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Two suspects detained in Mahi Mahi investigation SXM News

Two suspects detained in Mahi Mahi investigation SXM News

The three men who got injured during the May 29, 2016 shooting at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort parking, at approximately 10:00am are all suspects in the ongoing investigation called Mahi Mahi. They are being suspected of involvement in the shooting and money laundering. The latter suspicion has to do with a large sum of money that had been found in one of the cars and has been confiscated.

Two suspects detained in Mahi Mahi investigation SXM News

Two suspects detained in Mahi Mahi investigation SXM News

The third suspect L.W. (37), also from St. Maarten, has been flown out to the Dominican Republic for medical treatment due to the injuries he sustained during the shooting. He is still in a critical condition.

Furthermore the Prosecutor’s Office cannot comment at this point in time on any other detail regarding the ongoing investigation.

As you now, it was announced in January that The American government, along with the Italian Government and the Dutch authorities had launched a 22 Million Euro investigation into corruption and crime within the St Maarten and Curacao governments, their police, their Prosecutors Office and more.

It’s always ironic to read about SXMOM or The Sint Maarten Openbaar Ministerie Prosecutors Office charging people for crimes, when we know that they are the most incompetent, corrupt crooks the islands have ever seen.

As stated before, Holland sends its trash and sewage to the Dutch Caribbean islands, after the have done dirt in Holland, washed out, or on their way out. Then Holland invests good Euro’s into investigating why the crooks that they sent to clean up the Dutch islands are criminals.

Enjoy the New St Maarten Prosecutors Website. where we will name Prosecutors and Judges alike. Make sure that we get them into the Dutch search engines etc, so that no matter what else they do in life, people will always be able to google them and realize that they are not just incompetent and corrupt, but cold blooded reptiles, who are in St Maarten working because somehow they phucked up in Holland.


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