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Mildrum Road to be started within short

Mildrum Road to be started within short

Recently, through the efforts of MP Maurice Lake and Minister A. Meyers, a tripartite agreement was reached between the Sint Maarten Government and the developers of Prima Vista Estate and Valley Estate to upgrade the condition of the Mildrum Road (also known as the Waymouth Hill Road).

The Mildrum road is in a deplorable condition; large sections have been severely damaged by erosion by rain water runoff, to such an extent that in some places underground cables have been exposed, deep gullies traverse the road and existing pavement is severely cracked up.

These conditions make the road hard and uncomfortable to use and cause excessive wear and tear on the cars. It has become so severe that recently a palm tree stump was placed in the washed out area to warn vehicle drivers of the hazard present.

Thanks to the efforts of the three parties, Sint Maarten Government and the developers of Prima Vista Estate and Valley Estate, this situation should be vastly improved within short.
The developers of Valley Estate and Prima Vista Estate reached an agreement with Government to join forces and together tackle the problem, awaiting the final construction of the Link 6 connector Road, for which the design process has been started several weeks ago.
The project will consist of installation of a fiber – reinforced concrete road in the areas where no paved road is present (anymore), while the pavement sections which are severely damaged will be replaced with fiber – reinforced concrete, so that users of the road will again be able to drive comfortably.

These works will vastly improve the living conditions for the residents of the area, especially the Waymouth Hill area, and will make it possible again to use the road under all weather conditions.

Assigned contractor for the works will be Clean Sint Maarten NV, with work scheduled to start before end September, while the costs of construction will be shared by Valley Estate, Prima Vista Estate and Sint Maarten Government

Photo caption – Jan van de Eynde ICE Representative, MP Maurice Lake, Valley Estate Representative Mr. Ron Daal, Representative of Prima Vista Estate Ms. Nicole Carty, Honorable Minister Meyers, VROMI Department Head of New Works Kurt Ruan, CPO of the area Inspector Richards
Also present Clean Sint Maarten representative Mr. Roy Tempels, Representatives of the Weymouth Hill home Association,

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