DUTCH SXM -THE NETHERLANDS. Brown Recluse- Black Widoww

sint maarten openbaar ministerie public prosecutors voter fraud

sint maarten openbaar ministerie public prosecutors voter fraud  

Those who forgot what happened in the past, are doomed to repeat history, right? Here’s an old forgotten tidbit…. Before I had to deal with Sint Maarten Internet Censors etc… I got my training dealing with American Internet Censors. Those were the good old days. It was called “The Interstellar Pig” network. Remnants of the Pigman’s Legacy, continue in cyberspace, although most were brought down… Once I got to SXM, the “Pig” network became the “Spider Network, basically…. Brown recluse-Black widow, two of my favorite spiders, and I’ve been bitten by both. The Black Widow got me in the face in St Maarten, I posted the photos, she got away. The Brown Recluse got me in St Louis, she also got away. Now I’m in Holland, for some reason my open posts are being censored, phones are not functioning when people call, messenger has been completed eliminated… In Holland, I guess the new Network, will be called “The X-Files”…. Last night I walked half a mile and only got dizzy when I sat down in bed. This morning, I think I did a few blocks. I can’t blog, because physical activity is slowing me down. I don’t have the stamina like I used to, but I think that it is improving every day.

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