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And once again, the deck has been re-shuffled.


There have been rumors brewing since right after the elections, that Maurice Lake was very unhappy. However, every time it was blogged about, Maurice would come out and make statements to the “official” press, complaining about the bloggers fabricating stories.

The latest Government fall occurred because:

  1. Silvio Matser, who has always been a National Alliance loyalist confirmed that it was Theo Heyliger who set him up for prison with those tax evasion charges, it was only a matter of time before Silvio got his revenge.
  2. Maurice was very angry with Theo concerning the Vorst property scandal. Petrus Leroy de Weever was also supposed to also have been a part of that. Maurice bought the land at a ridiculously inflated price. They destroyed him in Parliament, and of course Theo didn’t really have Maurice’s back at this point, because Maurice had allegedly screwed Theo Heyliger over on the Simpson Bay Property deal that he had with the Gaia brothers.
  3. Frans Richardson, the eternal opportunist was furious that Theo had allowed Parliamentarian Leona Marlin to appoint her UNCLE as Minister two weeks ago, when he as Party leader could not REPLACE Dennis Richardson as Justice Minister, although he had been given the Justice Minister portfolio from Theo, in exchange for joining with Theo a few months ago. Someone just corrected me, they said Frans is the leader of the party, he did not jump ship, he left. Of course Frans could not have jumped ship. With his fat ass, he would’ve sunk the ship.

So we were eagerly awaiting the latest fall, but of course they had to find a reason to re-arrest me, so they slowed me down a bit.

Theo still has the ability to dissolve Parliament using Article 59, even if there was a vote of no confidence. Theo can try, but the Governor has been incredibly cooperative with William Marlin and the new coalition government.

Willy and the gang were supposed to have not just shown up with the signatures of the defectors yesterday, but also with a FULL Governance Plan, on how he was going to run the Government. And the Governor was said to have signed off on the newly formed government right away, screwing Theo Heyliger royally, before Theo had the chance to make any moves.

Marcel Gumbs is out of a job.. it might be today, it might be next month…. let’s hope that the news does not depress him to the point he ties a cord around his neck, and commits suicide, by jumping out of a plane.

Marcel Gumbs is out of a job, and is in major trouble.. 🙂

Dennis Richardson is also supposed to be out of a job.

William Marlin, the NUMBER #1 Gambling addict in Government will appoint himself Prime Minister.

How does he pass the screening, when he lives at the Casino tables?

Well, I guess we will soon find out…….

If they dig deep, they will find most of his dirt..


Silveria Jacobs, will play along – what choice does she have?

Sarah of course was busy behind the scenes, making sure that everything fell perfectly into place.

sarah 'the snake' wescot williams

sarah ‘the snake’ wescot williams

Sarah wants to appoint Emil Lee as Minister, while she keeps her seat


Behind the scenes they’re saying Theo and the Wathey’s have declared war.

I’ve been told that they have already started to drop documents on the Prosecutors desk.

And that’s why the St Maarten Prosecutors’ Office is here.

To do Political “Hitjobs”

Now, this is a very interesting……

Silvio Matser is lined up for prison, Theo has been trying to get him out of Parliament with his conviction

However, when Silvio goes to prison, he will be replaced by..

Maria Buncamper Molanus…… IF she can stay out of prison, because her and her husband Claudius Toontje Buncamper are both supposed to be on trial right now in their own criminal case.

That is why we ask the question if Prosecutor Van der Wolp is just stupid and dirty, meaning that she illegally took photos of confidential documents between the Buncampers and their lawyer, because she’s stupid. Or did she do it because somebody paid her to throw the court case?

Hmmm.. It would not be the first time. According to the Brinkman Report on Corruption in St Maarten, former Judge and Prosecutor Cor Merx went to prison, for doing just that. Taking bribes to throw cases..very sad.

Theo CANNOT have Maria in Parliament, her and her vindictive husband Toontje, are mad as hell about the way Theo has been treating them as they go through their trials and tribulations in court. 🙂

Toontje has VOWED revenge… dey say…

So Theo right now has to find a way to get Maurice, Silvio AND Marietje out.

That would mean Jules James would get back into Parliament… Jules is Dutty, however he does kiss Theo’s ass 🙂

Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs has just sent in a request to dissolve Parliament.

Article 59..

Keep clicking back..

I am getting the latest updates as they break..

The shit JUST hit the fan, with the Marcel Gumbs request…

stay tuned


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