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The beginning of “The Brief History of The Dutch Sint Maarten Government 2014-2015 should start with the August 2014 elections, but in order to fully understand why the Dutch Sint Maarten Government collapsed again, it would be best to start before the 2014 elections, when many mistakes were made in not just the selection of candidates to the slates, but also mistakes were made when many politicians such as leader of the Opposition, William Marlin underestimated his popularity, and the amount of bullshit people could put up with.


It was announced in April of 2014, that the Masbangu case, a case which involves the St Maarten United People’s Party bribing the KPSM St Maarten Police department $300 per pop for their votes, was back on. The Masbangu case can put leader of the UPP, Theo Heyliger in prison. Even police officers are now saying that Glinda Webster – the Whistleblower, and lead witness in the Masbangu case, and Gamali Benjamin, the officer who was shot and killed recently both died because their testimony could have put Theo Heyliger in prison. There are many questions circulating about the unfortunate death of Gamali Benjamin and Glinda Webster, questions only a full, independent forensic autopsy could answer.

criminal attorney cor merx at masbangu trial photos judith roumou

criminal attorney cor merx at masbangu trial photos judith roumou



There was the usual trickery and treachery that always occurs during an election. Jacinto Mock, who ran on a single candidate slate, handed in his election credentials to the Notary Speentje, and then came to me crying when they said that they ‘could not find his documents, so he could not run in the elections’. Jacinto complained to me, I posted about it, suddenly it seems the De Weevers working at Speentje’s Notary magically found his election documents. Lenny Priest set up his OSPP Party, something everyone considered to be a joke. There was the dying DP (St Maarten Democratic Party headed by Sarah Wescot Williams) At the time the DP Board approached me to let me know, that Sarah had denied Leroy de Weever a place on the slate due to his criminal trial that was coming up. DP Parliamentary Leroy de Weever, along with his nephew DP Minister of Health Cornelius de Weever had assaulted, robbed, threatened to kill, and destroyed the property of Judith Roumou. Sarah used that as an excuse to get Leroy de Weever out, and his nephew, Cornelius de Weever in. William Marlin, leader of the Opposition, National Alliance Party, a man known for his arrogance and ignorance was so confident that he would once again be the number one vote getter, that he didn’t even feel that he had to be nice to his supporters and voters, he was sadly mistaken. His arrogance lost him over 2000 votes, and destroyed him in the 2014 elections. Theo Heyliger of the UPP by this time had quit listening to his veteran advisors such as Al Wathey and Joe Richardson. The seasoned pros who had put him in the running in the first place. Much to the dismay of his Advisors and supporters, Theo Heyliger continued to trust the advice of a guy he had made millions with, Mr Michael Migurio also known as

“Mr Ikemba”.

Nigerian JUJU

A self proclaimed Nigerian witchdoctor, or “Juju Man”, who actually started in St Maarten as a security guard, until he figured out that Theo Heyliger was a hard core alcoholic, and all he had to do to ‘get in’ with Theo and the Big Boys, was to drink with him and become his ‘best friend’. Many members of the UPP openly blame Theo’s reliance on “Mr Ikemba” for Theo constantly being in trouble, many say that the Ikemba African will be the reason Theo Heyliger gets caught up, and actually ends up in prison on a serious sentence. Frans Richardson formed a new Party, the USP Party. He at first had Cornelius de Weever on his slate, but Sarah Wescot Williams soon came in.. and took care of that. Frans was supposed to be furious after Cornelius promised to be on his slate, but then with the advice of his uncle Leroy, Cornelius quickly switched allegiance. Sarah of course made him many a promise that he would be taking over the DP Party soon enough.

3) The 2014 Elections results were as follows:

Party Votes % Seats +/–
United People’s Party 6,211         42.67          7 +1
National Alliance 4,055                27.86         4 –3
Democratic Party 2,342                16.09          2  0
United St. Maarten Party 1,647   11.31 2        New
One St. Maarten People Party     169                     1.16 0  New
Social Reform Party    132        0.91 0 New
Invalid/blank votes 271 – – –
Total 14,827 100 15 0
Registered voters/turnout 21,439 69.16 – –
Source: Government of Sint Maarten

Many politicians ended up with broken hearts and heart burn after the election. Theo Heyliger had made a promise to his supporters that if he got the full majority, he would appoint himself Prime Minister. “Mr Ikemba” was the one telling Theo to appoint himself Prime Minister, the other UPP advisors were against it, knowing that the screening could only unearth more dirt on Theo Heyliger. Although Theo Heyliger did not make the grade, and did not win a full majority, he still decided to break his own words, and vowed to appoint himself Prime Minister anyway. The Dutch were not amused. Theo’s actions certainly came back to haunt him. Theo also spent a lot of money and time, buying candidates from the other parties, destroying the DP, USPP and the NA base in the process. Terry Peterson, Jason Peters, Rudy Engel and many more, simply defected from the NA to the UPP. Leona Marlin defected from the NA to the USPP, Cornelius was supposed to be USPP, but joined Sarah and the DP. Theo also hit Sarah where it hurt, buying her number one Stooges such as Stuart Johnson etc over to his side.

Leader of the Opposition William Marlin had been the #1 vote getter in 2010.. That caused his already gigantic head to grow to even larger proportions. His rages and outbursts increased. His arrogance and condescension grew. Earlier in 2014 the National Alliance held their inner-party elections. William Marlin’s number #3 Silveria Jacobs BEAT her OWN party leader in the elections. Rather than placing his most popular candidate, Silveria Jacobs as his number one, out of spite he placed her at number two, and had his agents trash her behind the scenes.. to “cut her down to size”. He placed the less popular George Pantophlet, his number one water boy as the #2 on the slate. He place Silveria at #3. Many voters based their decisions to abandon William Marlin based on his decisions and his selections on the NA slate.. Many said that they refused to vote NA, no matter how much they hated the other parties, as long as William Marlin was the leader.


The DP, also known as the “Dead Party”, lost a lot of votes – Theo spent a lot of money buying Sarah’s number one supporters. Sarah pretty much put all of her eggs in one basked: “Cornelius de Weever”. Sarah knew that the DP would not fare well, all she wanted was to make sure both her and Connie got in. Her ‘boys’ Leroy and Roy were out of the running, Connie was all that she had left to keep her politically viable. Sarah had Patrick Illidge who was facing prison for bribes and Romain Laville who was facing prison for his gun charges… But after Plasterk embarrassed Patrick in the Netherlands, she had to drop him like a hot potato.. Romain Laville was eventually arrested on the gun charges, so she no doubt knew by this time that he was too risky for her slate. Rogelio Gregory Koeiman had been Romain Laville’s bodyguard when Romain was a Parliamentarian. He was caught shipping cocaine to the United States as Romain Laville’s bodyguard. The FBI and DEA (Federal Bureau Investigation- Drug enforcement agency was demanding Koeiman be extradited…. Sarah got smart.

Then we had greedy and sleazy Frans, heading his new Party the USPP. Frans Richardson is just a known mercernary in SXM politics and a known cry baby. It’s usually Cecil’s job to dry his tears. Frans will cry and complain about Leona’s defection, forgetting that he betrayed William Marlin, his voters, and just about everyone else in St Maarten government just to hunt down that money. Frans Richardson ONLY cares about money, and he’ll do anything to get it, and he will change alliances and allies all day, as long as there is money at the end of the rainbow for him.

Number one political financier, Billionaire Francesco Corallo was pissed off at everyone, and holding on to the wallet strings really tight. All the millions he’d spent in Curacao and St Maarten for the 2010 elections, and not only was he not protected, but his attempts to gain immunity had gotten him into further trouble with the Italians and the Dutch. He had lost his Casino in Curacao.. Francesco decided to invest his money in one politician, Silvio Matser… A decision that they would both also live to regret.

So those were the dynamics coming into the 2014 elections. And for the elections, much to Theo’s dismay, there was no clear majority so the negotiations and dirty tactics began.


  1. Theo Heyliger and the UPP party ended up with the most votes, but not a clear majority… Before the night was over, Sarah Wescot Williams (DP), William Marlin (NA) and Frans Richardson (USPP) decide to unite their evil, and signed a declaration of intention to for a majority government. Theo woke up, like everyone else to the news that although his party had gotten the most votes, and he was the number one vote getter with 1945 votes… Sarah and the boys had outsnaked him once again.. but not for long! 🙂 THE MAIN PARTIES START TO THROW EACH OTHER UNDER THE BUS The Tri-Partite agreement was signed by the three co-conspirators at 6 a.m. that Saturday morning, while Theo and the boys were still rolling over in bed, trying to get over their celebratory hangovers.

“……PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten will have yet another coalition government after Friday’s elections. National Alliance (four seats), United St. Maarten Party (two seats) and Democratic Party (two seats) signed a declaration of willingness before dawn today to work together to form a new government.

DP leader Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams told The Daily Herald about the declaration shortly after the signing took place at the DP election headquarters at Bute Hotel.

The short declaration states that the parties are willing to work together. The coalition’s governing programme and division of government responsibilities will be announced in the coming days.

United People’s (UP) party with its seven of the 15 Parliament seats appears to be heading to the opposition benches. The party is one seat short of a clear majority to be able to go into government without support from NA, DP or US Party.

The preliminary seat allocations show that UP has gained one seat since the September 2010 early Island Council Elections.

NA lost three seats from when it was the winner of the 2010 elections with seven seats. However, it could be said that NA is maintaining its four seats in Parliament. After its win of seven seats in 2010, three of its Members of Parliament went independent.

DP maintains its two seats in Parliament.

US Party is a new party on the scene, headed by former NA, now independent, MP Frans Richardson.

By law, only two residual seats can be awarded. Those seats went to UP and US Party. UP earned six seats outright and the seventh seat was the residual seat. US Party earned one seat outright and its second was the residual seat.

UP Member of Parliament Theo Heyliger received 6,156 votes while NA of MP William Marlin received 4,011. Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams’ DP received 2,398, and independent MP Frans Richardson’s US Party 1,636 votes.

The two other parties in the election were One St. Maarten Party (168 votes) and Social Reform Party (131 votes). Neither party received sufficient votes for a seat.

The quota was 967 votes per seat, compared to 917 votes in 2010. What is interesting is that SRP had just one candidate, businessman Jacinto Mock, who received all its votes. OSPP had nine candidates, yet came in only 37 votes more than SRP.

The total number of eligible voters for this election was 21,433 (not 21,457 as previously announced by the Central Voting Bureau). The change in the number is due to some 20 people being removed from the voter registry by court decision.

The number of valid votes was 14,500 votes (69 per cent), up from 14,009 (72 per cent) in 2010.

Invalid votes numbered 303 and blank votes were 79.

Total votes cast: 14,882.

UP gained some 1,220 votes since the 2010 elections.

NA lost about 2,260 votes since the last elections.

DP gained some 28 more votes this election than the last elections…………….”


2) But we all knew that Theo, The Watheys and the Meyers were not going to allow that. Before the ink was dry on that little agreement between Frans, Sarah and Willy… EVERYBODY was already negotiating with Theo for Minister Portfolios and for money. When William Marlin learned that Sarah, Frans, Connie, Leona and some say even Christopher Emmanuel were secretly negotiating with Theo Heyliger, he brought in his ‘hammer’, Guyanese slanderer and NON-Dutch resident Bibi Ho Shaw to attack Frans, Leona and Leona’s advisor Henry Lynch. As rumors whirled that Frans along with Romain Laville were seen entering the Government Administration Building to negotiate with The UPP. William Marlin had Bibi Ho Shaw post a vicious attack piece, calling Leona Marlin’s Advisor, Henry Lynch a “murderer/killer” who had recently served time for a robbery and homicide. Much to the shock of many in St Maarten, it was announced that Leona was negotiating with Theo Heyliger. In exchange for her joining with him, she wanted to appoint her advisor Henry Lynch as Minister of Justice. The attack piece also savaged Frans Richardson as it skewered Leona and Henry, but did not once mention William Marlin.


3) Then there was a ‘wedding in Greece’, it became Sarah Wescot Williams’ “Greek Tragedy”. Both Theo Heyliger and Sarah Wescot Williams were invited to a wedding in Greece. According to one top UPP source “Sarah tried to play hard to get”. The UPP certainly tried to get Sarah to cross over while Theo and Sarah were on their “Greek Honeymoon” but according to them Sarah was pretending to still be hurt by certain things that had been said in the campaign about her and her family, by the UPP Party. The UPP made it clear that they knew that Sarah had no heart, and therefore nothing that was said in the elections truly hurt her. She is known to have the toughest skin in St Maarten politics. Sarah played hardball. She had very little to offer Theo, but she wanted a lot. While she was playing hard to get, Leroy de Weever and Cornelius de Weever grabbed some Vaseline and started to lube-up for Theo Heyliger. Leroy de Weever, Sarah’s #1 Henchman wanted two things. 1) Revenge against Sarah for unceremoniously dumping him before the elections, just because he had assaulted, robbed and threatened to kill someone. 2) Leroy de Weever also wanted to control TWO Minister Portfolios. Education and Social Affairs. Sly as a fox Leona was also secretly negotiating with Theo, but when asked about it at a press conference, Leona flat out denied the rumors, and called them a lie. We now know that Leona was lying her ass off.


4) Cornelius de Weever in exchange for Minster appointments, and some say a lot more suddenly HORNED Sarah, for Theo! When I broke the story that Cornelius had betrayed Sarah, and defected to Theo Heyliger, they promptly cut my GEBE. So I went to Philipsburg and met with a top UPP source who not only confirmed that Cornelius had defected, but they also confirmed that Leona had defected, but I was told that the negotiations were still delicate, to not mention her. They explained that Sarah was full of shit, and that the UPP now had the majority. I raced to the nearest WIFI connection and continued to blog about Cornelius’s defection. Everybody was trying to reach Cornelius frantically. The UPP source laughed and said that Sarah had been frantically trying to reach Connie, but he would not pick up the phone. After confirming I broke the story, Theo once again had the majority. Frans, Marlin and Sarah had to learn the details from my blog, because Cornelius flew out of St Maarten within hours, not to return until the furor had died down




5) Cornelius de Weever’s left Sarah in a rage, all she saw was revenge. She played her Ace, she had Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson send a formal request to the Dutch requesting their assistance. They claimed that they needed protection from Theo Heyliger’s corrupt government, or something to that effect. What Sarah and Dennis did not know was that in inviting the Dutch, they had opened a Pandora’s Box. One that they could never close again. Theo realizing what Sarah had done, suddenly became very open to negotiating with Sarah. Quietly behind the scenes Sarah and her son Andy met with Theo Heyliger. They worked out an agreement, which benefitted ONLY Sarah and her family, no one else in the DP got anything, she did not even get a Minister’s appointment in the deal. Her own party were stunned, and angered by her actions. Her number one Michael Ferrier resigned. Sarah in her quest for power had betrayed and abandonned her own party.


Theo gave Sarah President of Parliament, and allowed her to join his coalition although he didn’t need her for her to retract her plea to Holland. She did retract, but it was too late. The Dutch were coming in with tougher screenings and Higher Supervision. Suddenly Sarah and Dennis got amnesia. They turned hostile towards the Dutch and pretended as if they weren’t the catalysts. The ones who set the Dutch Investigation ball rolling. Many in the DP fled after Sarah’s latest move. They openly questioned her in the papers as the resigned one by one. Sarah realized that she had gotten the short end of the stick in her negotiations with Theo. She then tried to renegotiate, and get a Minister’s appointment. UPP put their foot down. The Dutch by now were firmly entrenched up their ass and they were pissed at Dennis and Sarah.

6) Since 2010, it appears that both Holland and Plasterk had attempted a ‘hands off’ approach when it concerned St Maarten and Curacao. However, the Americans were not playing that. The DEA and FBI were pissed off not only at the amount of cocaine that was getting in via St Maarten and Curacao, they were angered further when they demanded the extradition of former police officer and Parliamentarian Romain Laville’s bodyguard Rogelio Gregory Koeiman. St Maarten and Curacao figured that they could outsmart the USA with their “double jeopardy” claims. They evidently have no idea how the DEA and FBI works. It seems that the USA were ready to boycott St Maarten, and destroy it’s tourism industry. Before these extreme measures they had a long discussion with the Dutch in Holland. 22 Million Euros was invested into an investigation into ‘ties between the criminal underworld and the government of St Maarten’. The investigation is being led by the Dutch, but one wonders how much the Americans contributed to the 22 Million Euro pot. The SXM treated Holland with disdain, positive that they were just idle threats. Soon the truth began to sink in. Holland was not letting go. Then Theo experienced another nightmare. Someone from deep within was leaking the investigation conclusions of the screenings of certain bigshots who were trying to get appointed as Ministers. When we published that the screenings had proven that Richard Gibson, owner of the Today paper who was trying to get Minister of Justice was facing child molestation (pedophile) charges, and when they tried to screen Veen, it came out that he was Mafia Boss Francesco Corallo’s “Consiglieri” or advisor, they tried to screeen Peggy Brandon, but her associations with Roland Duncan sunk her. Suddenly NOBODY wanted to become Minister. Nobody wanted their dirt exposed, suddenly Theo could not fully form the government, because there remained two Minister positions vacant. Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs became the Temporary head of these Portfolios, including Vromi.. and refused to bail Maurice Lake out. Marcel REFUSED to sign off on anything Maurice Lake did, shoving Maurice deeper into a corner, and into desperation. Maurice Lake had made many promises to his constituents also.

Ronald Plasterk stomps up the sxm government's ass

Ronald Plasterk stomps up the sxm government’s ass

7) This is when things really start to fall apart for Theo. He had managed to cause a lot of defections to his team based on big promises. Now that the Dutch was up his ass, he couldn’t make a move. In order to secure the majority, he had to bring in a bunch of enemy rogue agents, and he had to give them all ‘something’… a LOT. So how does his UPP party and loyalist feel, knowing that they busted their asses, lost their reputation, did everything for him, and his reward was to give EVERYTHING.. every Minister appointment but ONE, to ENEMY agents. Marcel was DP, Dennis the snake who set him up, and set his investigation into motion, kept his Ministry. Hassink was also DP. Connie Appoints Minister Rita Bourne Gumbs.. But Cornelius isn’t UPP is he? Leona who defected first from the NA, then the USPP got her uncle appointment. Claret was the only UPP candidate outside of Parliament to get anything. The UPP was furious at Theo.. and their anger just grew and grew. Behind the scenes both Frankie, Tamara and many others were said to have lost faith in Theo. Corallo had lost faith in Theo, as the Dutch tightened the pressure, Theo got more and more paranoid. When he turned Sarah down the second time, she left his coalition. I was in Parliament when she suddenly gave up her President of Parliament appointment. UPP didn’t care, but Sarah was not done yet.. She started to negotiate the fall of the government. She got Maurice Lake, Silvio Matser and Cornelius de Weever to arrange the “Cigar Coup”. They all met in that little Cigar Shop on the way to Sucker Garden, and negotiated the Government’s downfall in January. Somebody secretly recorded the entire conspiracy and took the recording straight to the Government building. The UPP who knew that Leroy was planning something, now had evidence that they were plotting a Coup. In desperation, he added Frans to his coalition, but everyone knows that Frans does not come cheap. Frans demanded and supposedly got, the “Justice Minister Portfolio”.

8) The issue with Maurice Lake had been brewing since way before the elections. Theo Heyliger pretty much took Maurice Lake up off the streets, dusted him off and made him the minister of one of his most lucrative portfolios. Minister of Vromi and Spatial Planning gives one access to all of those million dollar construction projects and more. Maurice had proven his loyalty to Theo for years by being one of his number one street agents. Maurice is not known for his intelligence, he is known as Theo’s “Yesman” who always followed orders. However, when Maurice becomes Minister, he suddenly begins to change. People are talking in his ears, and the bloggers are driving him while with satire cartoons of him kissing Theo’s ass, and being Theo’s voodoo dolly and puppet. All of this messes with Maurice’s brains and his logic. The big shots that he is negotiating with in the million dollar contracts convince him to cut Theo out. The Gaia brother’s and their big money projects are influencing him. The SMHDF and it’s millions, also has him roped in. He not only begins to resent his mentor Theo Heyliger, but he begins to show it. He begins to negotiate, and cuts Theo Heyliger out. Theo Heyliger soon finds out, but it’s an impossible situation to deal with at the moment, there is an election. Before Maurice used to be Theo’s biggest campaigner, but when Theo put Maurice on the slate, of course Maurice began using that Vromi money, to award contracts etc, to garner votes for himself. Theo and the Wathey’s were not really please about that either. Then some of Maurice’s big money contracts, that he had schemed and stolen to get, came back to bite him in the ass. The Vorst deals, the SimpsonBay land deals, he was forced to face questions in Parliament, and the UPP were more than happy to watch him take licks on LIVE TV, as they pretended to support him. Behind the scenes, top UPP sources simply said “We warned that boy”. Sarah of course knows all, and she begins to work on Maurice Lake.

9) Silvio Master has always been a National Alliance loyalist, but like Corallo, Theo is convinced that he can buy anyone. Theo did not want to directly collect cash from Francesco Corallo for the 2014 elections so he sent Silvio. According to Francesco Corallo he gave Silvio $20.000 cash for his 2014 campaign. According to sources, Corallo advised Silvio NOT to give Theo anything, but to use the money to buy his own seat, which Silvio did. Silvio got his seat, but Silvio also felt the wrath of Theo for his betrayal. Within weeks he was under an investigation for tax evasion. It involved his Energizer company, whose silent partners are supposed to be Oundeh Marlin- William Marlin’s son, and Andy Wescott, Sarah Wescot William’s son. This investigation triggered a court case which saw Silvio in court as a Parliamentarian. He was convicted and sentenced to prison among other things. Theo was still in a conundrum. He had to get rid of Silvio, but he also knew that if Silvio gave up his seat, Maria Buncamper would get it, and he trusts the Buncampers less than he trusts Silvio, and it didn’t helped that he had screwed them over, then snubbed them when they needed him most. Because he did not want Marietje to get a seat, he tried to settle with Silvio, but rumors abound. Several months ago Silvio and Maurice along with Leona were once again in the middle of negotiations for a Government Fall. I called Joe Richardson the head UPP advisor to ask him about the negotiations between the Opposition and Maurice. I asked Joe if it was true that the government had fallen. Unwittingly, I had given Joe and the UPP the heads up as to Maurice and Silvio’s plans. Theo was off island. Joe contacted him, he flew in the next day, as Maurice fled to Miami. Once again a government fall had been averted, but everyone knew that it was just a matter of time.

10) The Government does not fear Parliamentarian Leona Marlin as much as they fear her advisor, Henry Lynch

henry lynch maurice lake marcel gumbs william marlin frans richardson theo heyliger smhdf blog judith roumou

In order to appease Parliamentarian Leona Marlin and her advisor Henry Lynch, Theo allowed her to appoint her uncle a few weeks ago as Minister. Boasman came in and filled in the final Minister position, another one of the de Weever portfolios according to soures. And Frans Richardson who had defected to Theo’s camp earlier in the year based on promises of getting the “Justice Portfolio” and replacing Dennis Richardson with his own appointment was said to have been furious.

11) The Dutch pressure intensified. Bosman, Van Raak, Schramm, even Plasterk and more stopped being ‘nice’ to the St Maarten government…. And Sarah knew that the time was right 🙂

sarah 'the snake' wescot williams

sarah ‘the snake’ wescot williams

The only person seemingly surprised by the fall was Theo Heyliger, Marcel Gumbs and the crew. The timing was perfect. Sarah already had Silvio and Frans on board, so Maurice was the final piece of the puzzle.

The Government went down.

But Theo had always threatened Parliament with article 59.. a dissolution of Parliament, and new elections.

Theo Heyliger was the ONLY politician to actually EARN his own seat during last elections.

Every other politician including Silveria Jacobs had to get their seats through the cumulative vote count.

Theo had used the fear of a new elections to keep his Parliament in place, and that threat lost its bite last week.

The New Coalition were barely finished celebrating Thursday morning, when I had to break the news to them that Theo had gone for the dreaded “Article 59” I had top political sources telling me “NEVER”, within five minutes, Marcel Gumbs announced in his little press briefing that he had sent the letter to the governor to dissolve Parliament.

The new elections are supposed to be held December 8th 2015, Postulation is supposed to be sometime in November.

Expect for a lot of documents concerning ‘political hitjobs’ to be dropped on the desk of the Criminal and Corrupt St Maarten Prosecutors Office desk. Just like last elections, many delusional politicians will not make it back into Parliament this year. Many will be set up by their own, or by those who they betrayed and will face criminal charges.

Everything going on just proves that it is true that St Maarten cannot function on its own, Independence is laughable. You cannot feed your own, or keep your government afloat for more than a few month at a time, and yet you want independence? St Maarten is not self sufficient, not self reliant, aid and assistance dependent, but still these fools throw around the word ‘independence’, as they make it more and more obvious to the intelligent, that they haven’t even been able to get the Government up and running in almost a year. When they do manage to form a Government with the last two Ministers, their government lasts ONE WEEK!





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