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Police arrest suspect wanted by Interpol St Maarten

Police arrest suspect wanted by Interpol

On Wednesday July 6th at approximately 09.15 p.m. police arrested a male suspect with the initials E.R.W. (45) who appeared on the Interpol most wanted list, for crimes committed in the Dominican Republic. The arrest took place at the Starz Casino in Cupe-a-Coy after information reached the police department of the suspect being in that area at the time.

After the information was verified by the police department that this suspect was indeed listed on the most wanted list of Interpol, police patrols were directed to the location to conduct an investigation. Prior to conducting this investigation the Prosecutors Office was informed of the situation who granted the officer permission to make the arrest.

On the scene the investigating officers confirmed the identity of the suspect and the arrest was made without any incident. The suspect was then brought to the Philipsburg Police Station where he was placed in custody pending further investigation.

Police arrest suspect wanted by Interpol

Police arrest suspect wanted by Interpol

The investigation has shown that the suspect has both the Dutch as well as the Dominican nationality. The police department through the Prosecutors Office will be contacting the Dominican authorities to discuss the legal steps which have to be taken to deal with this case. The public will be informed regarding the progress of the investigation as it continues.

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