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Important update for blog readers in St Maarten and The Netherlands

  1. I am stuck in the Netherlands, so I will switch to blogging about The Netherlands, The European Union and then Sint Maarten and the Caribbean Elections. I don’t have a choice, I guess it’s synchronicity. When I was in the USA, I blogged and vlogged about American politics and topics. I got to Sint Maarten, switched to Patois, blogged about the Caribbean. Now I’ve been in The Netherlands for 8 months, I think I am comfortable enough in my knowledge to blog about the system, government and more. Considering my recovery is 6 weeks physically, and 6 months or more to fully recover, I will have to work around my physical restrictions, until everything is figured out.
  2. I have more than one Dutch translator, to translate from English to Dutch, in my weakened physical state, I can’t move like I used to, however I have met MANY like minded individuals in the Netherlands, so I have many volunteers.
  3. I already created the Dutch Group and Page, over 20.000 members, now I have created the All Things Dutch vlogs, sites etc etc etc.. you know, the works… It’s the least that I can do for MY  people.
  4. According to expert my every right has been violated since arriving in Holland in December, and because I refused to kiss ass, and told them my health was the priority, I was thrown under the bus 🙂 Luckily I told the them in February, that I had no problem being thrown under the bus, but I was taking every last one of them with me… under the proverbial ‘bus’.
  5. I hope the Tweede Kamer etc, won’t be too busy during their next elections to make their court date. According to legal experts too many things seem – odd, underhanded, unethical, immoral, and some might even say downright ‘criminal’.
  6. Thanks to my exposure to the Dutch Gemeente, social services and government, I can now blog with expert first hand knowledge. Since there are many Nederlanders in my shoe, there should be no problem with content. Everyone in Holland it seems has a Gemeente story.
  7. According to the Gemeente, I cannot blog with WordADs. Okay, so I have shut off the wordads, and because I have NO income or uitkering, I will solicit assistance from supporters, followers and like minded individuals, until we meet in court, and everything can be shown beyond a reasonable doubt.
  8. Considering the Network’s second largest following right now is the Netherlands, and we will start to post bilingually … no one will have any issues ‘getting it’ once ‘it’ and all evidence is exposed.
  9. I fully intend to blog names, evidence… the works. If I am saying something, then I think that it is only reasonable that I prove it.
  10. Between recovery and doctors visits, my grasp of the Dutch language should improve exponentially, considering that I will be working with other Dutch writers, and not speaking a dialect e.g. Frisian or Limburgs. So all of the people upset that I was too sick to hock and spit to perfection, are gonna LOVE the new me.
  11. According to the ‘system’ and Gemeente, it’s not my blogs but ad revenue or adwords. Therefore, now that the Adwords have been cancelled, blogging about the Gemeente, and the Social Housing and Welfare scam for free should be no issue. Any assistance will be for FOOD because what they are trying to feed me while in an in recovery is ‘cruel and unusual punishment’
    Judith Roumou Nederland

    We will investigate and explore my denial of medical care until near death

    Judith Roumou Nederland

    Judith Roumou Nederland Dutch food

    Judith Roumou Nederland

    Everybody in COURT!!!! Ever last person. Social workers, politicians, doctors… If you think you will deposed and subpoenaed you probably will

  12. As usual, there is more…. but you know how it is, limited energy.
  13. 13) Some of the emails, videos, photos and other evidence etc, will shock you………….. So strap in, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride
  14. TBC…
  15. judith roumou blogs dutch english

    judith roumou blogs dutch english



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  1. Judith.i have come to SXM for over 40 years to little bay before it was Divi /.I could never put a handle on it until you started putting it together in your blogs/ writings ect. Since I started reading what you have to say about the SXM /govt. I totally agree . Keep it up girlfriend / girl power ! Would love to meet you / I will be at the divi from Dec. to the end of Feb. / please I will reach out to you like a rock star / Dana Bruce from Ct.


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