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The Roumou Family SXM St Maarten’s most notorious land scavengers, are circling like vultures again

I was told that someone cursed the Avaricious Roumou clan, centuries ago, and the curse lives on… They will literally kill or try to kill for a half square meter of land. Once they provide their notary and attorney’s numbers. I will happily turn the info over to my attorney. According to doctors orders, I am to undergo major surgery in about six hours. And this is the message my brother sent me. I just woke up at four am, read this…. and this is my response.

And yes, my oldest brother, has worked at the Notary for almost thirty years, so they do not intend to do anything ethically or clean. As per doctors orders, they can communicate with my lawyers, and that’s when a lot of Roumou family ‘methods’ will be revealed.

The haunted, cursed and land hungry roumou family of marigot hill

The haunted, cursed and land hungry roumou family of marigot hill

Hours before surgery, my brother has contacted me demanding that I deal with him and the notary. No my greedy ones, who cannot wait til the body is cold to start scavenging for land and property. In a court of law, surgery is a reason to not be able to respond to any claims.Once I’m out of surgery, then my LAWYER will be contacting you. You are all tasting those millions in propery, right??? Jeffrey Roumou? And since James Roumou WORKS at the Notary almost thirty years, this is no coincidence. From my mothers death, I have the signed documents, all of your movements and transactions concerning what she left me, and YOU STOLE, will be investigated. Secondly, everything that I’ve inherited, land, house, property etc, has already been signed over to a third party. That is my last will and testament, written last year of sound body and mind. Thirdly, I know that you two are broke with all of your ‘habits’, whether I’m dead or alive, I will haunt you to YOUR graves, and like I said to all you land hungry, scavenger Roumous. When you get to the gates of hell, guess who will be waiting? I will also include the years of harassment and intimidation by Jeffrey, who beat my mother in hopes of acquiring her home and land.God works in mysterious ways, and I was in that home, since I returned from the USA to take care of my mother for two years, while Jeffrey beat and kicked her teeth out, and James the eldest refused to help his own mother, because when my mother died, they saw cash, and a way to cover all of their debts, and get new cars and bling. I know you two don’t have any money, considering you are reading my latest updates to see the RIP’s posts. It doesn’t matter, everything that I leave from my inheritance, will be going to a third party.I assure you, this person will have no problem spending the rest of their lifes in court fighting for whats rightly theres. You will think harassing me hours before major surgery is a fantastic plan to stress me, and weaken me further, but I guarantee you, my death will just be the beginning to you nightmare.I have carefully documented all your actions, from the assaults, to coming onto the yard to steal property, I still have the police reports, and a long list of complaints and harassment by you two, and all of that will be admitted in court. You might also be a bit surprised as to who my witnesses are. You land hungry Roumou’s killing each other for a square meter of property.Property that you will NEVER live on. Marigot hill so cursed right now with all of those voodoo dolls and other bullshit rituals that you are doing on the property NOT one of you nor any of you descendants will EVER live on that haunted/cursed properly.The closest you’ll get is six feet under space. Both you scavengers, your lawyers and notary will speak to my lawyer, when I am out of surgery and recovered. Any dirty moves you’ve been making, are in the process of making will clearly be exposed-and the timing of your latest threats and harassment- a few hours away from major surgery, will also be factored in. Jeffrey Roumou, you refused to leave your mother’s house until I returned from the USA, and put you out when you were almost forty, because you were beating my mother. You figured that if you beat her into an early grave, you wouldn’t have to buy a house, instead you spent the money that you stole from her as a downpayment on a car. When I put you out, you moved in with your girlfriend, and according to YOUR own friends, you beat triplets out of her.She was supposed to be pregnant with triplets, and you beat them out of her.I know that you were beating her mercilessly, because your landlord would come to me after the police was called, and she was hospitalized or beaten, and try to plead with me, to help the poor girl.I had to explain to him, that you are simply an abuser. You pick very small, thin women, and throw them around like pillows, you beat them until they get away or their family save them. You can’t change a forty year old man who has done absolutely NOTHING in life except to become a security guard. Jeffrey, you couldn’t become a prison guard, because you couldn’t pass the psychological test. The sadism was evident in you. Born into abuse, and raised to abuse.That is the Roumou men, the Roumou women are the enablers who tell you how much the latest female deserved a beating and why. Considering that I have all records, except the ones you guys stole,when you STOLE all of the money that my mom left me,that too will be addressed in court. I took care of my mom two years, as soon as you guys took her on Mother’s Day, kidnapped her for ‘better care’, you changed the name on her bankbook, and she promptly died. Conveniently the only witness to her death? The woman who had forged her name unto my mother’s bank account.I have not seen a penny in four years. But like I said, it will all come out in court.I will sign whatever documents and have my lawyer send them to your attorney’s and notaries. And I am not kidding when I say that the other no good, no child support paying, but multiple children, and abused women works AT THE NOTARY!

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