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In order for me to remember all of the clowns who call themselves “The St Maarten Government”, I had to pull up this photo with all of them in bed together.. as usual. The only ones missing are the two latest Ministers, Boasman and the other guy whose name nobody remembers, well…. because his Ministry lasted only for about a week.

So on Wednesday, the Parliamentarians basically fired the Ministers. On Thursday, the Ministers shot back, and pretty much fired Parliament. Sarah “The Snake” Wescot Williams, the bitch who started EVERYTHING by having Dennis send for the Dutch, is now pretending to wipe her mouth dry of the whole matter. She is claiming that what the Ministers are doing is “unconstitutional”, but the way you drop down the Government every few months when you don’t get your way, that should be considered illegal.

It is unconstitutional, that Sarah does not get to appoint Emil Lee, someone who everyone hates, as Minister.

I suggest that the spectators, the St Maarten people get some good buttered popcorn, and enjoy this match.

It will be better than “World Class Championship Wrestling”. Three man tag-team.. Kerry, Kevin and David Von Erich Vs. The Freebirds…. just like the good old days 🙂

  1. UPP- Claret Connor – Current Minister, the only UPP slate member to get anything outside of Parliament. Claret sold out the busdrivers, and the taxi drivers as he continued to devastate the Great Salt Pond. Filling it up at an alarming rate, so that they can sell the newly reclaimed land to the highest bidders. Who cares if Philipsburg is a flooding disaster waiting to happen? Claret has to make his money now! Claret Connor can run, like he’s running in the Boston Marathon, he will NOT get back in.

2.       NA- Christopher Emmanuel- Parliamentarian will NOT get back in! Christopher Emmanuel stood on the floor of Parliament and openly discussed Theo Heyliger and the UPP trying to bribe him. This was all done on camera. Christopher Emmanuel is not the first politician to accuse Theo Heyliger of trying to bribe him. In this video Romain Laville swears to the same thing.. “Theo Heyliger tried to Bribe me….” Who do the Prosecutors and Police want to investigate and arrest? The blogger/vlogger who posts the video evidence. Christopher Emmanuel soon realized that his big mouth had gotten him into trouble before he could even start his job in Parliament, he then got very quiet. Christopher then decided to head the “Haitian” campaign, forgetting all of the locals who had voted for him based on his platform of “St Maarten for St Maarteners”. Christopher Emmanuel is one of the idiots in Parliament, who did not have the intelligence to grasp Dutch, so now after making the statements below, he is trying to keep the Dutch out, and to change OUR language of education to English. Christopher is not just a fool, but a hypocritical fool, who everyone now sees through.. and he can sue.. but it’s TRUE.


I then asked Theo Heyliger in Parliament on camera how much he had bribed Laville, considering that the source of the information was Parliamentarian Romain Laville himself. When I asked the question in 2013, I was soon locked up.

3. -DP Sarah Wescot Williams- Sarah is the former Prime Minister. Whether she is still the DP head is questionable, because Sarah made history, by being the first Leader of a Party, to jump ship… and abandon her own party. Nobody was more surprised by Sarah joining with Theo than the DP Party, they started to resign in droves. Sarah is a control freak, and she’s vindictive. Sarah screwed herself by negotiating with and joining Theo Heyliger’s coalition behind her own party’s back. It was a tragedy, I heard when the DP board and brass had to learn that Sarah had joined with Theo from my blogs. That was one way that Sarah did serious harm to herself. Also since before 2010, The DP has been hemorraging….losing voters at an unbelievable rate. Sarah and the gangs solution to stop the bleeding, was to infuse the party with new blood. Cornelius de Weever etc. She tried to diversify the DP votes bringing in every foreigner on her slate. Greek, Haitian, That Dominicano who was busted on the cocaine charges right after the elections, she had Emil Lee, who is supposed to be Asian, but according to the local Chinese representatives “Emil is NOT Chinese.. he is WHITE”… She put that karmic-challenged Indian, Cookie Siddharth Biljani to get the Indian vote. I’m suprised that in all her efforts she couldn’t find a damn Pakistani candidate.. All her efforts earned her what? 28… let me repeat TWENTY EIGHT VOTES! THEN, Sarah had put all of her eggs into the “Cornelius de Weever Basket”. But the elections dust had not even cleared when Cornelius defected to the UPP, leaving Sarah Wescot Williams high and dry. I posted as Cornelius joined up with Theo Heyliger, for over a week Sarah, William, Frans chose to remain in DENIAL. They even got on the front page of the paper to say a “prayer” for “unity”, right away EVERYONE in St Maarten knew, that something was wrong with the new Coalition.. PRAYING on the front page of the Daily Herald? The St Maarten people had two questions 1) Where is Connie? and 2) Who genuinely prays, with their eyes OPEN? Sarah might be as delusional as convicted-criminal attorney Cor Merx, no matter how we told her, she REFUSED to believe the truth. So Sarah will lose MANY more votes in the up and coming elections. She destroyed her own party, with her own actions, and she has no one else to blame. She needs to quit pretending like she doesn’t know why the Dutch are here. This is 2015, the internet era. Everybody can GOOGLE Sarah and Dennis running to the Dutch last year, and BEGGING them to interfere. Now they got amnesia, dementia, alzheimers… but she is doing is calling the St Maarten people STUPID! We know that it was YOU Sarah, who called in the Dutch, so now STFU about Constitutional rights, when you have been using Leroy and Roy to Manipulate the government and bring it down for over a decade now. You made your bed… now lie in it. I can’t say whether she will get a seat. The majority of Sarah’s constituents are dead or dying, that’s why Sarah is always attending 2-3 funerals per day. She got two seats last time, next time she MIGHT get one.

Lord, please strike them with lightening

Lord, please strike them with lightening

4. NA-William Marlin- Will lose even more votes. In 2010 William Marlin was the main vote getter. He allowed Sarah to screw him into the Carnival Coup. When he became leader of Government after the Carnival Coup, William was able to prove to the people that he truly sucks more as a leader than Theo Heyliger does. The brief few months stint that he had in Government, along with his arrogance, outbursts and down right shitty attitude, cost him over 2200 votes by the 2014 elections. Expect this arrogant prick to lose even more votes if there is a next election. Right now his own Party candidates call his #3 Silveria Jacobs “Our True Leader”, and if members on the NA slate will tell me that… well, I believe Marlin knows what time it is. Marlin is a gambling addict who is known as being a part of the ‘casting couch casino’ hiring system. He lives at the gambling tables and every few months when the casino bosses stop extending him credit at the table or ‘markers’ he runs to the front page of the local papers, screaming that the casinos should pay taxes. Like Alph, the Turkish Coliseum Manager told me, dear William Marlin.. You the government OWE the Casinos more at the table than they owe you in taxes.. But who suffers? The people! William Marlin MIGHT get 3 seats.. if there are new elections called.



5. – UPP  -Silvio Master is OUT! He has been convicted of tax evasion, and for months he has continued to be paid over $+11.000 per month. Like Patrick Illidge, Jaap Van den Heuvel, although he is the one who has been convicted of evading millions in taxes, Francesco Corallo proudly brags of giving him $20.000 last year. He continues to collect thousands per month while being the Parliamentarian with the most absences, while The Prosecutor continues to lock up the blogger/vlogger for questioning this. Silvio is politically dead, and going to prison. But he does intend to drag a few into the cells alongside himself.

6. – NA – Silveria Jacobs, will NOT get the votes she got the last time. Although she is way more popular than her leader William Marlin, a part of the reason that Parliament is afraid of new elections, is that all of the phuckery from the 2014 elections, is still fresh in peoples head. All of the broken promises, and the fact that Parliament has been on a permanent vacation for a year, and the one week they get the government together it falls apart. It is very fresh in people’s minds that our Government was too busy infighting, and going on tax paid vacations everywhere, doing everything but helping the St Maarten people. GEBE continues to “load shed’, the internet CaribServe and Telem are a jokes. The senior continues to suffer, and what has the current Parliamentarians done other than go on Parlatino vacations, and talk shit on the floors of Parliament for their own self enrichment schemes? William will be replaced as leader for the next elections, but I don’t think that will bring Willy back from the dead. Silveria’s best choice is to go Independent, but she doesn’t have the spine for it. William Marlin has continued to tacitly undermine her, and I guess that she’s cool with it.


7.- UPP Tamara Leonard – She used to be Grisha Martin-Heyliger’s best bud.. Now they say that her and Theo are on the ropes. Tamara Leonard, like Silveria won’t be getting the votes if there are new elections. It would be doubtful that she would earn or get a set in Parliament if there were new elections. Although there have been many embellished stories about Tamara vs Theo…  it’s not everything that they are saying, but there is friction within the UPP Party and some of that friction is between Tamara and Theo. It was not just Silvio, Frans and Maurice who brought the government down. It wasn’t just the Dutch pressure. It was also the knowledge that the UPP was unstable and imploding as a party. It’s easier to throw down a government, when the government spends most of the time fighting among itself. I don’t see Tamara getting a seat again.

8.- UPP Theo Heyliger, will get a seat, but he won’t get the votes that he did in the 2014 elections. The only thing that Theo has proven as a leader in the past few months, is that he CANNOT lead. He is a terrible leader. He caved in and gave something to everyone but his loyalist and supporters. He screwed over certain politicians like Marietje and Silvio. Those supporters contributed to his 7 seat election success. Theo is at odds with Frankie Meyers, his own in-law. Heyliger in trying to please everyone, has only managed to piss off everyone. In trying to please Leona, he pissed off Frans and everyone else. In order to appease Marcel as Prime Minister, Maurice got screwed, but Maurice DESERVED it. But Theo has NEVER been a strong leader, or a true leader. Theo has always been propped up by Joe, Al and a host of other sycophants. Theo reminds me of Julius Ceasar’s great rival Pompay. Pompay was such an egotistical nut, that he had a slave whose ONLY job was to whisper in his ear all day.. “You are the GREATEST man on earth, Your Excellency, Pompey!” If I had ass-sucking, sycophants spewing shit in my ears all day, like Theo – I might just be delusional too. His main boy Maurice just up and horned him with Sarah and Willy. How is Theo surprised when I’ve given him the heads up? CHUPZ!



9.- UPP Frankie Meyers- It used to be Theo, the Watheys and the Meyers against the rest of the world, but now there is backbiting and infighting. Frankie didn’t get what he wanted.. well, welcome to the club Frankie Meyers. Frankie Meyers is such a JOKE, when he, the MILLIONAIRE, stands up in Parliament and CRIES about how being labeled a ‘corrupt criminal’ his hurting his family’s chance of employment. All the Meyers know is Nepotism.. So Franky, rather than crying, why don’t you do what you’ve been doing for decades? Your family owns so many brothels and Funeral Homes (Mortuaries) why don’t you employ them there, rather than standing on the floors of Parliament boo-hooing, making a complete fool of yourself, like the local bus and taxi drivers don’t know that you’ve sold them out, and driven them off the road. They are the ones who can cry Frankie, because of YOU they can’t earn a living. And they are NOT married to a Wathey, or have a PIMP brother, so these local drivers are starving with nobody to fall back on. So if you do get back in Parliament, Frankie.. STFU! Nobody wants to hear your crying, you are more crooked than your wandering left eye. We’re just sick and tired of you, go cry to your millionaire wife Ms Brenda Wathey.. NOBODY is fooled! Here is crook, Parliamentarian Frankie Meyers as he ‘donates’ bulletproof vests to the Police department. Like we don’t know that Frankie and his kin encourage crime and lawlessness. Like we don’t know that Frankie and his brother PROFITS through their MORTUARIES everytime someone is murdered in SXM. Of course they encourage the crime and lawlessness. It’s how they make a profit. You are in Government and you and your family run Whore Houses! No ethics, No morals.. crocodile tears!


10.- UPP Maurice Lake Parliamentarian is not going to make it 🙂 I have already blogged, that Maurice Lake’s IQ probably doesn’t even touch the 100 mark. Maurice Lake was GIVEN the Minister of Vromi to be Theo’s ‘Yes-Man’. Maurice started to smell his own piss, and go his own way. When he got caught up, he started to act like someone Theo and the UPP had betrayed him, after they had warned his dumb as that he would get caught up. I went to Parliament for the whole SMHDF fiasco. I just remember that Maurice was supposed to be a key player, he did not show up. Everybody was asking where Maurice was, he certainly wasn’t at his job in Parliament although there had been a meeting held. We went down to Simpsonbay for an appointment. On the way back I got a cheeseburger. Maury pulled over at the Paradise Plaza Casino, to wait for his wife. We sat in the airconditioning eating, waiting for his wife.. and WHO is is the darkness of the back room.. GAMBLING ON HORSES?? Mr Maurice Lake.

I had my camera, I approached him, I said “So, Maurice… they say you and Theo fall out” Maurice Lake is stunned that I’ve discovered his secret hideout in the back of Corallo’s casino. Maurice Lake smokes, I said.. “Give me a cigarette, I want to ask you some questions”. He’s holding a racing sheet in his hands. He hands me $50 dollars to get a two dollar pack of cigarettes. When I return with his change.. Maurice Lake has Disappeared! VANISHED! His horse racing sheet is STILL on the table, blowing in the breeze. I asked the partner, where he’d gone. The guy said, when he saw you he started to shake. When I went to get the cigarette, he actually told the guy to keep me off of his case, and took off.. That is Maurice Lake. He will not get a seat if there are new elections. Maurice is one of the biggest, most spineless cowards in governent. Right now he is afraid of his own shadow.. well, good! Maurice is a superstitious idiot who actually believed that Photoshops of him as Theo’s voodoo dolly could actually turn him into Theo’s voodoo dolly, they guy is just a moron. And he is dead in SXM politics.

11.- Lloyd Richardson – President of Parliament. I stopped calling this man ‘doctor’ after he made his remarks saying that anyone with autism in St Maarten has to leave the island. Doctor Lloyd was one of the first defectors Theo Heyliger brought over from the NA for the new elections. It was no secret, that Lloyd was angry and his leader William Marlin for screwing him on that contract for his brother. Accoding to everyone, Theo gave Lloyd what he wanted, and Lloyd abandoned Marlin fast enough. It does not matter. The people have also see through Lloyd Richardson. I’m trying to track down where he got his medical degree from, considering that he is such an arrogant, incompetent prick. I was told that they had to send him somewhere South America to get it, because he could not pass the exams in a First World country. Whether he is an actual doctor, I do not know. According to some he is not accredited, but that would be SIN Maarten.. wouldn’t it? Below he is with his ‘boys’ Patrick Illidge and “Romain Laville” before Patrick had to face bribery charges, and Romain gun charges. And I don’t mean to be repetitive, but I’ve served more jail time then any of these bastards!


12.- USPP Frans Richardson- What can I say about Frans Richardson that everyone hasn’t stated one million times already? he is a greedy, semi -literate fool who cannot speak English, Dutch or anything else. Frans cannot even speak Patois correctly. Frans is like a bad cartoon character. All his plotting, planning and scheming and he STILL ends up with the short end of the stick. Frans used to be William Marlin’s #2 boy. For the 2010 elections, Marlin had the most votes, so Theo simply got Frans and Patrick to defect. Frans was the first defector in SXM Government. Now he cries about Leona’s defection. a) Frans betrayed Marlin in 2010, and defected to Theo. b) Theo didn’t give him what he wanted, he was a part of the Carnival Coup when he went Independent and defected from Theo. c) Frans started his own Party in 2014. d) He managed to lure Leona Marlin away from William Marlin, then still cried when Leona abandoned him for the Theo Heyliger Coalition.. e) As he posed proudly with the DP and NA on the front page of the Newspaper while swearing his allegiance to Sarah and William, he was spotted with Romain Laville heading into the Government Admin Building negotiating with the UPP. f) Then he hasn’t dried his tears over Leona’s defection, when HE himself defects behind the scene in exchange for a Minister of Justice portfolio. g) Then he assists in bringing down the government.. when he doesn’t get his way. That is the brief bio of Frans.. He won’t get the votes. USPP MIGHT get a seat in the upcoming elections.. Frans Richardson by far is the worst ship jumper in our government.. What advice can I give Frans? Good Riddance!


13.- DP/IND Cornelius de Weever… was the great hope of not just the DP party, but for many young people in St Maarten. Within a month he had destroyed all of his credibility by betraying his leader Sarah Wescot Williams and aligning himself with Theo. He then humiliated himself worldwide by trying to sue Andre Bosman for telling the truth. He has lost his DP base, and he cannot survive without Sarah.. So it’s hilarious that now she has brought the government down, and Marcel has called in a dissolution. Cornelius if he wants to be in politics next elections, he will have to survive on his own. And we all know, Connie can’t do that. Cornelius has inherited ALL of his uncle Leroy de Weever’s enemies, + Sarah’s enemies + Theo’s enemies because Theo does know that Connie tried to bring down his government earlier this year… and NO FRIENDS! So Cornelius de Weever should be an interesting story for the new elections..



14. -USPP/IND Parliament Leona Marlin won’t be back. The lying was pathological when it comes to this one, whether it’s the Hendry Lynch influence, or something else. Leona cannot come back, no matter how many degrees she has in Political History. She was dead upon her original defection. She managed to screw over William Marlin, Frans Richardson and Theo Heyliger in less than a nine month period. She was a part of the Cigar Coup which forced Theo Heyliger to bring in Frans to secure the ship. She has blatantly lied to her constituents, her voters and supporters. She lied on camera, she has proven that she is not only no different, but might be worse than a lot of them who have been in the game for a long time. I assumed that she aligned herself with a convicted felon as an advisor, because she probably felt that she could get no where in politics if she didn’t. But by attaching herself to a felon, where he goes she goes. The SMHDF will bring some big fish down, and Leona is attached to one of them, so she will go down with them.

15.-UPP Parliamentarian Janchi Leonard- Has tried to maintain a low profile, tried to stay under the radar. It doesn’t change the fact that he has done nothing for the people as  a Parliamentarian for five years now. He barely got in. It was between Marietje and Janchi getting the seat. Theo had to make sure Janchi got that seat. But his dropping vote count every election should tell Janchi, that there will be no resuscitation next elections. Janchi will NOT make it back into Parliament.

16.- NA George Pantophlet Parliamentarian. George will get back in. He is one of the three seats that I predict that the NA will get. Silveria, William and Georgie are the only ones who might get back in, should there be new elections. Not much to say about Georgie, except that William is using Georgie and Sillie right now as ‘gloves’ so that he doesn’t get his own paws dirty.


A) Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs can NEVER EVER come back from his ‘suicide’ remarks. Right now the enemy of his enemy is his friends, but the reality is that Marcel Gumbs is “Ebola” in government right now. He is a freeloader who’s only jobs are gotten through political favors and appointments. Theo and Marcel hate each other guts, Marcel was the one who helped to put Claude Wathey in prison, then wiped his mouth dry.. So why then would Theo give Marcel the “Prime Minister” position? Well.. to set him up for prison.. I heard. Whatever Marcel gets, he deserves. And the one thing he will not be getting, is back in government. Nobody has voted for Marcel since the early 80’s. He is quite disposable

henry lynch maurice lake marcel gumbs william marlin frans richardson theo heyliger smhdf blog judith roumou

B) Dennis Richardson, Minister of Justice.. the man of the hour……. Then cusses out the Dutch from the top of his lungs while in St Maarten. When he gets to Holland, he applies his best coconut chapstick, and kiss dey ass. Dennis it appears, along with Sarah are either schizophrenic, or have some type of multiple personality disorder. One day Dennis pleads for the Dutch to come in, the next week, he doesn’t know why the Dutch are here. He calls the Dutch every name while in St Maarten, gets to Holland, and hands over the St Maarten Government on a silver platter to the Dutch Government. He returns to St Maarten, and once again he is fervidly anti-Dutch. So this man HATES himself then.. doesn’t he? Dennis a damn Macamba, who has lived his life in Holland. Hassink and Plasterk aren’t more Dutch than Dennis, yet Dennis continues to try to pump sunshine up the people dem ass. Let’s pray that it’s not syphilis. You know that’s what got Al Capone (Scarface). The Syphilis spread to his brain in the tertiary stage, and had destroyed his brain. When Dennis is forced to explain his actions over the past year, I’m sure that he’ll use the Tertiary Syphilis defence to claim dementia.

Is dennis richardson a snake? well .. that DEPENDS!

Is dennis richardson a snake? well .. that DEPENDS!







C) We then have Minister Hassink… Alvin Prescod told me on the Square that Hassink had just gone past, and that if I ran, I would catch him at the Boardwalk. I had to ask Alvin, if he was crazy…. ME? Chasing down some White man on the Boardwalk on a FOUR cruise ship day? Alvin was trying to send me on a wild goose chase. And if I did manage to run into Hassink, what exactly would I ask him? How the weather is treating him? Whenever Hassink is in Parliament, he looks miserable and all he says over and over again is that the Budget is NOT balanced, there is a deficit.. bla bla bla.. I started to block Hassink out. Hassink is just another pawn. He is a ‘White face” given a position to appease the Dutch.. They want Holland to look at Hassink and say. “Look, they got a Dutchboy in there. We don’t need to ask any questions… Just the fact that he is White and Dutch should reassure us and answer all of our questions” They think that we are all stupid.  Hassink stays below the radar, so I’m not sure what he is up to. Because he is an SXM politician, I simply can’t trust him or give him any benefit of the doubt.

D) Josianne Artsen Fleming got a position as Plenipotentiary… whatever she’s supposed to be doing in Holland, I guess it’s not working. The final two in the now deceased St Maarten Government would be Rafael Boasman. Who was appointed last week, and lost his job this week. The other Minister lost his job so quickly, I have no clue who he is. Leona’s uncle. I have quit memorizing politicians names because as soon as you memorize them, the government falls.

I believe that is my synopsis of YOUR SXM politicians, should there be re-election.

They’re saying Holland won’t respond to the SXM government falling.

They’re saying Holland is being ‘quiet’

hahaha! I wonder why 🙂

I can’t WAIT to get to court!





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