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Warning BTP St Maarten Illegal wireless communication devices

Warning BTP St. Maarten about sale and use of illegal wireless communication devices

PHILIPSBURG–Bureau Telecommunications and Post (BTP) is warning businesses and consumers about the sale and use of illegal wireless communication devices.

BTP says that its technicians discovered a large business establishment in St. Maarten illegally selling Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) phones to residents during inspections held earlier this month.

The sale and use of DECT phones is in direct violation of the country’s telecom laws, as it causes disruption and performance issues to mobile phone networks, according to BTP. The Bureau says the process to confiscate the DECT phones is being prepared and measures will be taken against the violating business owner.

According to the Bureau devices that are not in compliance with the rules and regulations concerning the import and sale of wireless electronic communication devices on St. Maarten include DECT Phones operating in the 1800, 1900 and 2100MHz band; cordless phones operating in the 900 and 1800MHz band; cellular range extenders/repeaters/cellular blockers; WIFI boosters/range extenders and long range WIFI systems. Businesses caught selling, distributing, owning or operating such device(s) will be fined and the items will be confiscated. The infringement carries a penalty of maximum of six months imprisonment or an administrative fine of NAf. 25,000.

BTP will use advanced measurement equipment, inspections in the different neighbourhoods to track and trace users of illegal DECT phones. BTP Director Anthony Carty said BTP is committed to combatting all issues that form a threat to telecom services in St. Maarten.
full photos 1 rude bwoyz versus the police on zoutstraat.....police won
“Inspections at both business establishments and residential areas, and consequently the confiscation of illegal devices are a necessity for an interference-free mobile network. Our objective is to make telecom services on the island better to all, and in this case it means that we have to put an immediate halt to the sale and use of all illegal wireless communication devices on the island.”

More detailed information on allowed and prohibited communication devices can be found on BTP’s website at:
Source Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal

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