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The Good News And The Bad News Sxm Sint Maarten Elections 2016 – Judith Roumou

I awoke with my inbox exploding this morning. I wanted to sleep in, but these St Maarten politicians won’t let me.

So, here goes………….

The bad news is…

  1. My websites will be back up today! So we will be covering the Election Sxm 2016, from all fronts. I was forced to go to war with one of my web hosting companies. If you think that I am rough online, try dealing with Tech Support from my webhosting companies. It’s a good thing I deal in politics, and I’m used to dealing with pricks, because there’s been a battle going on behind the scenes… and there will be more to come. Some of my main sites went down over a week ago… I had to go to war with dozens of Tech Support Staff and Supervisors. I won the battle, now there is much ahead.
  2. In December 2015, I arrived in the Netherlands with not much except for two suitcases. I put my trust in certain people, and that came back to bite me in the ass. Between the bullshit and lies that I have been forced to deal with in The Netherlands, my medical emergencies, and my untreated PTSD… It has gotten very rough. So rough, it seems easier to give up most of the time.
  3. People might think that I turned on Ronald Van Raak and Andre Bosman. I have not…………yet! For months and months, and it’s more than conversations etc… witnesses, social workers, counselors, doctors can ALL attest to this. I cannot forget who helped me while I was locked up for being a political dissident in St Maarten. The people who helped me were Nardy Cramm, Andre Bosman and Ronald Van Raak. And that is the only reason I have stayed pretty much silent for months, as I gave certain people the chance to do the right thing. Things went South quickly in December. Certain people thought that it would be more convenient to throw me under the bus. As the “Black Sheep”, it would be easy to explain away and discredit what I had to say. Now, as you can see… It’s all about to come out. Just because you help someone, does not give you a free card to harm them… And you will understand what I mean, in time…
  4. Considering everything that has gone down in the past few months, many are wondering why I haven’t hit back harder, or why I haven’t done a “J.R.” on them. One reason is that they did help me. Another reason is that I was very sick, too sick to focus on certain people and certain things. For months my only focus had to be survival. The surgery is over, but there is still more medical issues to deal with.
  5. Some people think that I am never happy, complain about everything, and will never be satisfied. Who knows…  maybe, you should give me a chance to be happy and satisfied.
  6. The platforms will be up by elections. I’m supposed to do that today, but that depends on my energy levels. But I can say… The Gutter Agents are at work 🙂
  7. Basically, ALL politicians in St Maarten hate me, but come election time, I start getting tons of ‘Friend’ requests. I accept, not because I’m looking for friends, but because if you live in a very boring place, it can make life more interesting. I have the best Political Gutter agents as my Facebook friends…. ALL parties! So it’s entertaining to wake up sometimes, open the inbox… and just start laughing.
  8. The elections are right around the corner, so some politicians will be getting the “Blitz Krieg” treatment, but then again. Welcome to St Maarten politics. I read somewhere that one political party were attacked the other night, and stones were thrown at them. None of them contacted me about the story, so I didn’t cover it. It is however, HORRIBLE to PAY people to attack other politicians, just because you don’t agree with the message. I have not doubt that the people throwing those stones got paid off somehow!
  9. I have no problem with Mercedes Wyatt or Elektra etc, my problem is that she is supposed to be for the St Maartener, but instead she’s there for the Chinese, Jacinto Mock. That’s her choice, however don’t try to lie to and deceive the people. Don’t call the St Maarten people stupid…. I might just say something. And making big butt jokes is not the problem. The problem is our politicians are SELLING us out to the highest bidder, then try to use distraction techniques to smoke and mirror the people into not seeing what’s really going on.
  10. If I have the energy, I will do an election prediction blog, chances are I might not have the time. Many politicians are about to have a late Easter. Many will receive ‘eggs’ in their basket in a few days. Some of them need to brace themselves for it.
  11. There is a ton of fresh content to upload today, so stay tuned… it will only get more interesting
  12. igit dutch sint maarten sxm elections final round

    igit dutch sint maarten sxm elections final round

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