Dutch Tweede Kamer

Judith Roumou in The Netherlands a brief synopsis part 1

I have major surgery in a few days, decided to get the TRUTH off of my chest.

This is my last posting for awhile. I will check as many groups and pages as I can. Since being in Holland I’ve been on a diet of between 500-1000 calories per day. That’s called bare-subsistence. I am malnourished, vitamin and mineral deficient. I know that physically, I am not ready for surgery, but I have no choice. In order to get prompt medical assistance you have to work with the Gemeente of the district that you lived.DECEMBER: I arrived in Leeuwarden, where they started the process, within two weeks as I was about to get assistance, without my knowledge, I was transfer to another Gemeente, to what they said was a semi-residence, called Limor, and that was a lie.JANUARY: I was sent to Limor after the person who was supposed to assist me STOLE all of the money that my followers raised for me, and sent it to her boyfriend, and spent it on herself. Then when I wouldn’t stop asking for the money my followers and supporters had sent to assist me getting out of St Maarten, and restarting in Holland, I was dumped at Limor shelter. They started the process for uitkering(monetary assistance)and verzekering (insurance)AGAIN. Limor turned out to me NOT a semi residence, in fact it was an Asylum or Refugee ripoff. They began the second process with the second Gemeente, but they forced me to turn over my bankcard and everythingto them.So any money from the Gemeente would go directly to Limor’s account My so called social worker Carla Werner was gone approx 4 of the 5 weeks that I stayed there. It was her job to teach me the system, I did not even know how to dial 911 They took ALL of my money, and gave me 30Euros per week to live on. the 30 Euros per week did not cover 1 perscription. I stayed there for five weeks until February, there was a deadline to put me out because I was DUTCH. Not a refugee or asylum seeker.I was told repeatedly that had I been Syrian, I would have had top of the line treatment. Two Dutch Federal Police approached me at LIMOR, and asked me if I could cooperate with them for free. I explained that my money was stolen, I was in a shelter bleeding uncontrollably, that my health should be the priority, and that slavery was over. You have a 23 Million Euro Investigation, and your key source will slave for you out of a shelter at 30Euros per week, assisting you? I cannot make this up. I found out later that the European government make money off of the asylum seekers, but lose money when helping their own (ME). They set the deadline to put me on the street on a Monday, no one who had promised assistance helped. I started to melt down. The doctor told me to drink wine to relax until I got real medical help. They also allowed me to smoke marijuana. The wine was not helping, I got out of bed and asked two of Limor staff how I could get to the coffee shop. By now, I’m panicking because they are about to put me on the streets. The two staff members sent me to a house nearby, where they bought. It was night, and I am legally blind. I knocked on the wrong door, and the guy was speaking Frisian.I apologized and walked away. He followed me back to Limor. The staff who had sent me were standing outside.I asked them what he was saying. The Limor staff said, I had knocked on the wrong door. I said sorry, I’m legally blind. The guy who’s door I had knocked on was a big guy. He swung back and in front of the Limor staff, hit me directly in the nose, causing blood to pour down my shirt. I am 5’5 115lbs, he was 6’4 over 200 lbs. In shock I turn to Limor staff who witness, and told them to call the police.The staff stood their and REFUSED. They had sent me. If they call the police, they would be responsible. When staff continue to refuse medical and police as I stood there bleeding all over the entrance. I asked if it was okay for a man to hit a woman in Holland. I said this is pure racism. Had a six foot Black man hit a five foot woman, nobody would have to be asked to called the police. The staff of Limor continued to refuse to call the police, I couldn’t, so I told them again that had it been a Black man assaulting a White woman, the police were there. I told Limor staff that they were a bunch of racist Nazi’s, and I Seig Heiled them. It was my last day anyway. I asked the Limor staffer a man if it was okay to hit a person with no consequences, he said yes. I swung back decked him. The next day, as my nose still bled, I was told that I had to leave, because I had called the staff Nazi’s and Sieg Heil and although I the 110 lb who was ill, and still in PTSD with up til then NO DOCTOR or SPECIALIST help. I had to leave. It was no big deal to me, I had been promised by the Tweede Kamer that they would assist me. Limor had told them weeks in advance I had to leave that Monday, because I was Dutch and not refugee. I was told that politics was being played with my life, there was a dispute between Plasterk vs. Van Raak and Bosman. Plasterk who had PROMISED to assist me in Holland, backpedaled, no surprise.But he will never, ever run in politics again. Although Plasterk had dragged his feet to get me out of danger, now Plasterk was saying that Bosman and Van Raak had gone behind his back and over his head, so I was not his responsibility.When Plasterk told this to Bosman, Van Raak and Limor. Suddenly they are about to put me on the streets it is now February, I have already began and ended uitkering/verzerkering with two Gemeente’s and have seen NONE of the money. Someone in Maastricht wires me money to get on the train and get to the South. At this time,My tumors are massive and growing at such an alarming rate, I look six months pregnant, and all of the zippers on my jeans have been destroyed. I end up in Maastricht in February, and this is now my THIRD/DERDE Gemeente in THREE months. Once again, I have to start over. I fully allowed Van Raak and Bosman to communicate with Limor, because I have nothing to hide. Bosman contacts LIMOR, and LIMOR gives him their story of what happened. Bosman contacts me angrily and says. Limor said you did this and that. From now on,you can no longer expect assistance from Myself, Van Raak or Plasterk. Bosman thought that I was stupid. First of all, I was assaulted, then I hit back… 2nd: EVERYTHING WAS CAPTURED ON CAMERA. Rather than giving me the benefit of the doubt, considering that Plasterk had decided to be the asshole, it was just simpler for Bosman and Van Raak to throw me under the bus. I was in NO WAY responsible for being brought to Holland. I was brought to Holland, via the TWEEDE KAMER! I refused to buy Andre Bosman’s bullshit, and I clearly explained everything that happened. Andre said then I needed to press criminal charges, or else it would taint me for the rest of my life.TWICE we went to Maastricht police to file charges. The first time they tried to deny me, they said well Limor hasn’t filed charges against you. I said that is because Limor is not the victim, I AM! And when we get to court, the videos will prove my statement. The Maastricht police refused to file charges. I came home inboxed Andre Bosman. He said “DO IT ANYWAY”, that clears your name. I did it. I arrive in Maastricht for Carnival, so we wait a few days to re-register at the Maastricht Gemeente. We are now in March. Bosman has received to my knowledge the full police report, clearing me of any wrong doing. Bosman thought I was stupid, I know that the bullshit at Limor was just an excuse to throw me under the bus, because Plasterk was backing out on what he’d promised. It is March now, and YET I have no uitkering or money. The money raised for me already stolen. I couldn’t ask anyone for money, because their first question would be ‘don’t you have uitkering?’ “What happened to the money Nardy Cramm raised for you?’ They had me as the liar when I said, the money was stolen (I have all evidence) John Baselmans, who is supposed to be intelligent never asked me, but asked the people who STOLE the money. He sent me a rude email claiming that I had uitkering and lots of money etc etc.. A lie, I told John Baselmans to go fuck himself, if he based his ‘facts’ on word of mouth by the Thief who stole my money, not based on the evidence that I had, including the Gemeente and Limor evidence, plus my exchanges with Bosman and Van Raak. And because of the constant switching of Gemeentes I had YET by MARCH to receive any money. I spent months on a couch, hemorraghing more and more daily, my stomach growing to scary proportions. The person I stayed with was a doctor, and she also communicated with Bosman, but as days, weeks then months went by, we realized that he was bullshitting us, and had no intentions of helping me eventhough the doctor said that their were too many tumors to count, and that one was as big as a football. I finally was able to see a Gynecological specialist in MAY- 6 months after arriving in Holland. The Gyno determined that the tumors were massive, I needed an MIR. He also determined that surgery right away was too risky, because of my severe anemia (lack of iron) and the inability for my blood to clot, I would die on the surgical table.So I was put on a combination of blood coagulators and iron. I was also put on Esmaya. Esmaya is the Abortion pill. It is supposed to shrink you uterus.So in a last effort to shrink the tumors, I was forced to take the Abortion pill Esmaya for over four months. This of course meant 4 months of throwing up every few minutes. The doctors wanted to plan my surgery, but it was impossible. I had no fit residence, and was crashing on someone’s couch. After the operation, I would have to have a residence, and a bed, because a nurse would have to do follow up care. After many emails to the Tweede Kamer, I was dumped at Legers der Heils.Which is the Salvation Army in Holland. I was told, that as long as I stayed with the person, the Tweede Kamer and Gemeente would NEVER give me emergency care, and I would die. I was dumped in the Salvation Army to force the emergency medical care… It was a very horrible place, with rooms used for drugs, and sick prostitutes. The staff knew who I was, and took good care of me, separating me from the hard core people. 8 People in a room, many prostitutes, heroine and meth addicts and more. It rained and flooded the basement, destroying 4 laptops, printers, photos and more.Thousands of Euros of equipment was destroy. I who had lost everything, had lost some more.The only solace was, that the computers destroyed held the information that the Tweede Kamer wanted to get their hands on.I was transferred to another Shelter in another gemeente called Rimo, then returned the next day.Different Gemeente. They kept me and then transferred me to my FIFTH Gemeente June-July! Everything had to start over. Now people need to understand, that from Decemeber to August, I received TWO checks from the Gemeente. So the people who believed that Andre Bosmand and Ronal Van Raak safed me etc, need to know that if left up to them, and Nardy, I would have been dead a long time ago.My surgery should have been in Feb-March. Because of the political games Plasterk, Bosman and Van Raak played with my life, my tumors had to start rupturing, dying, infecting all of my vital organs taking me to the brink of death, where I was finally hospitalized last week, and set up for emergency surgery. I don’t believe my body will be able to handle it. I have a lot more to add to this. Lots of evidence, and Facebook downloads that I have to fetch from my servers in the USA. This is the truth, and there’s much more. Whether I make it out of surgery on Friday or not, it is all already written. The people in Holland who said that they would be there for me, hastened my illness, and tried to bury me in a grave. I have locked the timers on the blogs, various blogs. The full story, the emails, documents, recordings etc will be released, automatically, proving all that I say. I spent 5 days last week begging for an ambulance, as the tumors were rupturing.I was told that only animal ambulances are free, and unless I had 800 euros, no ambulance would be called.I was forced to basically crawl on a train, and without any directions find my hospital. Within 30 minutes after seeing me I was in a hospital bed, with IV’s deep in my arm. People always want to know why I am in a a shit mood, because I deal with and have dealt with humans who are pure shit. Image and getting a vote is everything, human life is expendable. Anyone reading this, involved in this, know that it is the gospel truth, and lots have not been added. It will be. Today is my last day online.Whether I’m here or not, there will be fireworks. People will be NAMED and SHAMED. Like I said good luck with your elections guys.

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  1. I believe every word you wrote thats how they treat us antilliansHere. And refugees and non europeans are treated better than us.If you dont open your mouth and fight for your rights. You will be worse off than the doggs which are treated better than a humanBe strong

    Verzonden vanaf mijn Samsung-apparaat


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