whether it’s blackmail, bribe, both or something else…
I guess it will all come out in the wash.
At least with these up and coming investigations.
Concerning the Magnus case which involves the assassination of then Curacao Prime Minister, Helmin Wiels.
It seems that Corallo is also wanted concerning questions about that too.
Below are some of the photos I took which we now call “The Last Supper”.
It shows then Prime Minister Helmin Wiels in St Maarten with representatives from Aruba, the Netherlands and St Maarten at a conference at the Great Bay Hotel.
Asjes’ was just unceremoniously fired on the radio from his job as Prime Minister. They are saying that he too is involved.
It is not even a question of whether the so called “Legit and Illicit” world in St Maarten are entertwined, when the only Attorney that the judge can offer the “Anti Corruption Blogger’ for her trial in three months, is a convicted felon. A St Maarten Prosecutor who actually went to prison, as Prosecutor, is the only Attorney the St Maarten judge and judicial system can offer to the local blogger.
To be continued

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