St Maarten Police thank Public Concerning Tips and Leads in Death of Cyclist

Police Department thanks community for assistance in connection with ongoing investigation fatal traffic accident cyclist

The Police department is thanking the entire community for the cooperation they have given in connection with the ongoing investigation into the fatal traffic accident which took place on September 6th 2016 on the Airport Road. As a result of this accident a cyclist named Bas de Haan tragically lost his life.

Special thanks go out in particular to those persons who witnessed this tragic accident and who came forward and assisted with the investigation by giving full statements about what they had seen. These witnesses have contributed tremendously in bringing more clarity to the investigation to what exactly transpired that afternoon.

The police department wants to also take this opportunity to encourage the entire community to continue to work closely with the police force to help solve crime and combat criminal activity on the island.

Many times persons in the community have information that could help in criminal investigations, but are reluctant to share this information with the police.

Crime is not only a police problem it is also a community problem. The police cannot do it alone and need the assistance of the community in getting it done. You can call the anonymous tipline 9300 without any costs for all tips.

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