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The Latest Government Study Finance Infomation



The Latest Government Study Finance Infomation

The Division of Study Financing hereby informs the general public that:
Persons desirous of receiving study financing to pursue tertiary level education in the region (St. Maarten, Caribbean Islands, North-, Central- and South America and Canada) under the SIDR project funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education (OCW) are hereby invited to apply.
The deadline to submit an application is October 15th, 2016.

To apply:

• Go to and click on the “APPLY TO STUIDY IN TH REGION” button
• Read the terms and conditions
Fill in the online application form
• Save and Print the application form
• Submit the completed application form and the following required documents:
 Proof registration Civil Registry
 Declaration of taxable income (personal and/or parental)
 Copy of passport
 Copy of residence permit (If applicable.) and Proof of application for Dutch Nationality or proof of
 payment for the naturalization exams
 High school Diploma and other relevant diploma’s (If applicable)
 Most recent transcript or grades
 Student Visa (if applicable)

Please note that:
• The area of study must be on the 2016 Government of St. Maarten priority list of studies
• Applicants must be:
 Older than 17 years
 In possession of the Dutch nationality or a permanent resident for minimum 5 years prior to this request
 Have been admitted to educational institution for Fall 2016

All the above-mentioned documents must be handed in at the office of the Division of Study Financing located at N. De ,Brotstreet # 3 Vlaun Buildingl (Opposite the Past Office) from Monday – Friday, 8:00 -12: 00 and 13:00 – 17:00.

Please note that only applications with all supporting documents will be

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