GEBE NV Sxm St Maarten

GEBE NV St Maarten Carilec Conference

GEBE NV St Maarten Carilec Conference

GEBE NV CARILEC : 119 Carilec Engineers from over 30 countries thought out the Caribbean visited Production Plant in Cay Bay on Thursday June 28, 2016. Production Plant Manager Jerome Chittick and his team gave the group a tour of the plant.

carilec gebe st maarten

carilec gebe st maarten

GEBE thanked Carilec for hosting the 2016 Engineering Conference on St. Maarten.




GEBE also hosted a  Corporate Communication Training in Grenada “Land of Spice”.

gebe nv st maarten Corporate Communication Training in Grenada

gebe nv st maarten Corporate Communication Training in Grenada

According to GEBE NV it was  an excellent NV GEBE Technical tour yesterday at the power plant. The delegates were very pleased with the plant, St.Maarten being a smaller country than most, but there is a huge electricity demand due to high economic activity, the GEBE employees work day and night to ensure customers are supplied with power despite the challenges. We commend the team at GEBE for all their hard work.

A total of 70 participants took part in the tour, from over 25 Countries and 15 Caribbean Utilities.

the different Carilec and GEBE NV St Maarten vendors of the 2016 Carilec Engineering Conference.

It was in 1960, when the electricity company NV GESM was formed as an equal partnership between OGEM, a Dutch Company in Willemstad, Curacao and the Central Government of the NA, with OGEM having full managerial control. GESM shortly after changed its name to NV GEBE to reflect the fact that it was set up to supply and distribute electricity to the then Island territories of the Windward Islands of St. Maarten, Saba and Statia.

The OGEM management period lasted 22 years. The central government took full ownership of GEBE after OGEM ended its operations in 1982. The company has been managed by St. Maarteners since 1995 and has been handling water distribution for the island government.
The year 2005 marked a double celebration for GEBE, the first decade of St. Maarten management and the 45th anniversary. In 2006 the Windward Island territories took full control of GEBE from the central government.


In December 2013 another proud milestone was achieved where the official signing of the Transfer of Shares gave St. Maarten 100% ownership of the utility company.

“To provide our community with quality competitive, efficient, sustainable and reliable services and products.”

“We are a customer-oriented company that provides reliable, cost effective, quality electricity, water and waste management services in a safe, environmental-friendly, sustainable and innovative manner.”

Ownership structure
On December 13, 2013, NV GEBE held the official ceremony for the ‘Transfer of Shares” and on January 1, 2014 NV GEBE was officially owned by the Government of St. Maarten.




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