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Lazarus Rises: Elections Dutch Sint Maarten 2016 judith roumou

The last time I posted to blog, was hours before surgery. Much to the disappointment of many, I survived- my apologies, for continuing to breathe.

  1. There are many people new to these blogs, therefore they do not understand that is a SATIRICAL blog, that also posts mainstream stories. There are other editors, but I’m my boss, so I really have very few restrictions. Anyone who thinks that this blog is MSM, will continue to be confused, and will simply never get it.
  2. The main difference between the blog during this years election, and the last elections is that I am in the Netherlands, and in recovery. Therefore I’m at around 5% percent, so I cannot do my usual political damage. Following doctors orders, I will blog less, and use more contributors.
  3. I am not allowed to follow the 2016 elections too closely, for medical reasons. Reading stupid, obvious lies by local politicians actually make me ill, they give me headaches – I fear their stupidity might cause an aneurysm in my weakened state. Therefore, I am forcing myself not to take the St Maarten politicians too seriously, and I am programming myself not to feel the need to correct them every single time they blatantly lie, or show their idiocy.
  4. While bored in the hospital, I created some platforms just for the elections. Pages and Groups. Any politician or political party can post freely. Their choice : Join The Dutch St Maarten Election 2016 Group!       –    The Dutch St Maarten Election Page! Like the Dutch St Maarten 2016 Election Page!
  5. Everything was very disorganized because I had to leave St Maarten suddenly, because I was in need of surgery, dealing with Bureaucracies and learning that the only difference between politicians in Holland and politicians in Sint Maarten, is that one group lives in a tropical climate. The platforms are being organized. There have been no MSM since my surgery, that will soon change, and we will resume daily updates.
  6. I’m not sure if I’ve slowed down, too soon to tell. I am working on mellowing out, and the Higher Power has a lot to do with that. A common ailment after my type of surgery is a condition called “Vertigo”. It’s basic dizziness, weakness, headaches, fainting etc. I’ve realized that dealing with idiots can trigger the vertigo or make the symptoms worse. Therefore I am trying to avoid idiots in order to recuperate, another reason I won’t be as active in this years election.
  7. Because I won’t be doing as much as I use to, I am trying to organize the editors and contributors.
  8. People who are eagerly awaiting the latest melee from Holland and St Maarten need to calm down a little. If I were meant to eviscerate the politicians during the 2016 Elections, then I would not be in recovery. I think my role is meant to be different this year, however I do see some up and coming hacktivist in St Maarten, so I will push and promote them.
  9. Everything I do is now limited, and in bed – so don’t expect too much. According to the medical experts, it might take months for all symptoms to go away.
  10. Yes, my Dutch verbal communication continues to suck, but it’s hard to learn Dutch, when the only communication that you are doing is with assholes. So, yeah – when I get better, I might work on my Dutch.
  11. I have a lot to blog, but I don’t have the energy, so click back on this link. Whenever I find the energy, I will add to it.
  12. This weekend the Election Group will be completed will all parties. The reason for the delay were cyber attacks and medical.
  13. I will do my best to remain polite, calm and respectful during the election, but if I’m forced to call someone out, you’ll just have to forgive me.
  14. Many people have been approaching me in the Netherlands, because they know how to Google, therefore they now believe that they know me, and can advise me without a spec of knowledge about what I do. All that I can tell them is that they DON’T know me, and the only thing that I’m supposed to do on earth is to stay Black and Die. I don’t tell you how to do your job, you don’t even know my expertise, yet because you were born with a superiority complex, somehow you believe that you are better than me, and can talk down to me in a condescending and disrespectful manner. All I can say to you – and YOU know who you are, is that you must be praying because had I been healthy, somebody would have been in jail right now. If you try to diss me, I don’t care if you are the KING, you are getting a double dose of salt………in cyberspace. I believe in equality, equal opportunity, and equal opportunity ‘dragging’, I don’t discriminate.
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