Sint Maarten

Coat of Arms to be used at “New” Government Administration building, Sint Maarten

Admin note: The New Government Administration, like the old one is a way for certain members in Government to make extra ‘lease-cash’. The St Maarten Government pays hundreds of thousands every cycle for an abandoned building whose only employees are wayward prostitutes, who turn tricks on the premises, according to security guards who worked there, but were not paid for months.

This “New Government Administration Building”, also sits on a toxic dump, the exact same location of the Landfill fires, and is a few meters from an actual  Brothel.

This “New” government building also continues to sink through the toxic waste, into the (once) Great Salt Pond.

Before they add their Coat of Arms, let’s hope they hire someone to clean up the yard, and pick up all of those used condoms, and narcotic paraphernalia.

st maarten court of arms

Dutch Sint Maarten’s Coat or Arms for the “New Government Admin” building which sits on a toxic dump, is sinking, and the only employees on the premises are illegal prostitutes

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