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mercedes elektra wyatt PRESS RELEASE: HOPE’S Draft MANIFESTO READY

PRESS RELEASE: HOPE’S Draft MANIFESTO READY mercedes ‘elektra’ m wyatt

HOPE, the political party with aim to Help Our People Excel, has its Manifesto Ready, says party leader Mercedes “Elektra” van der Waals Wyatt in a press release, yesterday. We are inviting the general public to the Draft Manifesto launch on Tuesday August 2nd at the John Larmonie Center at 7.30pm. The public has a say in our program, so we invite them to voice their concerns and ideas for solutions with us. In the meantime, we will be bringing our highlight Manifesto TO YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD the coming 3 weeks, so you can easily read about our mission, vision and main program areas. ‘Yes, you have read it right, HOPE’s team is visiting your neighbourhood personally to bring our message to you, Mercedes, “ Elektra” stated. ‘We understand that many persons are busy with their daily lives, taking care of their families and sometimes do not have enough time to come out to different meetings. Still we want to bring some electricity to you and lighten you up with our ‘Positive message’! If you are not home we will leave the good news in your mailbox. We are urging persons to take an active participation in this year’s ‘speak out’ opportunity to bring about change in our island. With representatives that truly have the people’s interest at heart, we can finally move forward with good governance principles as our guidelines.
Last Saturday, we started visiting the community of Belvedere. HOPE has spoken to many persons, who are so tired of the status quo in governing our island. People could show that they are disheartened and disenfranchised about the whole political system and many current social situations. Some mentioned concerns on the health and economic situation. As one young mother said in Belvedere; ‘I am tired of this SH…T, these politicians have no idea. I have to work hard for a minimum wage and try to survive here in St. Maarten.’ The young woman had her work uniform on and was very vocal about her sentiments regarding the political ambiance on the island.

‘HOPE has recorded these concerns and is listening to what persons are saying. After all, when chosen as a parliamentarian, we have to represent the people of St. Maarten. Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. Our communities in neighbourhoods need to be informed about elections on every level. HOPE would like to remind our constituents as a voter, that : you are contributing to your community and have an active responsibility and participation therein. ONLY the electorate have the POWER to vote and make that change in our current situation.’ HOPE’s leader Mercedes “Elektra” van der Waals-Wyatt , believes that an active positive change has to come. This is possible and Elektra believes that the time for change is NOW! It’s time to work together for the greater good of all concerned and the wellbeing of our people. I am actively trying to make that difference by WALKING the TALK and LEADING by Good Governance example. It takes courage and faith and hard work to stand up for what I believe in and with a strong positive population we can accomplished just that!. Governing our country can be done much better. The change starts with HOPE!!

So, HOPE has its Draft Manifesto ready for you. We have made an abridged version with highlights for people to get an understanding of what our issues and concerns are. YOU can help us to sharpen it. HOPE is open to your innovative suggestions. Our population’s input matters to us, so we will incorporate your voice with the finalization of our manifesto.
For more information, just visit our Face Book page: HOPE PARTY or send us an email at

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