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Holland Blog 1: The Gemeente – Dutch Citizens cost their government money, Asylum seekers mean money in their pockets

Lies become quicksand, and the more your wriggle, the deeper you sink.
Had I not been forced to read Kafka as a part of my German History course at the University of Edwardsville, Illinois…. I might never have been able to survive this ridiculous farce that is called “Dutch Bureaucracy”. Even my twisted sense of humor seems to have survived.
There is the illusion, that everyone wants to come to Europe, and stay – but that illusion has to do with the fact that they are importing refugees and migrants at an alarming rate, and yes those people do want to flee their countries, and move to Europe – but I was never one of those people.
Europe was never on my bucket list.
Irony, I guess would be the fact that the people who thought that they were spiting me, by making an emergency surgical procedure, a bureaucratic nightmare, are now stuck with me, considering they either did not do their jobs, or they simply did not do their job well.
Because of slow and poor medical care, it’s going to take a lot longer to recover, and I guess that’s the way it was meant to be. According to ‘experts’, not only have my basic rights been violated and denied, it has been going on since December 2015.


But I will leave that to the ‘experts’.

I’ve had fools in my face, asking me how it’s possible that I am fatigued, weakened and slowed down by delayed medical attention, surgery and zero recovery time – but I can still lie in bed and type intermittently.
Any doctor could tell you, that it is possible to lie in bed and move your fingers, although it might not be possible to do it for a long time. Because of the waves of vertigo, triggered I guess by the surgery or surgical medications, there are times that I cannot even move my head or eyes.
Lying in bed, following doctors orders and trying to avoid stress, is a bit different than running around with zero funding from hospital visits, to doctors visits, to Gemeente visits -dealing with a system you don’t understand, and until now was too sick to learn. When Social Workers who are supposed to be assisting you, barely show up for work,and when they do, they do everything but ‘work’, things will get a bit sticky.
Everyone in Holland – especially Hollanders, will tell you that the bureaucracy is a nightmare.
I’ve had people sarcastically ask me how I could be Dutch, but still remain confused as to the inner workings of the system, but if I wasted my time answering these inane questions, then that makes me just as bad as the idiot asking the question.

Although I am Dutch, I lived for years in the USA, my language of communication is English, I am aware of the American system, because I lived it and I learned it, I am also aware of the St Maarten system. However the fact that I was not born omniscient, means that like any other human being, I too would have to learn the European Union system, before I can familiarize myself with the system.
Because of the miles of red tape, and the bullshit hoops that they try to make you jump through just to get basic care, you are appointed a social worker to assist you.
If your social worker is incompetent, lazy, ineffective, don’t know their job…
Well then you’re in big trouble. Especially if you’re ill and without support, which means that it is virtual impossible to do what needs to be done, since you are supposed to be in a hospital- not trying to figure out Angela Merkel’s latest ‘twists’ …
I had to deal with this in every Gemeente, so it is no surprise that I will be stuck in Holland until this is all sorted out.
I DON’T WANT TO, THEY HAVE GIVEN ME NO CHOICE! Since February 15th, when I realized things were going downhill really fast I inboxed Andre Bosman on ways to get out of Holland.

Andre told me, I would have to find my own way.

And I will 🙂

In my own sweet time………..
The people who are eager to see me leave….
Suck it up! Had you actually clocked in, and done your job…
I should have been long gone by now.
Native, born DUTCH – just like my parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc etc, I am here legally with a BSN. I am here for a legitimate reason, and there’s nothing that you can do about it. In fact you BROUGHT me here.
It sucks to be me, being stuck in a strange place, based on lies and deception. But it must really suck being them, and considering they were the ones who did the wrong thing. I have nothing to lose, nothing to fear, and I intend to pursue this.
Almost a year of being ill and unable to work, uitkering being used as incentive, as a threat or as a bribe to coooperate, or else……. Something not quite ethical about that.

I will publish all of my Gemeente ‘uitkering’ documents here… All communications, from the Tweede Kamer, The Gemeentes, Medical Staff and Social Workers.

There’s nothing to hide- on my part.

John Basellman’s can then STFU, and apologize for being allowed to be suckered by b.s. and lies. If he is a man, he would apologize, but ‘man’ is a relative term, therefore I will not hold my breath.

The uitkering barely started before it’s stopped.

The Gemeente even denied me $ 20 dollars per month, because that is ‘proof’, that I can survive without assistance.

Three days after major surgery, I received a letter from them, saying I could work, support myself, earn an income.

Our next appointment, should be interesting.
The best part is, these people are so ridiculous – they are almost entertaining.


Some people say that I might use the word ‘racist’ too freely, and I believe that they might be right.
The correct term I guess would be ‘superiority complex’.
Certain people, an example would be certain Europeans, feel that somehow because they are of a certain group, color, country or class that they are better than the ‘sub-continent’ denizens
Tragic, but true.
But Holland is famous for their ‘facades’.
Like the facade of ‘First Class Medical Care’.
When I told people that I was out of the hospital within a few days of major surgery, some were shocked. In Canada, you are allowed your six weeks recuperation. It is your medical RIGHT!
Forcing people out before recovery, of course leads to complications, prolongs healing time and more – but that would be too logical for some to grasp.
The medical issues were very serious before coming to the Netherlands, but of course the situation that I found myself in, made everything exponentially worse.

I do NOT regret my choices, I do not regret coming here, because I have repeatedly blogged for years in synchronicity. I do not believe in coincidences, everything for a reason.

Jeffrey Poya Bremers, did what he was hired to do. The police ignored him until the ‘job’ was done, in the meantime he shot and tried to kill one of their own.

So Holland vs Sint Maarten is Satan vs. The Devil….
There have been very tough times, but like I told that guy on Sunday, if you wake up the next day – you are stronger.

You should see the hyenas coming at you when they think that you are down and out…
I am infinitely stronger than when I first came to Holland in December 2015. Part of that has to do with the fact that I no longer am battling tumors, but it goes a lot deeper than that…..but I will elaborate that in a follow up blog.
I was BROUGHT to Holland based on promises of ‘safety’ and ’emergency medical surgery’, but what they really wanted was an ass kissing, political pawn…

Sorry guys 🙂
9 months later, those promises have been proven to be bullshit.
However, you cannot just start in the middle of any tale, there has to be a beginning.
The beginning would be sometime in late 2014, but these “DUTCH BLOGS” will begin in 2015.
Clear chronological order and dates, so that there is no confusion. It’s easier for me, and the readers… and quite frankly, it makes everything easier for any legal council.


1) Nardy Cramm
2) De Tweede Kamer Andre Bosman, Ronald Van Raak, Ronald Plasterk etc
3) Curacao
4) Edsel Gumbs
5) Leeuwarden -Gemeente 1
6) Leeuwarden Limor -Gemeente 2 / Bas Roorda/ Visit to Den Haag Tweede Kamer
7) Maastricht -Gemeente 3
8) Medical and Trauma care
9) Legers des Heils 1 -Gemeente 4
10) Rimo -Gemeente 5
11) Legers des Heils 2 -Gemeente 6
12) Purgatory – Gemeente 7
13) Surgery, Recovery, Future

TBC…. Let me recover… yesterday was the first time in months I could actually walk a few blocks without pain.

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  1. I Get it alright, but then again that might be because I’m stuck in the USA since they refuse to “give” me a passport.
    The weirdest thing; refusing a fellow Dutchman to enter the Netherlands, to visit my elderly mother; anti gezinshereniging.

    Over here they say; if you don’t like it here you’re free to leave and go back where you came from… If they only knew, being prosecuted left right and center for money I never ever made… The burden of proof being on me while legal council being refused again and again…

    Get Well!


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