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So a politician decides, to stand up and protest….for his job, and the jobs of his buddies?

Like someone posted in the comments section “Pack your bags and go home!” They’ve had over a year “trial” ALL of them. They all SUCKED! Now it’s time for new elections, the people are fed up. At Mcdonald’s or Burger King you would only get a six week trial.  First of all nobody in our government would qualify to work at Mcdonald’s or Burger King anyway, because they simply would not be able to pass the job screening. Mcdonald’s is more selective in its hiring process, than we the St Maarten people are in the voting process. Mcdonald’s would’ve given our Government six weeks- or less, to NOT show up for work, to phuck up the fries, to burn the bun, and their asses would’ve been on the street! Six weeks or less, and this government, including William Marlin has had over a year now, and the only thing we have observed these mofo’s doing is negotiating and ship jumping.. ALLA DEM!





Observe the above photo, at the time the photo was taken Willy, Frans, Cornelius AND Sarah were negotiating with Theo Heyliger. William Marlin was negotiating with Theo right before the fall of the Government last Wednesday.

Even the UPP has admitted, that they want Silveria really bad.. but she won’t touch anything that has to do with Theo. It was Silveria, the lady who beat her boss William Marlin in the votes, who STOPPED Marlin from joining a coalition with Theo in September of 2014. She had some say as St Maarten’s number 2 vote getter. William WANTED to join with Theo, Silveria wasn’t having it. 🙂 And that’s why I never really hit Silveria very hard, because what she is saying in public, is what she’s doing in private. I know I spoke to UPP advisors, who were salivating at the prospect of Silveria crossing over, but she stuck by her conviction. Even when the Government fell in 2013, Theo was so obsessed with Silveria, that he tried to keep her on as Education Minister, but she refused. Silveria has an allergy to Theo Heyliger, I don’t know how better to describe it.


William Marlin is the politician who has proven that he is no different than Theo Heyliger, except that maybe he’s the more bargain basement brand version. Especially when it comes to his selection of .. ahem.. ‘THOTS” 🙂



William Marlin wants to hold a protest march ‘for the people’, and any person dumb enough to march behind William Marlin, have no right to continue to complain about the corruption within our system.

The last time William Marlin held a protest march in 2013, that protest was also for his job.

I will go out to attend a William Marlin, or any other politician’s protest march, when they are actually standing up and protesting for the people.

People need to stop believing these jokers.

When did William Marlin stand up for the people struggling to pay their utility bills? Oh wait, he was too busy using his Guyanese sidepiece to post hit jobs on the GEBE board for PERSONAL gain and satisfaction.

When did William Marlin, the so called leader of the Opposition stand up to GEBE and demand that the Senior Citizens, the Pensioners were given a break on their bills and utilities? William is too busy playing cards down at the Casinos, or on the side of the road at Jimmy’s. William Marlin sits his arrogant ass, right across from GEBE playing cards, when he should be in Parliament leading the Opposition. He sits, and talks his shit as he WATCHES people stand for hours and days in the sweltering sun trying to pay off their exorbitant bills. When has William Marlin gotten up off of his ass, and headed across the street and demand that ‘his people’ be treated properly at GEBE? That’s right….. never

How is William Marlin protesting now, when he proved with his brief stint in power, that not only was he no better than Theo Heyliger.. he’s WORSE!

When William Marlin headed government, they were so busy destroying and dividing up the Ponds’ “Ring Road” Property, he and the gang forgot all about the people. So busy getting this and that land, into this and that one name… Creating foundations, to cover tracks. Using the closest most loyal, to do the exact same thing as DP, USP and UPP… just doing a better job of hiding it. And we all know that it’s usually not about the crime, as much as it’s about ‘the coverup’ , William Marlin has spent so much time making sure that he is covering his ass properly, how can he find the time, to actually care about the people?

I believe some people will go out and march in the hot sun tomorrow, for a person who doesn’t give a shit about them, or theirs, but it is becoming more and more obvious, that Dutch Sint Maarteners are masochists, and our government are obliging sadists.

Only in St Maarten, will people stand up and protest FOR a government who has neglected, abused and abandoned them for years.

Where was Christopher Emmanuel when bloggers were getting locked up for freedom of speech in St Maarten? Oh, that’s right Christopher Emmanuel was in Curacao posing proudly with the Haitian who’s LIES and false charges assisted in getting the blogger locked up, Suddenly Christopher Emmanuel, who wouldn’t piss on a Haitian to put them out, if they were on fire.. is pro-Haiti… When his hypocrisy is blasted all over Facebook, and people respond, suddenly he changes his t-shirt to “For the St Maarten People”, and the foolish people BUY IT.


What has the National Alliance done for you, people? That’s right. Christopher Emmanuel stood on the floor of Parliament, like Petrus Leroy de Weever, stupidly believing that his “Parliamentarian Immunity” would protect him. He openly blabbed, against his leader William Marlin’s instructions, about his bribe negotiations with UPP leader, Theo Heyliger.

After the final count in the 2014 election, when there was no clear majority, Frans, Sarah and William formed their joke of a two week ‘coalition’. As they are posing with hand written ‘oaths’ of allegiance, behind the scenes ALL of them EXCEPT Silveria Jacobs, was negotiating with Theo and the boys. Every last one of them, EXCEPT for Silveria.

William Marlin only had Bibi Ho put out that hit piece on Leona and Frans, because their negotiations with Theo Heyliger and the UPP were going better than HIS negotiations with Theo Heyliger.

For YEARS, William Marlin, who is quite unembarrassed by his addiction to gambling and other vices has been observed playing cards on the side of Jimmy’s as TOT taxes kicked in, as fuel prices went up, as grocery prices skyrocketed unchecked, by a corrupt system who is to busy with their own self enrichment to care about the people.

William Marlin who has been a part of this corrupt system in St Maarten since 1977, has been in the game LONGER than any other active, local politician. Sarah came along more than a decade after William Marlin, Theo Heyliger almost twenty years after. William Marlin has to assume a HUGE part of the blame for the fact that St Maarten has turned into another fourth rate Banana Republic.

When was William Marlin, Christopher Emmanuel and George Pantophlet.. ‘protesting for the people’, when the murders, robberies and violent crime escalated in St Maarten?

Last week alone, how many violent robberies and violent killings were we forced to read about in St Maarten.

Now if William Marlin had held a march for the ‘safety of the St Maarten people’, and NOT his ‘job’, then maybe I might have shown some support, but we all know that in actuality the St Maarten people is the LEAST of William Marlin’s priorities.

He wants power plain and simple, and even if it means getting back into bed with Sarah Wescot Williams, who will surely screw him over again.. he will.

He has a lust for power, but he has already reached his ‘political expiration date’, he just doesn’t know it.

His political career is on a downward spiral, it has been since 2013, and he has never and will never recover from it.

William Marlin has ‘jumped the shark’ in politics.

Meaning that he peaked, in early 2013, but then showed his true colors.. those arrogant colors.

In 2010 William Marlin was the number one vote getting in the St Maarten elections.

By 2014 Willy and the Gang had lost over 2200 votes. Willy couldn’t beat the number#3 on his OWN slate, Silveria Jacobs when it was time to tally the votes.

William Marlin was supposed to have handed over the reigns to the now “TRUE” NA leader, Silveria Jacobs, but his pride and ego can’t handle that, no matter how much it damages the National Alliance brand.

They of course BLAMED Silveria, saying that it was Silveria who did not feel ready to take over as leader……


William Marlin wants to retired, ONLY after acquiring a certain amount of years in politics. I forgot what anniversary he was waiting for to make it a ‘clean, round record’ in St Maarten politics. Basically, William Marlin knows that his political shelf life is up, he was supposed to have handed the reigns to Silveria since last year, but he’s sacrificing the NA by holding on, so that he can achieve a personal political gain 🙂

Someone needs to tell Willy, that there is no “I” in the word “Team”.

I might with some people go out and shoot some photos of their so called protest.

I’m just going to see if Theo and Toachie will drag those hookers out of their brothel beds again, to come out and protest.. William Marlin’s protest’

I cannot stand a bone in Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs egotistical, sociopath ass.

Marcel is an evil drunk, so this blog by no way supports Marcel or anyone else in government.

The government doesn’t give a shit when we the St Maarten people are suffering, but they expect us to come out in the hot sun to fight for them to continue to collect over $11.000+ per months, to play cards on the Pondfill, and to ignore the people who voted for him.

When Toachie, Theo, The Hookers, The Haitian Voodoo man, and the Nigerian Juju man had their ‘protest’, I predicted Lightening.. and we got Gonzalo 🙂

Let’s see if lightening strikes, Willy, Chris, Georgie and the rest of those hypocrites in their ass tomorrow.

Now.. THAT, I would come out to cover with my cameras.




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