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According to our constitution in article 46 – the fifteen parliamentarians are elected for four years.

Elections has nothing to do with government,  you elect 15 members of parliament.

The parliamentarians then appoint the Ministers, based on the suggestions of Parliamentarian such as Theo Heyliger  (4 appointments), Leona Marlin(1 appointment) and Cornelius de Weever (2 appointments)..

The “cowboys” now in government were appointed by the majority of Parliament.

And they accepted that Parliament with the majority appointed them.

Now these very same Ministers who respected and accepted the Majority rule in their appointments, reject the majority rule in their dismissal.

They were sent packing according to Article 33- A vote of no confidence.

The Ministers disputed the Article 33 vote of no confidence, and Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs in retaliation, two days later sent the governor a letter proposing Article 59- a dissolution of Parliament and calling for a new elections..

In any dispute, the Ministers would have to go to Parliament who are their employers. Parliament would be the ones to resolve the issue.

The people elected Parliament, but Parliament appointed The Ministers – therefore when it comes to these Ministers their accountability is to Parliament.
So it is Parliament who ultimately decides whether the Minister’s have a job or not.
“But these arrogant thieving bastards.. it’s sickening..
They believe that they can send their employer home.”
Yes there is Article 59 saying that the Parliament may be dissolved by a National Ordinance, and the Ministers do have the authority to draft a National Ordinance, but it does not give the Ministers the right to spontaneously dissolve government when they are pissed.
The Government fell when Parliament passed a motion of no confidence on the 30th of September 2015

Marcel claimed “They haven’t heard me.. they haven’t heard any Minister.”

But according to the expert, nobody has to hear the Minister, because nobody elected the Minister.
In Article 33 paragraph: 2 It states …

When a Minister loses the confidence of Parliament he shall SURRENDER his office. but the question is when….
“There’s a flaw in the Constitution” according to Frankie Meyers, because there was no set date for the Ministers to tender their resignation.

But according to our experts, that’s bull……..

That date is specific.. September 30th 2015, when the Parliamentarians called the vote of no confidence. They said Frankie is acting retarded, but he knows that there is true flaw in the Constitution, they are simply trying to buy time.

According to them
“For the sake of the people Theo Heyliger  needs to instruct his Ministers, to tender their resignation, he brought them in..he needs to show them the way out.”
Parliament voted for a motion of non confidence, but they don’t agree with the majority to tender their resignation?
Theo appointed and proposed 4 ministers. he voted against the motion of no confidence, but the motion got a majority.
Theo cannot just make statements that he is for the ‘stability of St Maarten-when he is the one who is allowing the instability to continue, by not ORDERING the Ministers he appointed to resign..
Theo is a parliamentarian, he should have gone along with the majority..
Cornelius, Leona and Theo has to tell their Ministers to tender the resignation
Theo and the gang are disregarding the constitution…..
They are breaching they constitution..
Theo is the one who has to order Marcel to resign..
They have to tender their resignations through a formal letter.
The governor then has the option to stay on as a ‘care taker’ governor.
They should be ashamed to sit as parliament, they were a part of the motion of no confidence, so they are the ones to send the Ministers packing..
There is nothing wrong with the constitution!
Frank Meyers wants an amendment to the constitution because five Ministers are out of a salary..
So that is why they are hanging on.. .for the money.. their money is cut ones they are sent packing.
So right now the Ministers are STEALING their salary, because they are not even a caretaker government… they are there illegally-SQUATTING.

Once the governor receives their tendered resignations, then he can decide whether to keep them on as a caretaker Ministers.

But because they refuse to resign, he does not have that option..

Even William Marlin is speaking erroneously when he refers to them as a ‘caretaker’ government

According to the experts, the Ministers a basically a criminal organisation of ‘squatters’.

By the end of this week, their should be an end to the charade

The Prosecutors need to investigate at this point, to find out who besides the Ministers were also a .. part of this Criminal organization.



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